April 25, 2021

Let us begin. We need to come to see that all is in the hands of God. It may look like chaos and disorder but the path is leading to order and stability. The process and method may not be one that we would have chosen and it may take longer than we would like but this is no ones production but Gods. In the past if results were not readily forthcoming, it just took longer because of man’s resistance, but the results were what was needed in the end. We are trying to correct a situation that has been in place for many years and well established and nothing about it will happen in an instant. We are in a process and moving forward and in many instances this is more than enough and all is progress. We, here give thanks for any steps forward.

I would like to speak of inception and the beginning of turning your world around in its direction. It is not easy to turn around a whole world and it takes movement in many places and many people working to coordinate their efforts to undermine the hold that was placed on Gaia long ago. It has taken years for the dark to build up to the state that earth was in and the freedom of the people will take a lot less time than that. It had to be done so that you would not notice it was happening and they were successful. So many of you did see it coming but were unable to find a way to resist it and did not know what to do about it. So the dark continued in their long range campaign to undermine all of your systems you had in place and slowly take your freedoms away from you and have you placed in a small parameter of movement and action. Your laws changed and the latitude you had at one time was removed and you had no where to go but to end up trapped. It could have been opposed at any point along the way if you had banded together and gone against them as a large group but this didn’t happen. You had the numbers to do this but most of what was being done was hidden from you.

Now things have to be brought out into the open for you to see what was going on and the story must be told so that you learn from this travesty against God’s will and your world. This is for your learning so that you will see how it was done and you will not allow anything like this to happen again. It will not be forgotten. All of you were to be used for the purposes of making a few rich and powerful and they have been the ones in control all along. Respect and reverence for life did not matter to them and you were expendable, for there were so many to take your place. Part of the plan was invading your food source and have it devitalized so that you would eat the wrong things and become sickly and weak and unable to think properly and not oppose what was happening, should you realize what was going on. Then you would spend your dollars for health care and those at the top were heavily invested in this effort and reaped the benefits. Their plan worked for most of you are far from healthy after years of what has been done to you in this regard. This will change and you will return to a new beginning in your health fields and also in your growing of food. Farmers have been controlled for far too long and they will be free, once again to remain in their calling of feeding the masses with healthier food. This is coming.

The incoming energies provide many positive things and one is better sight into what is going on. You will be better able to recognize the pressures you have been under and the manipulations used against you. You DNA is being corrected a step at a time and is returning to you the abilities you once had. This is a slow process but it will happen. God gave you so many gifts and they were taken away many years ago and now you think your abilities now are the only ones available to you. Believe in them for they are yours. You were free to develop the abilities you chose and you were all gifted in different ways but much more so than now. You will have that freedom again, such as communicating mentally, a closer connection to nature and communicating with those of a higher vibration than you. You will understand animals on a deeper level and learn to communicate with them. So much is ahead of you and you have to open the doors to these possibilities for they are coming.

Reap the advantages of these times and incorporate them into your minds and your lives. Learn from what has happened to earth and take these lessons with you into your future for there is great good coming back to you from this experience. You are not pawns in a game anymore but individuals of light and energy that surpass what once was and you are learning your self worth. Your biggest achievement, if you have made it, is learning that God is not outside of you, but within. There is nothing in creation that is not of God and this knowing lets you look at all things with a different understanding. The reverence and respect for all life should be well established and this is one thing that is missing from those who would try to imprison you and keep you in bondage. Those who believe that life is precious have a difficult time in believing that there are those who have no regard for it at all. You cannot look at a person from the outside and tell this.

Hold these truths close to you that things are changing for the better and more light is coming in and you are being uplifted. Walk with a different meaning to your step and know things are changing for the better. I leave you now to think on these things and to see this new hope and life and accept this freedom. Use it wisely in all that you do now for God is working within you to help bring all this about.

I am Joseph In His Service

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