April 23, 2021

Let us begin. We see that you are letting the news bring you concerns of confrontations between countries and there is a fear of war. War with massive destruction will not be allowed and it will be a thing in the past in your history books. Children will read about it in school and not grow up with it like you did. So many lives were taken in past wars. There are ways to avoid this for we have not had wars for many years now so it can be done. It takes care and discussion and a willing heart with no hatred like you have here on earth. This is one reason the many waves of love and compassion are coming to you is to change the way you look at things and the way you look at other countries and people. Living in the state of a higher learning does not have a place for war or hurtful damage to others or their property. You can learn to live in peace with acceptable conflict resolution.

Being in conflict feeds on itself and perpetuates the situation. You have had people in your past who benefited monetarily from war and did things to bring it about and there are those now who would like to see another war come about so they could once again gain more money, but this will not happen. Disturbances are falsely caused between countries so that bad feelings are created for the proper atmosphere for aggression and war is brought about. These same people are still trying to do this very thing today.

I would like to speak now of interference concerning our messages to you and what has been done to prevent us from bringing you information. Everything that can be done to stop us from speaking to you has been done. The breaking of agreements, lies, deception and refusal to allow us to come forth in any way to tell you truth about what is going on concerning your planet. You would probably be surprised to know just how long we have worked to bring you messages. Few publishers wanted to touch anything to do with books concerning people from other planets and alternative printing had to be found. We did come in person and appear before several in your past and they were willing to give this information to the world and few were published. Certain requests were made to give information to your governments concerning atomic weapons and this was attempted with no lasting results other than to increase their efforts to keep things quiet. You can understand how this may have been seen as people with unstable mentality but this was not the case. We repeated this process time and time again coming to different credible people with current, useful information and each time it was only received by certain interested readers or ones attending lectures by the ones who were contacted.

Your internet has done more to make information of our existence and attempts to help earth available to the masses than anything else. The time for trying to keep us at arms length is over now and there are an abundance of believers that think it is possible we do exist and those who do believe we do exist. If only the organizations like SETI could get in contact with those who have first hand knowledge of our being real and communicate with each other, then something could be accomplished on a larger scale. So many do not want you to find out what agreements have taken place between your countries and aliens concerning the exchange of goods and technology. This information has been blocked at every turn. We continue to come to receptive individuals with messages that will enlighten and give truth for the good of all. Fortunately many are posting now on their computers of sightings with pictures and this has gone a long way to spread the word of our being here. We long for the day when your governments will allow us to be open with everyone with our information and you can decide what you want to accept instead of having that decided for you by someone else.

There is so much you need to know and so many things that would make your life better and make your journey better and we are ready to see that you have the information you need. We take a step closer each day to the time when this giving of information will be done for now it cannot be held back or stopped by any attempts from man. The time of total control is coming to a halt and soon we will be openly speaking to you. We have tried coming to your public before and were not taken seriously and this is partly our fault for we did not prepare you adequately because we knew if we did it would be blocked. So many road blocks have been thrown before us but now things will be made clear and progress will be made. This time of education is coming and cannot be stopped.

We have always had the means of making ourselves known and giving the world information but have been abiding by the rules of not forcing those things upon you without consent. The time comes when the rules will change and education will be done. Right now you are in this great time of change and we await to see how you respond to certain large changes coming so we will know how to proceed. Never before have we been so close to contact with you as a world and involving all the people of earth. It will happen and we hope that this contact will be successful. The circumstances are different now than they have ever been and we continually adjust to what is happening at the time. Our goals and intent are the same and that is to help you through this difficult time and see that you are delivered out of control and into freedom. This has been a long process and we have not given up and neither should you. Your freedom is of paramount importance and will be the only way you get to progress and everything has been done to divide and separate you on a level that you will accept. The plan is not working now and truth is coming out and it will continue.

Your days ahead for total freedom look good once this period of difficult transition has passed. Going against the imposed restrictions to keep you from knowing we are here will continue to grow and one day we will be out in the open for all to see. We look forward to this time and are still working for this to happen. I leave you now with continued hopes that this will be soon and we can communicate on a better level of understanding. A way is being made for you and there will be revelations of mass information and it will be given to you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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