April 18, 2021

Let us begin. I often come to bring words of encouragement so that you will be uplifted in your journey and this morning I tell you that great strides are being made on earth. Our view shows many are coming to open their hearts and minds to the wonderful Light and Love that is present for all and they are moving up in their journey. Without knowing why many are being lifted into a place of more compassion for and understanding of others. It is a beautiful sight.

I do however see some confusion concerning the dark and their presence on earth. There have been statements that they have been removed and their influence is no more and then the statement that you are to continue to work to rid the earth of their influence. The dark influence is being removed and many have been taken from a place of freedom on earth and some have been removed from the planet. There are those who remain and are being dealt with at present and then also there is the dark, heavy influence or imbalance that needs to be removed from the earth. They are not completely gone as yet and your work needs to continue. Their numbers have been greatly reduced. The Light being brought and anchored here makes it difficult for the dark to continue as they once did and they are being phased out, so to speak.

I would like to talk of homecoming. I know you have been told of this before but let me go over it again. There will be a homecoming for you when you return and a loving group of friends and family waiting for your return. The memory you have for what was will return and you will be overcome with joy at this emotional time. They have been waiting for you for quite a while now as things have been prolonged by complications and setbacks. So much will be remembered and things will become more clear to you. There will be a period of adjustment but barriers to the happenings of what was will be removed and you will see that we have been giving you truth about who you are and what you have accomplished. You will see that you were never on earth alone without anyone to care for you. The pieces will start to fit into a pattern of a picture that will be most familiar to you and it will make sense and you will see and have the answers you have been longing for. It has been difficult for you to continue without some of these answers but also it has been difficult for your loved ones to continue in peace when delay has kept you from returning. Those waiting for you are so proud of your accomplishments.

Your experiences on earth have made their imprint upon you and you will take the learning with you now but the coming back to your way of life that you left will also return and you will be surprised at how comfortable it will be. You are not the same as when you left for what you have learned has given you more compassion and love for all others and you have grown and given so much to the earth and her people. You are now and will be a combination of who you were plus the learning and experiencing of earth challenges and you are stronger and smarter of human behavior and also how to overcome by using Light. It has been a most gratifying experience for you and you will slowly see how the many struggles and challenges have turned into knowledge and wisdom.

Let me say here that parties are planned and have been for some time. You as yet do not remember and you might think that this will be an uncomfortable experiencing being placed into a group of unknown people and being expected to have a good time but this is not the case. You will remember and it will come to you the real family you came from and the friends you had and do still have now.

As we have mentioned before many of you have done this kind of thing before on other planets. This coming to a strange place and working to bring Light into that plane and environment and lifting up the people and the planet into higher vibrations. Many have done this very thing more than once and most of you will do this again. We know you need rest and you are probably thinking this was not something you would ever want to go through again but you will see the need for this on other places and you have certainly taken on the challenge before and done well. Your life is one of service and the calling will come again for you to serve in this way. Not all challenges will be this difficult as the one on earth.

Because you came to earth and did so much work for so long it has changed the difficult circumstances on many other planets and they have been improved and Light has been given to them also. Their journey will not be as difficult now and they have been greatly helped. Your work was of a much greater influence than you might imagine and it will all be explained to you. You see, this was a big picture and much larger than you imagined it to be. The importance of your work was not exaggerated and it needs to continue until it is over and completed.

I leave you now seeing a larger picture than before and knowing that you are still needed to finish this to its finality in completeness. Think on these things and know that the blueprint for this big picture is Creator and source of all that is. You are the workers of His Will and the means of change by your service. Continue now in your purpose to bring about that which is desired.

I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “April 18, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. Ample graditude continually abides in heart for those of you in the various greater spheres beyond this earth ever magnifying your callings of service. I have many questions and even some answers that need questions. I perceive that for now you are giving general light to a broad group, whomever can hear. Is it possible for any direct interface? Probably is a matter of divine timing. With truth and Shinah Jacob


    1. A face to face communication will happen but probably not as soon as you would like. It is planned and your questions will be answered. Yes, I am addressing a broad group of people as best I can but more focused answers will come with details in your future. We feel your gratitude and it is most welcome for so many do not know we exist. We continue and know that mental communication and physical presence is planned for your future for this is in your history and will be restored. You are slowly returning to the abilities you once had and enjoyed. Thank you for your continued Light and your question. Joseph


  2. When will light workers receive up training to assist humanity with the processing of all that will be disclosed and how has the strategies changed over the last few months in how disclosure and announcements will be broadcasted in light of all the obstacles here, where ones have not done well in keeping their agreements?
    Who will up train our light workers and bring them to speed in assisting their fellow beings understand and provide calming assurance? Are we in training while we sleep or will we be lifted to ship for more intense instructions before evacuation or announcements? Will the flash unlock our knowingness in respect to our abilities as humans to assist one another in a higher love vibration?
    Are all legalities close to being in place in regards to the exposure of the deep state/cabalist and will this be a lengthy process of revealing truth to the public or will it move rather rapidly in coordination with the announcements?
    Will the announcements and disclosure still be handled with broadcasting methods and are the ones who will do the announcement in place now?
    Why is it taking so long to bring down the mainstream media so that getting information is more readily had by the public? Is it because the public is taking so much time to understand what is going on or is it to allow more of the dark to expose themselves as some seem to have been working both sides of the scenario?
    Can you explain the difference in the light energy coming in now in comparison the God Flash of light? What exactly is this God Flash in our terms of understanding and how will it transform humanity and the planet?
    As the sun is being used as a portal through which the flash will come is it being used to amplify the light energy?
    Is the Divine timing of The Flash being coordinated with the release of the announcements and disclosure as well as the Earth movement with the polar shifts?
    What more can we do to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally for what will occur with all the changes and information released?
    How can one bring telepathic, spiritual seeing and clair audient abilities to a higher state of function when many things we have consumed in our bodies unknowingly has calcified or slowed/stopped the natural processes?
    This is a lot of questions but I may not be the only curious one with limited understanding who seeks more clarity while struggling to have faith in the processes. Thank you Joseph and all who are engaged.
    – Randy


    1. 1. Light workers are being trained now as they sleep on how to respond to the many reactions from disclosure and announcements. It will continue.
      2. I touched on this subject in my April 13th message. Our strategy has not changed for we have always had abilities to bring what information is needed to you. One way or the other it will be done.
      3. Teachers on this very subject are in charge of education of not only Light workers but the masses when the time comes. It remains to be seen as to the timing of evacuation of certain individuals who will be of help concerning talking to those who have questions. Sometimes it is necessary to have earth Light workers to do this because some teachers are not exactly the same as an earth body and this would be counterproductive. Light workers will be used.
      4. The intense flash of Light coming to all in your planetary area will bring about many changes and remembering your past is one of them. For some it will be small revelations and in others large remembrances. It will vary. Any past memory will help to assist others.
      5. Legalities move slowly and have moved more slowly than was expected. We would like to see it move forward at a faster pace but again there is some opposition in the form of delays. We hope the revelations to the public will now be a rapid one since so much time has already gone by and so many are ready for announcements. Others are not ready and waiting will probably not help them.
      6. Announcements and disclosure through earth broadcast methods are not seen as likely, even though we would like for this to be the case. There are those in place to do this now if they are allowed.
      7. The main stream media is loosening its grip on what is called news but what is happening is they are giving as little news as possible to placate the accusations of control in hopes it will be sufficient to quiet them. It is not freedom. They still want control.
      8. The waves of energy coming in now are much smaller in intensity than the large Flash of Light to come. They are different in nature like different blue prints. The codes and purposes are targeting different things. The large flash of light is so phenomenal that it defies description. It will transform humanity by several means and one will be revelation of individual past. Another will be higher vibrations that will rule out certain lower ones. The light itself will transform everything.
      9. The sun is being used in regard to the waves coming in but it does not amplify but makes it more readily acceptable to human life and understanding from the body so that it can be processed individually according to what that person needs in their point of progress upon their path. The intense Light flash is dealt with differently and is mostly left in its intensity and not placed through the sun as the waves are.
      10. The Light flash is independent from everything except the Will of God. It is done in His timing. You’ll have to go to Him for his determination on the timing. (Humor)
      11. Please see the April 13th message again and paragraph four. This remains true.
      12. These abilities will be restored if once known or they will be learned if desired in your future. For now they are slowly being brought back into your ability to use them, if once you did. Do not be concerned about what has hampered them in this life. Give them a chance and open the door to their possibilities in your life. They are coming. Thank you for your questions. Joseph


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