April 27, 2021

Let us begin. I am told that many of you are seeking answers now and searching for truth. You are tired of there not being more to life. The meaning of life and everything has been hidden from you and you want answers concerning why you are here and what your purpose is. I tell you that you are supposed to be here now and there is very strong meaning to your life and your purpose. Those of you searching, listen to my words. The God of everything and the Source of all that is has placed you here at this time for a reason and nothing is by accident. Those that would have you believe your known existence of everything happened by chance are very mistaken for there is great intelligence behind even the smallest of things. Nothing is in existence by chance or by accident and do not believe this. The abilities and intelligence in everything that is, is far beyond your understanding and the synergistic synchronicity of everything fitting together is amazing, even in our limited way of seeing things.

You only have to look at a few things to see that all is thought out. Take the body for instance. It is so complex in its form and function and carries on so many chemical reactions every moment, not to mention being perfect for housing the soul. The placement of the heavenly bodies and how they rotate and travel is in itself the holding of many scientific principles. So many things that seem simple are complex and fit within the rules and laws of math, scientific laws and purpose. There are so many reasons for things being the way they are that you have not discovered yet so how could anyone think anything has happened by accident. We continue to find out things all the time that bring new meaning to what we already know and live our lives in reverence and respect for the complexities of creation and the energy and thought behind it. Feel your heart beat and take in a breath of air and know this is life and it was God given to you for a definite purpose and you are to seek out that purpose and the meaning. Have fun and be happy but do not waste your time day after day on trivial things that do not improve your life but seek the God who gave you this life.

And now that you have this life, what are you going to do with it. What changes have you made in the lives of others and were they good or bad changes? Is everything a calculator with you and do you expect payment for any good that you do? The laws of energy and thought bring into your life things according to how you think and what you see coming at you all the time should give you a big clue as to what you have put out there in thought. Don’t ever fall into the feeling that nothing good ever happens to you and you are a victim. Climb out of that dark way of thinking long enough to give positive thinking a chance to change what comes back to you. Taking thought from inception to physical reality is shorter now that it ever has been, so take advantage of this and wake each morning with the thought that today you are the creator of your reality and if there is something you need in your life to change, change your thinking. Give it time and do not focus on lack or what is not desired in your life but what is desired and think of the abundance that you would like to exist. Give it energy from thought each day and see it fulfilling your needs. Practice and try not to fall back into the negative road you were traveling and dispel the thoughts of not having and change them into ones of being blessed and given the opportunity of being in general for life is a gift.

Examine your self talk in your mind and weed out the self incriminating negative words that put you down and have you see yourself as less than the beautiful creation of such possibilities that you really are. Do not let words from others demean you or belittle you in any way and seek to improve by your own standards and follow the laws of God. This is an ongoing process and one day you will come to respect the God within you so much so that you will never think little of yourself because you are a creation of God and his power and majesty is in all his creation. Take the gift that has been given to you and use it wisely and seek God’s purpose in all that you do and above all love yourself and others for love is the key.

Please think on these things as I leave you now for this is a great lesson and I hope you take it to heart and give it the emphasis it deserves.

I am Joseph In His Service

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