April 26, 2021

Let us begin. We see many of you are ready for events to take place and you want disclosure and things to be brought out in the open. You have waited long enough. We would like for all people to feel this way and be prepared for truth. So many do not have a clue as to what is going on and what is to be brought out and they will be in denial at the beginning. When it continues and proof is given there will be a period of adjustment after the shock and it will take time for them to come to terms with what is given. We understand this adjustment and know it is necessary for this step to happen. You have been following this all along the way but they have not and it stands to reason there will be refusal to understand for some.

What is to come will have a way of building upon itself and there will come a point when it is no longer deniable and this will be the biggest impact in what will come out. The point at which the mind will have to admit what is being told is happening in real time and this will be the biggest moment of discovery and adjustment. Some will not be able to handle it and it will scare them because it will undermine their core beliefs concerning reality and they will become off balanced mentally and unable to function in a logical manner. These are the ones that will need the most help and you may not be able to reach them because it will have been such a big shock and the information too much to process. They will just have to take it all in the best way possible and deal with it in their own way and this may take some time to handle it all. There will not be much you will be able to do about it and we won’t either. So many refuse to look into what is really happening and what is below the surface of what is presented.

Some will have been so programmed to the fear associated with this much change concerning what is brought out about your governments, they will wonder why they can believe in anything anymore. It will be like pulling the rug out from underneath them and on top of that, truth will come out about people living on other planets and this will push some over the edge. A sad state of affairs but there will be many ways of reacting to truth and this is what you have been asking for and this is what must come out and be seen by all. There is not much way to do this in small increments now because time will not permit and one thing will lead to another and the pace cannot be given so that all can adjust to it on a slower pace. It will be like opening a flood gate. Certain things will all be part of something else and be connected and it will not be able to stop in the middle for some to catch up. It is unfortunate all did not dig deep into truth as time went on for this would have made it easier and prepared them for what is to come. Some will have a very difficult time. Be prepared not only for the truth for yourself but for the reaction of others.

I would like to speak now of regeneration and completion of time, chapters, events and closures. Many things will come together and one thing will take care of another in completion and you will see all being tied up and as this is happening there will be new beginnings taking place in the mind first and then in reality. The regeneration has to start upon the heals of closings and this means new people in charge and new ideas and ways of handling things. Many old positions and the people who filled them will be no more and they will have disappeared making way for trusted and well meaning ones to come into play and take up the responsibility of charting a new course for your world. This will be a rather large adjustment and help will be given on how to go about establishing new rules of governing and in connection on how to remove the excess of regulations which are not needed now that you will be free. You have so many laws and rules which are unnecessary and restrictive that need to be taken away. There is much work to do in the area of your monetary and tax laws and systems and it will be done for a more equitable way of living in a free society. Support this change and find out what will work for your country and if there are mistakes made try something else and give it a chance. This also will be a rather large learning experience for you as starting a new life under new laws and rules is a large undertaking.

You have moved in the direction of control for so long now that correcting everything will take some doing and adjusting and this will be remembered as the large time of adjustment. So many are tired of waiting and being told that this will come and you are losing faith in anything happening anytime soon and there is much disappointment among you. We cannot have faith for you as this has to come from you and remember it must happen in the correct timing and this is hard for you to understand. All things have to be ready and these are things you cannot see with your eyes. They are perceived with a different understanding and knowing. We can only say it will happen. There has been much opposition and many roadblocks put up by the dark as they have fought to have any of this happening. They were well on their way to being in total control of it all and were in the final steps of completion in their planning. Listen to what will be told and understand how close you came to fulfilling their plans for total domination of the world. It will shake you when you find out what they had in mind.

I would like for you to know the extent of God’s love for you and the power that he brings forth to discontinue this plan of total domination. Time was given for it to be corrected but there had to be an intervention of God’s will for your earth and it was done. This time earth will complete this time frame in success and the Light being brought here will overtake the dark and their intentions. I leave you now to think on these things and to prepare yourselves for the truth and the reaction of others that may not be so prepared. Have patience with them in their lack of understanding for their will be things brought out that will be shocking to you also.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “April 26, 2021

  1. Thanks Joseph for your daily input I don’t let any of your message miss my attention I’m aware of the situation with the galactic forces I know there are millions around our planet at any moment I did see it in the past cigar type disk type big small one scout in my recollection maybe five times total and I never feel scare what I feel was amazing knowing that they came from so far what technology advancement is a wonder I know we have been given a lot of lies about you but I always search for the true . The part of the universe that we know is so little and yes how many millions of star system with planets and civilization live in there is a wonder for a constrict mentality you have to use your imagination because if GOD created those galaxies planets it have to be with life different from us but life.

    I can wait to say to you welcome!


    1. Dear Frank, I am encouraged by your words and there are many times that we all need encouragement. I try to bring you my words that will help you the most. Thank you for your words and keep your positive attitude for good things will come about and you will be blessed with a new world before you. Joseph


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