April 17, 2021

Let us begin. We often come to you for updates and try to deliver the latest of changes so you will know what is going on and the status of things. Now we would like to tell you that there is no schedule and we are following Gaia’s plan and execution of her changes for earth. There is also the political situation on your planet that is in progress and especially in the US. We are still looking for announcements and disclosures concerning the validity of the leadership in the US and certain revelations of wrong doing, which will be taken through the court system and rectified. This is the only way it can be done is legally and with surety. This part is taking longer than expected and we know you are wondering if something has happened to delay things. Delays are inevitable and seem to be a major theme of everything concerning earth. The expected results are still forthcoming and have not been put aside.

We know you are tired of waiting in this political arena for an authenticity and determining of what is really going on behind the scenes. It is still coming and each day brings you closer to the results that many are working for. Truth is coming out, even if it is a little at the time and we are glad to see this happening. UFOs are now spoken of in your news and sightings have been made and recorded. It is always good when there is video to substantiate the event of a sighting. Witnesses are good but don’t seem to garner as much validity as video. So you have three fronts coming together now and these are Gaia’s changes, the political journey to truth and now the UFO confirmed sightings in the US. The US, I might add, is the last hold out concerning UFO activity in the news no matter what has really gone on in that country.

I would like now to speak of serpents in your past and present. These are low vibrational entities who have involved themselves into most every aspect of your lives all over the world. Many have been done away with but some remain and are strong hold outs, refusing to give up or give in. We have no respect for these beings other than they were given every opportunity to stop their wrong doing and turn from their ways, but they have not. They are revolting in their actions and views of life and now everything is being done to rid your world of them. Once we had hope for them but their actions now have removed this from our minds and plans and the rules concerning their eradication have changed. They have charted their own fates and they will be surprised how quickly we can descend to their level and do away with them and their plans. It is sad that this has to be done but they brought these actions about by their total disregard of life and the many they have brought sadness to and also death. In some instances it will be over quickly. Let me say here that every chance has been given to them but that time is up now. They may not even see their termination coming, it will be that swift. We regret not.

On to happier things. I look forward to meeting many of you face to face, no matter where we happen to be at the time, but most likely now it will be after earth is evacuated. We are all in happy anticipation of your visit with us as it means you have chosen to extend your lives in the physical and not remain on earth with its many intense changes. There seems to be a series of opposing emotions in store for you and us in the coming days. Happiness in the coming positive events and sadness for those who, as yet, do not believe or know what is happening and will refuse to take the time to understand. It will be an unusual time but you have been through these before concerning your lives upon earth. What a trip this has been for you and you have taken the learning and lessons and used them well in your growing.

I leave you now to continue working in your fields of experience for the planet you have grown to know and love. Think on these words I have given you and be strong in your faith for what is to come.

I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “April 17, 2021

  1. I would like to present three question if I may.
    1-Will the Flash of light from Source/God exit through our sun portal and will it affect all planetary systems in this quadrant or our whole Galaxy?
    2-Is our government in the United States still making agreements with off world civilizations that if we supply them goods that they need that they will supply us with technology?
    3-Are these agreements done off planet?


    1. The Light you ask about will come from Source and your sun will have its influence upon what you receive. Your sun plays a big part in the waves you receive and makes them more easily accepted. This Light will affect planets in a very large area and cannot be measured in your knowing. Its influence will meet different needs for different planets. Its scope is huge.

      Governments of earth continue to make agreements and exchange goods or information and this has been going on for some time now. It has developed over time into quite a big undertaking and this type of exchange goes on throughout the inhabited planets concerning other planets other than yours. It is like having a grocery list and going shopping at different planets to obtain what is needed and few planets supply all their own needs.

      These agreements that have been set up between your planet and others is like a barter system and needed items on both parts are exchanged, not just technology. These take place now off planet as you have representatives in other locations than earth to carry out this exchange. Thank you for your questions. Joseph


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