April 24, 2021

Let us begin. I am going to call in someone else at this time to give of information that you may need concerning events at present so be advised this is a joint message given. We are aware that time is shorter than we had once planned and earth changes are not in our hands but are up to Gaia. Some of the rumbling of vibrations from earth are man made and are coming from the destruction of tunnels that were used for human trafficking and they are being destroyed so they will never be used again. These specific recorded vibrations are not Gaia’s doing. We see that she is however making changes concerning volcanic activity and earth rumblings of her own. These will continue and the schedule is of her own making.

We still plan for disclosure and information to be given and for certain political issues to be corrected as these have not been discarded or given up. It is important that certain information be given and it is our plan that disclosure concerning our presence is brought forth and the cover up that has been taking place in the United State for some time now. As important as this information is, it is also important as to why the cover up has taken place. You who have been keeping up with this information for some time now know what has been going on but it is important that all people know of the other inhabitants on other planets and the different agendas that are present that would affect your world. I have been around for some time now and there are many I have yet to come into contact with, the vast creation is that large.

This speaks of Creator’s abilities to bring about the expressions of His choosing and so many of the creations of planets and living beings will not be necessary for you to know for they are that far away. The ones closer and interacting with your planet are many and are deserving of mention. This will be done in the educational part and it will be given as to their reasons for coming in contact with you as this is an important issue. All are not benevolent and have desires to further their own plans but you have been protected recently during this time of immense changes. So many are present now to aid and help in any way they can and are of the highest cause and intentions. These are the ones surrounding your planet at present and it has taken all of us to help bring about some of the help and change that has been needed. There has been so much going on in all areas and it continues. The physical changes and weather alone has taken many to monitor and make changes that would help.

Another big issue is that of oceans and coordinating with the intelligent life there working for energy balance and changes they are helping with. You have yet to recognize and comprehend their purpose and intelligence and ability to communicate. They quietly go about their work daily and try to avoid the destruction of man and the pollution of the waters. A whole group of beings at your doorstep that you have not really understood. This coordinating effort has been going on all this time and you have been unaware and their help has been immense.

In addition to this are the issues you see as to relationships between countries and political issues within countries and the huge underground trafficking of people and especially children. So, you see it is taking all of us to address these issues and you have been looking at the tip of the iceberg and there is a lot to be brought out that you need to be aware of and that needs to happen before any evacuation, if time permits. In any event this information will be given to you at some point for your education and to set your history straight concerning how old your planet is and what has taken place upon her. As you might guess this will take some time but once certain events take place we will both have the time for this to be done.

I try not to get ahead too far but this gives you an idea of just what the plans are for you. You will not be left in the dark wondering what has happened in your past that led up to the condition of things today and after this is all over you will not be sitting around wondering what just happened. There are a lot of learning sessions to be had and it will be done. For now know that you need to trust the system and plan for it is progressing right along and things are being brought out to show you the hidden side that has been kept from you and you need to be aware of it all. It will continue to be brought out and those not paying attention and know none of it will not be able to avoid certain realities any longer. It will be that blatant. You have waited for this time for awhile now and in some cases patiently and in others not so patiently but it will all come out. Continue to give of your energy to help bring this about as it is a most necessary step in going forward and certain things have to be settled once and for all. God does not leave loose ends that may yet unravel but all is tied up neatly one way or the other for God has many ways of getting things done. Things may be and look chaotic at present but this is part of the process and leads to where we need to go.

I leave you now with thanks for others who had input into this message. Think upon the intelligence and intention of what is happening and know that God’s power and glory is ever present in what is happening whether you can see, comprehend or understand it or not. You are part of the whole of all that is and this is happening with you and you are and have been an intricate part of everything taking place. You are not set aside watching but you are most definitely involved and you need to know this.

I am Joseph In His Service

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