April 16, 2021

Let us begin. We see many changing their attitude toward people from other planets. Of course talking about it is much different than the reality of having them land on earth. If they only knew how many people on earth were from other planets at this time they would be surprised. The time is coming when visitors on earth from off planet will be a reality, or let us say when people know about it. There are different reasons for visitors now. Some are here to observe, some to help and some want earth metals, or different things for their planet. Gone are the days of abduction of people for help with their DNA.

There are aliens that came in your past and took certain people for DNA to try and save their people or to try to use certain characteristics to bring into their own DNA family. It was a matter of life and death to them and they did not want to do away with anyone, they just needed help with continuing their race. Most of the aliens in your past who came here stayed for a period of time and left their imprint upon the people they contacted and changed certain societies. Most all the short term visitations were of a good kind and improved many aspects of living while they were here. Some stayed for many years.

So, you see there are reasons some people here on earth have past memories of fear concerning people from other worlds because they were picked up for a period of time and it is quite possible they have children at another location. A few have been contacted to inform them of their children or they have dreams of having children elsewhere. These are not dreams and are real memories of being told of children or having visited them. There are almost no pure blood lines on earth and your DNA is a mix of vast numbers of races from other planets. We know this is hard for you to accept but your history is full of visitations from other planets along with the taken DNA to save races, which resulted in beings that now reside there. There will be some reuniting of parents and children in your future. This is a topic worth much teaching and discussion and it will come for the children are mostly aware of having a parent living on earth.

There are close relationships you have with relatives from other planets who have followed your progress and journey for many of your lives. You did not appear here on earth with pristine, untouched DNA and you have not lived here exclusively since you began. There are connections abounding in all of you from your past and many of those connections are even now alive and continuing whether you are aware of it or not. Cherished friends and loved ones cross the miles and years and time lines waiting for the time when you will be returning to your original homes to be with your extended families after the last page is turned in this book of earth changes and at that time you will have the feeling of great emotions of joy at returning home. It may sound like a fantasy or a dream now but this is truth and nothing to fear. Some of you will be going home.

Many of you will be returning to earth to continue here when the earth changes are over and Gaia becomes inhabitable again. The restoration and healing of the earth will take many of you and there will be peace on earth and the beautiful planet you have come to know will again be your home. Some of you have options but most have already made their decisions on a soul level and know where their future work is to take place. You just need to enlarge your view of creation and take in all the beings from other places that exist and realize earth is not the only inhabited planet. All that is, is much bigger than you have ever imagined and the time is now when you come into that understanding. Your planet, earth, will take its place in the planet of worlds with representation and have a say in the rules, laws and governing of what goes on in the vast neighborhood. Your future is exciting and expanding in scope and especially in education and learning.

You have spent so long a time now in the struggle for freedom and had the liberation day as the goal that you may not have considered what would go on after. Now you must see in a more long range scope of things and realize this is also a beginning for you and there is much you need to know. Broaden your horizons and do not be apprehensive in your options for continuing for it is a bright future you have before you. Information will come and education will be given and you will not be without continued help in the learning of what you need to know. You know that saying, the sky is the limit? Well you will have a much larger scope than this and you will be limited only by your imaginations. You do not have the understanding now to know what is possible for you.

I leave you now for you to start moving your frame of reference into your future while thinking on these things. As always go within and let God be your guide in all things.

I Am Joseph In His Service

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