April 21, 2021

Let us begin. We see that numerous places around your globe have a lot of earthquake possibilities that will soon take place. Many adjustments have to be made and not only that, the volcanoes are pending with two or three major ones that are being watched constantly now. I was asked at what point will evacuation be offered. How bad does it have to be before you will be offered a way off the earth. I am thinking that many will need to see the necessity of leaving before they will consider this offer seriously and this means that the very first of the changes will not be enough incentive for them. It will have to be predicted that it will be much worse before the real need becomes strong enough in their minds to consider leaving everything. This is one reason the time limit of 15 minutes is given. If they were offered now, hardly anyone, except Light workers would accept. If the volcanoes are erupting and one or two major earthquakes have taken place, then it puts a different view on things. So, it will make a difference as to what has happened before the evacuation offer needs to commence. Mankind has to see the urgency and real need to leave before it is taken seriously.

Our people are keeping close watch on all places of the earth and it is necessary to prove our point concerning large earth changes. The need will create serious consideration and we wish you could just take our word for what will come but that is not the way it works. If that could be done then evacuation could be done in waves and more in the way of possessions could be taken and it could start even now but that is not the plan. People do not listen and they have to be shown. The need already exists for so much will be disrupted. Another reason for the delay is for announcements and disclosure. It has been a long term plan that certain information be delivered to everyone before any thought of evacuation was mentioned but this is not happening because so much was pushed to the limit and things delayed for various reasons that things are imperative now as to the need for action on both fronts. We are waiting to see what happens along with you.

Now let us speak of expenditures and the economy. Prices have risen for you and continue to do so and your pay or income has not. Food has become more expensive for the reasons of weather and for interruption in getting the goods transported. The year of Covid 19 has impacted so much in all departments of commerce and employment, in an ever expanding circle of impairment. Just now things are beginning to come back into some form of normalcy and this will continue to improve. There is still a long way to go yet to get back to a good place in industry and food availability. It will not be back to where it was before the virus took hold. Things would always be a little different now if they were allowed to continue uninterrupted by earth changes. The economy has been greatly impacted and it still suffers from large stresses and changes.

Often in economic recovery it takes a slow course but in this case it is world wide and the recovery period will take longer because all countries have been negatively affected. It is a trickle down effect into all industry and work places and countries have had a lot of expenditures The spending has been so out of control and continues to be. The world economy itself is in great need of repair at present and it is unseen if this can be done. So many changes are in front of you at present and this is why help is needed from our side. There are those who have been working on the world economy for many years now trying to bring more freedom to all people and this has not changed as efforts are still being made for this to happen. So many have worked so long to better your world situation and also on a personal level. You are greatly loved and help has been given and continues to be. Circumstances are changing by the minute now and although the goals are strongly in place the picture of how to get there is not. It is fluid and changeable.

The ability to adapt and change with what is needed is not only a great asset but is a necessity in this time of much adjustments. Please know that change now is inevitable and must bring about corresponding changes in your work for Light to be given. Listen carefully to your instructions from your guides and those that would help you with your work for they will know exactly what is needed for the moment. Changes in technique and approach to what is done now is the word of the day and the energies given will correspond to what is needed to be given. Your service needs to continue and do not worry about your part for higher minds will know how to instruct you and will see that the energies used are the correct ones. Adjustments will be on our side for the most part. You are quite adaptable now and will do well.

You are in the home stretch so pay attention to your meditations and quiet time and do not get caught up in distractions and world events for your concerns will come from a higher level of understanding. You are not tempted to play the games of cover up and intrigue that is manipulated and laid out before you to swallow whole. You can be in the world but not of it and let your Light abound. We continue to provide as much help, instruction and suggestion as we can so that you will have it for your use to make your way easier in these days ahead.

I leave you now facing what is before you and it is important that you continue to connect with the God within you as often as you can. This is your compass and your guide for living each moment that it not be muddled or confused in meaning for you. Let this connection you have now established grow into its full meaning for it will be needed.

I Am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “April 21, 2021

  1. Thank you brother Joseph. We love you and all of those who accompany the host you are a part of including your wonderful scribe. We long to be in your midst as circumstances on earth have indeed become extreme and it appears to be getting more extreme every moment. Escalation upon escalation appears to be the order of the day. We are hopeful that you and/or others operating in higher spheres are authorized by the Creator to destroy weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons or even worse – if anything but to preserve the life of earth/Gaia. There is also great concern among light workers about ‘money’. There seems to be a great deal of deception around this topic. Here on earth there is NO agreement of value anymore ergo money or ‘equal energetic exchange’ simply is not possible now. This privation of lack and manipulated artificial scarcity has proven to be the greatest trial those of us who strive to do good are forced to grapple with. Are you familiar with what many are eagerly hoping for to take place namely gesara/nesara? (dinar (humor)). Personally I have seen hundreds if not thousands of very good intentioned people spin their wheels endlessly in unspeakable torment waiting for the financial means to become available for them to make a difference in all manner of good ways. There seems to be great stumbling blocks circumscribing these issues and any light or insight you are able to provide truly would be cherished as are all your words. God our Eternal Father bless you our brothers and sisters operating in the invaluable ways that you do. We love you knowing this is no cake walk for you either. Jacob


    1. Dear Jacob, This is a long standing wish of Father and Mother God that their children have better financial footing and means for a happier life. So many are in need and this was planned for years ago to be switched over but the opposition was great and the greed was strong and stored hordes of money were not released as promised. The gold has since been freed up and now the hard work of St Germain and many others have made the way clear for orderly improvement of the world financial system. The final say is waiting on the roll out of certain truth for this new form of energy in the way of money is connected with the energies of certain information to be known. Money holds a lot of meaning behind it both good and bad and this new monetary system is based upon higher vibrations and goes along with connected higher vibrations that will come. They are intertwined together. So we are waiting now on the proper time and it will be done.
      I thank you for your question. Joseph


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