April 20, 2021

Let us begin. It concerns me that some of you think we have not been working to get things done in the way of contacting you personally with messages. You expect to be contacted with information you can use in your own lives. Not everyone hears words in their mind or sees images of messengers. This communication is a blessing but can be difficult to develop. There are those who have been working on this aspect of receiving messages for years now and it has not developed. My scribe prayed and asked and had a strong desire to receive words from us for decades. This is something that in most cases has to be developed on our side, or at least aided so that a dedicated line of communication can be established. We have to have certain circumstances already in place before this type of communication can be used after it has been established. The recipient of the messages has to be in a receiving vibration before the connection is established. Before you think this is an asset be advised that it opens you up to other things that are not necessarily advantageous. You may be open to receiving energies that you do not want. It can be an aggravation. Opening up to one type of messages can also make you vulnerable to being open to feelings and impressions that you have yet not learned how to block. It is a learning process to allow what you want and block out other certain signals or vibrations. It can have its draw backs.

Part of our plan is to have people contacted in some way with the information we wish to get across to them. Yes, it would be nice if all of you learned how to receive our words but then you would be receiving all words from every one who came by and wanted to contact you and this would be like having a stranger on the street stop you and start talking to you. This is something that is not desirable. Your vibrations determine how you are protected but it does not rule out some disincarnate souls wanting you to give a message to aunt Martha. It can be a hassle until you learn how to learn what impressions to receive and also how to say no. So do not think that being able to receive messages is an ideal situation for it has complications and draw backs to contend with. The ideal situation is to learn how to communicate mentally (in most cases as you once did) slowly and also learn discrimination and etiquette that goes with it. There is a lot to learn and my scribe still has a way to go yet. There can be hindrances and undesirable features that come with it. All is not roses.

I would like to speak of reasoning in the way of taking information from what you see and hear and learning what is worth giving time to. There is so much now coming out that is not worthy of your time to think about. So much emphasis is placed on worldly things and this could be spent on more worthwhile subjects that would improve your life in a favorable and lasting way. Your world needs to change for too much attention is given to subjects that do not further your journey or your path in this life. I will not state them here for a small amount of some things is enjoyable but I am speaking of giving all your free time to things that may seem enjoyable but do nothing but take up your time. They can be different from one life to the next but you are aware enough to know what things in your life can be energy and mind hogs that gobble up time that should be spent elsewhere. Make an effort to curtail excessive time and energy spent on subjects that rob you of your time and leave you without time to meditate or spend going within in your quiet time each day. Maybe some adjustments can be made to correct this.

We endeavor to give you suggestions to advance for you ask what can I do to follow my path in a better way. This is something you have to make a dedicated effort to improve for it does not come automatically. Some monks spend most of their adult lives learning and studying to become proficient in their fields for it cannot be done in a year or two. I am not suggesting you become a monk but I am trying to tell you that it does take time and dedication to daily practice to become proficient in certain abilities. In some cases more than one or two life times. When the time of remembering comes for you do not think everything will fall into place and you will be good at all of it. Your re-awakened abilities will be untamed and you will ease into the readjustment of them within your lives. Do not expect perfection right up front. Your abilities will come but as in all cases, perfection of them will take some time. It has a lot to do with what you were able to do before and how far you had developed the skill. Everyone is different and do not measure yourself against anyone else. You have been gifted in your own way.

Returning to your previous life and the environment you came from can be daunting and patience is needed to reinstate yourself completely. There will be those to help you do this so do not be discouraged in this respect after everything you have already been through here on earth. It you can navigate living here on earth in a physical body with all the complications and challenges you will be able to return to what you have already learned in your previous life before you came to earth. After awhile it will all fall into place and you will have success without really feeling it was that big a challenge or at least we are hoping this will be the case. Some adjustments are harder than others.

First you have to get through the rest of this earth chapter with all of its challenges. There is a lot yet to happen concerning earth and you need to be ready. Only you can prepare yourselves from what information is confronting you and also from what we try to give you. We will continue to prepare you as best we can. I leave you now to consider my words for you have much to look forward to with everything that will happen. Many ups and downs and adjustments so be ready to bend in the winds of change. For a few weeks now you have been in the eye of the storm and you still have more to go through.

We give you our words of encouragement and our love from all of us is always present in every message that is given.

I am Joseph In His Service

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