April 12, 2021

Let us begin. In the event there are revelations coming, it will be given rapidly and possibly by more than one person. There are several who are poised to speak of the atrocities in your past. These people are on earth but know that there are numerous here on our side that have been anxious to give of this information for some time. What has kept us from public address? It has been the strong hold on your television and radio stations that has forbid us any time on the air. Great effort was put out to gain access for this purpose and even if agreed upon, it was soon negated and retracted. It has been a most difficult journey to reveal information to you and we are fortunate to have this much in the way of communication. Fortunately there are those brave souls, and I mean that literally, who have taken it upon themselves to speak publicly on the different websites of their truth. Tragedies have taken place and we have lost some people to the physical world, but do not fear, they are on our side now, just in a different form and they continue to work.

Revelations are planned and have been for some time by several ones who want everyone to know what has been done by the dark. If given time they will happen for it is time the people knew. Truth is a special energy that knows how to harmonize and be compatible with the energies and it has its own light that lives long in any conditions of earth. It is most positive and remains truth forever, for it doesn’t wither or fade. It synchronizes within the heart and this is why we say you can learn to tell the truth because it sits well within the body. The opposite is true concerning falsehoods or lies. It is discordant and grates against the energies of the body and you would do well to spend time in practice of this learning the difference when it is given. This is also true when one takes it upon themselves to give of lies. Remember that nothing is really hidden in totality for it has energy and this is the telltale sign. It is like being painted pink and trying to act green. It can be seen by those who are practiced in this perception.

I would like to speak of the soul. It has weight and takes up space. It has a place within the body near the heart but its energy is through out the body it inhabits and remember that all souls are not placed in a body that resembles yours. God has created many receptacles for the soul and they do not all look like yours. It is a recording device also that takes the energies of what has happened and vibrationally records them upon or within its own energy and nothing is lost. The soul is an individualized energy that is an expression of God and certainly does not die when the body does. It is so strong that when the body does die, it takes a few days for the life force of the living energy and its light to completely leave the body. There are no disposable or throw away souls created and they will go on forever. There can be an exception in the case of uncreation but for these purposes we will not discuss that here.

The body has been given to house the soul and keep in mind that a body, or container, is not required for the soul to function in complete totality of capabilities. You, as yet, do not understand the gift of life on earth that you have been given. Many have not had this opportunity and many will not get to experience life upon such a beautiful planet as earth. Be also advised that those of you who think that we on our side do not understand what it is like to live upon earth are mistaken in that many of us have lived more than one life upon earth and we are experienced with what is required to be given a life and maintain it in your realm. We understand more than you realize for we also have struggled and known sorrow and challenge in its different states. This is one reason we feel in reality what you are going through because we know what that means and what it takes to overcome the difficulties. We also know the joys and beauty of living on earth that can be offered by Gaia and here also is another gift that has been given.

So you see we are not totally clue less up here thinking it is easy for you to accomplish things. Many of you understand our desire to be of help and we can relate to what is happening. Our challenges are also of great importance in that we need to reach as many as we can with the truth of what has happened and what is most likely to happened and the biggest challenge is to have you believe us. It is as if our hands are tied in doing this for our every attempt is hindered or blocked. We all take joy from any success we experience. Please give our words credence and know that our love for you is quite an energy that as yet you do not understand in its completeness. We continue to strive to give you all we can in the way of help and information that is guided for us to give at this time. We hope that our words would be given to everyone on earth to read and this is our goal. Our energies at present are to give you a sense of time drawing near for resolution of events in all forms. We continue to encourage you to remain in your Light and feel the love that comes with this Light. Remember that joy and happiness is a high form of energy and serves you well.

Cherish your soul and its Creator and respect your body in all of its energies and maintain it well for it is a grand gift for this time upon a most beautiful planet. I leave you now to think on these things.

I am Joseph In His Service

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