April 13, 2021

Let us begin. We are monitoring all sensing devices regarding the changes of earth and especially regarding changes in surface movements. What information we have given you regarding a need for evacuation is still holding true and we will keep you informed with update information. You are not getting the full story in your news media and soon it will be such that you will not be able to avoid or overlook what is happening. It continues to require balancing of stress points and relieving of pressures.

I would like to speak now of spreading of information. As long as the main stream media are so controlled by those that would keep certain information from you we will not be able to give out world wide information with their agreement. We would like to have had this agreement but we feel it will not be forthcoming. Do not worry for we have our ways and they will be quite sufficient for news you need to know concerning whatever is necessary. You will not be left uninformed when the time comes for opportunities to leave earth. We are still leaving disclosure in the hands of some on earth for them to take the lead for at present this is the plan. The work to restore earth is still your responsibility and we will not do it for you.

There is a strong movement now for much news concerning truth to come out on independent web sites and this is being done at their own risk but they are forging ahead anyway. So many now feel this information has to come out and get to the people We are so pleased to see that this is being done and more and more are finding it and listening to it every day. There is a lot of information that is given from person to person and this news travels fast in the circles of the people who are interested and value this news and these messages highly. Many are getting removed or censored but there are several places now this information can be given and it is getting out. Those who would stifle the truth are playing a game of whack-a-mole and losing the game. It is getting to the point where truth cannot be stopped and will find a way regardless. This is most encouraging to us and we think this will not only continue but increase. It started slowly but is gaining momentum. Again be selective in your accepting of information and verify all that is given from within.

Of all the ways you can react to what will happen now regarding these last days of this earth chapter, be fully in your Light and in the connection with Source and follow God in the instructions given to you personally. Do not give in to doubt, fear or insecurity. You have come this far and been true workers with your own sacrifices to receive the information needed to bring earth out of the terrible darkness and into the Light. Continue for the last words are being written into the records as we speak and your continued work is paramount. The beginning of your journey in this life was filled with maybes and faint messages and possible importance and you have far surpassed that point to today where you are confident of the connection you have and you can hold your knowing and path you have chosen with respect and reverence throughout the rest of this mission. There are no questions of God’s legions of workers here on earth. You are cloaked with the Light of truth given and it is a beautiful energy of golden Light around you. You were chosen and you are marked by His hand now. We see you clearly and you are known. Keep yourself under protection for your Light shines brightly to all and there are those who would do all they can to remove this light. Know that Light is stronger than darkness on any playing field and under any conditions but do be consistent with your work in protecting yourselves.

We cannot predict how others will respond or react to anything that will happen from here on out for there are too many variables. Remain vigilant in your continued work and cherish your time spent in connection with God and express the love principle you have come to know. This love is quite the foundation cornerstone of everything. Do not, however, become enmeshed in others negativity, fear or panic and remove yourself from these emotions. Your desire to help others is strong but you must remain steadfast in your strength. I continue to urge you to eat of good foods, drink clean water and get plenty of rest. This is important. Spend your time wisely.

I leave you now with these reminders for you are not new to this information. You have your personal backgrounds and strengths and you are important in the days to come. Your stage is waiting and your part is ready to play. This is not acting but is destiny.

I am Joseph In His Service

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