April 15, 2021

Let us begin. I am Albert and I will be giving the message this morning. Joseph was called away for service elsewhere. We here are in service to Creator and have come to help earth and her inhabitants through a most difficult time in breaking free from the clutches of the dark. Earth was selected by a group of entities to inhabit and they have taken a most beautiful creation and destroyed everything they could to have the empire they envisioned. With no respect whatsoever they have used earth’s resources for personal greed and taken the people who were here and used them for the purpose of servants in order to dominate everything. Every law has been broken and time after time opportunity was given for them to repent of their ways and cease their activities but to no avail. It has been one of the most prolonged deviations from the Will of the Father that has ever taken place in your quadrant.

Long ago, individually we received the message that earth needed help and many left their homes to come and be of service. As time went on more calls went out and more came and thousands were here to view what took place upon earth and it saddened our hearts. Our efforts to help were persistent and around your clock and they were two fold. One was to help each of you on an individual basis to lessen pain and suffering and teach you as best we could how to break free and overcome what was happening to you. The other was to coalesce into a group of some sort that could fight the dark on their own level and this took some doing as we had to do this in their dimension. We are of a higher vibration and we had to ask into service of those who could lower their vibrations to come to earth.

Fortunately there was a system in place to take souls that volunteered into the birth process upon earth to parents and have them grow up hoping they would remember who they were and what their mission was. Thousands responded and the candidates for legions of fighters came about. In addition there were some from our realms that did not go through the birth process but lowered their vibrations through their own discomfort, and came to earth by ship in a physical form. They were challenged to the extreme in every way possible. Earth was difficult for them but they gave of their efforts to help by several means. One was by giving of information to as many as possible because they still had all their memory but finding people and opportunities to do this were scarce and most of the time their words did not reach many.

The other way was to fabricate a background so certain positions with possible influence could be entered and this, of course took time. You would be amazed at the number of people who have served in this position who are well known and many still serve to this day. There are those in many fields of employment and in many countries but the political arena was targeted with the most wanting to serve as it was hoped this was a key place for change. Unfortunately the infiltration of dark influence was so strong that it was almost impossible to get much done. Many more came to the political aspects of governing through the birth process and they did not realize who they were. This whole process was one of difficulties.

As time went on progress was made in small amounts and then Father and Mother God, through Creator decreed that an intervention would take place as all other avenues had not given the desired changes needed and here we are today after years of Light workers giving of their efforts and thank goodness they remembered enough to bring about changes with the help of those in the ships surrounding earth. So many have been involved in the past and many teachers of high rank have come to earth, taught throughout their lifetimes and given of their Light so people could hear truth and improve their lives.

Millions are here in your skies today with the same love and determination to complete this long journey in the way Father and Mother God have instructed. You are not the only ones who have gone through delays and disappointments and sometimes heart rendering experiences in this process but we continue because our mission is comprehensive in its intent and desired conclusion. Warriors are long suffering and you can certainly be called that, both warriors and long suffering.

I come to you this morning to tell you that together, you and we, have made a difference and with the intervention of Almighty God and the Light that has been sent, victory has come, first above and now it is happening below on earth. Do not give up for you are approaching the finish line and even though weary and worn you will complete this, your mission, in glory and understanding. There will, shortly, come an understanding from within that is activated from the God within that will give you a fulfillment of purpose for you think you know it now but you do not have the complete picture. You will in all cases be glad you did not stop, hesitate, falter or slow down in any way for we know what is ahead of you.

So, without further words I close now and ask that you trust in my words of continuance and bring forth your will of steel and have that victory that is in some cases already yours.

In God’s Will I am Albert

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