April 19, 2021

Let us begin. I am opposed to forced anything. People have free choice and should be able to make their own minds up about their choices if they are within God’s laws. You have successfully been coerced into certain actions that you would normally not have made and choices have been made for you against your will. Your rights have slowly been removed and laws set into place to punish you for aberrant behavior. This happened slowly and was insidious and it was allowed to happen. Now you find yourselves in a place you do not want to be and are unsure how to go about getting out of it and returning to a life of freedoms. This comes from a trusting nature and a belief in your government officials to make decisions in your best interest. To make it worse there are those in your society that believe these laws are in your best interest and there we have a big problem.

When society objects to what the status of living is and wants to change things you have the option of selecting people for certain positions of government to carry out your wishes but this is now misleading. When running for an office depends more on performance and money than it does on honesty and desire to serve in the best interest of the people you begin to have a government run by people with devious personal plans of their own in mind and we have the game of cover up going on. You are still under the rule of those who have tried to cover up what they are doing and trying to remain in office for a longer period of time. Countries all over the world have suffered from these actions and it is time the earth and her countries are ruled by honesty and not a people running for office wanting money and power.

Transparency has been a word that has come about trying to convince citizens that a certain candidate deserves support and a vote. In concept this is a good practice and now it becomes a new ploy to only show the citizens the part they want to be transparent. What a game this has become. Those who do have their mind and heart in the right place go into an office trying to do the right things but are soon forced by pressures they have not before considered into a service less than what was desired and they find they must give in to get anywhere near what they wanted for the people. Their goals become obscured by the shifting and bartering of favors and are pushed into the background until they are almost forgotten. This is where you find yourself today. You have come to a point where it is almost impossible to remove the undesirables in office because of the corruption. How can this be remedied? The structure of the relationships between countries has become so complicated that it resembles a maze that has to be gone through in order to even allow leaders to speak face to face. It makes it difficult for them to enter into a friendship at all.

It would be hard to set out to invent a more complicated and corrupt system of government if you tried but this is what has happened for there have been those who did plan and set out to form a corrupt way of ruling and they have succeeded pretty much all over the world. This is why it became necessary for an intervention of help and this is why it was approved and this is why now it is being carried out all over your world. It is like the string of Christmas lights you use for decoration that has become so tangled that it takes an act of God to straighten it out again. Your situation has become so tangled that it is taking an act of God to bring things in order again. We know it is hard for you to imagine for acts of God on your earth have not been this large and overall encompassing in quite a while. You have expected instant results and maybe flashing lights and appropriate music to accompany the actions. Maybe a laser light show to go with it. Now you question God’s efficiency and speed and who knows what else you question and you think it should have been done by now. Your technology and speed of living have you accustomed to instant everything. If the pizza is not delivered on time it is not acceptable.

Gone are the days of yesteryears where you had to wait on the crops to yield before harvest and things were at a much slower pace. Yes, God can bring about what is desired in an instant but in the case of earth it is His desire that you fix what you have allowed to happen and this takes time and effort. It is needed that you see in detail what you have allowed to happen and in detail you find a way to correct it and bring it into accordance with proper action and function. This is not an instant situation that you have here and it is being done within the parameters that you work under according to your law. You set it up and now you must work within it to get out of this predicament and back into a desirable status of things world wide. There is no instant button for this.

There were many nights by candlelight the originators of the country of the United States worked to form the wording needed to bring about the country that was desired and now the repair is needed to once again return to, not only the wording but the concept of a country for the people. Do you not see the time needed to do this and can you support this effort while it is going on? Even your road repair, construction and improvement I have heard many say takes an eternity to finish. The seeds were planted months ago for ways to come back to law and order and the crop must be ripe and ready to harvest and it will be done so in the perfect timing of things. Nothing even associated with the words instant, quick or speedy has even been available in this process. It is thought by most of you that signs of progress would be more out in the open for all to see but that has not been available in the ways you wanted. There are signs and they are abundant but somehow they have not been seen, acknowledged or accepted. You have taken years to get into this state of affairs and it is taking time for you to fix it.

So, it is taking awhile. What are your options? You can do as some have and ignore everything and not be part of the correcting of a problem you do not even see. You can loose your trust and faith in God to direct the time of repair and correction and sit now on the side lines with criticism and derogatory comments. Or you can remain in faith that all that can be done is being done and even with delays it will come about when the legal workings have been completed. You can continue to pray and give of your energy and Light power to the cause of restoration of your world to what is needed and be positive and supportive of all the people working behind the scenes to bring your world forward into what is dawning at this moment. Do you not see that things are changing and energies are different and the dark and heavy shroud that covered your planet is lifting?

You are wanting certain actions that have meaning to you that things are being done. This will happen and you will see for yourselves but it has taken time to bring about. Do not give up for the pizza will be delivered. I encourage you to remain in faith and continue to bring about the Light of improvement and continue to bring others with you in your advancement of your soul’s journey. You have a most beautiful planet that was gifted to you and it is well worth the time it will take to restore it to good health and to bring about the necessary lawful conditions that will stand up through the test of time. Let this foundation be set properly for it has to be strong to withstand the many detractors that will question and try to do away with the changes because they have been in power for so long and they want to remain. Let the strength of your desire for a better life and governing be the starting point of the strength of the new beginning that will stand up to all who would detract from its meaning.

I leave you now to consider my words and see that you can be a very needed part of support for the change that is taking place. Pick up on that movement toward forward motion into the promise of the new earth and see that you are part of the creation of the new. You are departing from what was and you are needed in this conversion. Be counted as one who gave of their effort to build and create.

I am Joseph In His Service

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