April 14, 2021

Let us begin. We see that you are tired and also tired of waiting. We know how long this has been for you and how difficult it is to continue when so many signs and words have been given to indicate that this would all be over soon. There is that word again that means shortly or within the next few weeks. It is what we want for you and how nice it will be for you to rest physically and also in the knowledge that the struggle is over. There has been opposition all along the way, including push back and refusal to keep to agreements. So much pressure has been put on everyone and if they are not afraid for themselves then they are afraid for their loved ones. What a good example it is to have someone say no to control and then for others to watch them meet with a tragic accident or have a sudden heart attack and have to attend their funeral. This is one reason it has taken so long for certain things to come about. Who among you is willing to sacrifice their life for the cause. There is power in numbers and certainly you have this going for you but keeping you ignorant of as much as possible has also been a key piece for the dark being able to continue.

Now things have changed and you no longer cower in compliance and knowledge has been your freeing agent for you have always had available to you the strength you needed for this liberation of earth. This is why education is so important and facts need to be given to all about what has gone on. It is different when looking from the outside and the view is clear to see your past and what has been put upon you by those in control. Their plan was well practiced and thought out in advance and you were so thoroughly deceived. Now you are ready for it to be over and have long since had enough and are willing to stand up and oppose and know that your ranks are deeper by the day. This is why so many labor behind the scenes to bring about the legal process to correct the wrongs that have been committed. With one hand you are still eradicating the dark and with the other hand you are bringing about the conditions needed to beat them at their own game. Intervention was needed and it was given and it is still working in your favor. Have faith that this will be over and it will come to an end and you will continue with the promise of freedom but you and your energy work concerning the Light are still needed.

There are those who are not young and are still working and all along have been hearing of things to come only to be met with delay after delay for different reasons. Yet you are still counted as warriors with your own abilities and continue to fight in this war against the dark, whether it has been against the leaders or their followers. You are still here and being counted. Yes, it has taken a long time but experience has taught you that giving up will get you nowhere and you have had good leadership in the God that has given you strength and determination when your own was depleted. Somewhere in your memory is the knowing that many have done this type of thing before and persistence is the only way to succeed. Your course was set before you and now take a breath, rest and then continue for you are now a practiced individual but more than that you are part of a whole that is winning and bringing about the liberation of earth. There is strength in numbers and the energy you bring about is so much more powerful than the dark could imagine.

I would like to speak now of heritage in that there have been those who have gone before you and left their imprint upon the cause. So many have played a part in this plan to bring light to earth and they gave you a start and are unknown and their deeds unknown but you have reaped the benefit of their having lived and worked against the dark. All those who witnessed the deceit and cover up and were pressured to remain quiet and spoke out anyway and were ridiculed and called liars and paid a heavy price for their thought that people needed to know. You are unaware of the many who lived and fought in this cause and died from old age never seeing the concept of victory in their sights. They are part of this success also and are unnamed for the most part. So you see it has been quite a struggle and a long time coming. The momentum has really increased in the past ten years. Do not give up now.

Be at peace within concerning your calling and your promise here on earth to overcome the choking hold that was put on you for you are succeeding. Just a little while longer for you are also working for others who do not see yet what is going on. You are bringing them with you in this journey.

I leave you now to consider these things with all due respect and to give thanks and gratitude to God for His hand in all things for you would be amazed if it were all laid out before you. You have been given the truth and work within its meaning for earth. It is God’s will.

I am Joseph In His Service

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