April 28, 2021

Let us begin. Often it comes to us that many need reassurance in what is planned. Time and time again plans had to change because the circumstances changed. You have been in a state of wondering what would happen next for quite a while now and this sometimes leaves you guessing. Things will be progressing and people on earth would give their word on things and then break it or change their mind and then we would have to come to you saying things that we had told you would happen were not going to happen. This is not a way to instill confidence and belief in us and our word but so many things have been out of our control. I wish everyone could know how many times we thought we could count on someone on earth to keep their promise but then went back on it. We try to keep you informed but this has been a journey of changes and delays. Sometimes, because of these circumstances, it takes longer to get anything done.

We are glad to know that Gaia is waiting on no one to make the changes she needs to make and to balance the pressures that have been building for some time. She has suffered long enough and could wait no longer and we are happy about this. Unfortunately this leaves us with less time for everything to come out than we had planned for we thought we would be further along the path than we are. There is much conflict now among Light workers not only as to when we will have evacuation but if we will even have it at all. Yes, we will have evacuation for it is the natural order of things and it will happen. What makes it difficult is that you have heard of evacuation several times in the past and have been told to get ready and then it did not happen. There were reasons for this because once again we were trying to save you from certain catastrophes and plans of others. At one point Gaia’s changes were going to happen and it was decided to hold them back for more time to give people to turn and come to God. Gaia held off on her changes and time was given.

You have had to adjust, along with us, on many occasions and sometimes without knowing why and this has made it hard for you to understand. We are at the end of the time frame now and earth adjustments have to be made and you will be offered a way off the planet. We also hear those saying that time will permit for other plans in political areas to take place and you will have your disclosure of the Presidential election from November in the United States and also disclosure regarding UFOs. This has been the plan all along for you to know of what has been hidden from you. It is also true that Gaia is beginning to make her changes and we are hoping that time will allow all of the truth to come out before people need to leave the surface of the earth. There are things we are, like you, waiting to see. We would like to know which events will happen first and in what order and we are hoping that further along the road we will see the answers to these questions. For right now we cannot tell you what will happen first or how; who will take center stage and how long it will it be until then. We will continue to try to keep you informed of events. We do not know all things all the time for so much deals with the actions and reactions of man.

I would like to speak now of certainties. We know when God took over and brought intervention. At that point all the heavens knew for this is an awareness of Creator control. Speaking of things being controlled, when God takes over, things change and all of us are never in the dark about this. We have been witness to intervention before and it is certain and swift and the energies change and this intervention with earth was no exception. God has been at the controls since then and things started to happen and woe be unto you if you go against the will of God when there is intervention. You may not see it at that moment but when there is the accountability, your actions will be brought out, known and you will reap the reward for your actions. This is one of the things that kept being brought before the dark was the law of accountability. It has been my experience that it is hard to get through to a dictator that his actions will not be forgotten and the time will come when all things he thought were hidden will come out and be seen. Everyone is accountable for their thought and actions. This is a certainty.

Another certainty is the commandment of not forcing your will on others when it is against their will or their right of freedom. This is what has been done to you on earth. With God there are no hidden things and all important issues are recorded permanently. There is the recording of the good deeds and actions and the bad deeds and actions. Because your thoughts have power and energy they are also included in the recording of things. There are certain things that are laws of science and cause and affect and cannot be gone around regarding energy and these are certainties also. Those that took away your ability to have the God given DNA present will be known and they will come to their court of justice. This is a certainty. All time and energy frames come to an end so that new beginnings can take place and you are at that end point of one and the beginning of another. It is time to close up the shop and mop the floor and this is a certainty. We do not know in what order the floor will be cleaned but we do know the mop that will be used. There may be many holding the mop for it may not be just one involved in the clean up. It may take many hands to clean up the floor as big as it is.

The level of collective consciousness still needs to advance and energy given to this cause. Please continue the thought that more will awaken to what is going on and their eyes will be opened and they will see clearly for the first time. Certain energies of the dark will recede and as this happens energies of Light will come in and fill this space and another step toward ascension will have taken place. We will try to keep you informed and we hope that there will be no more delays coming about. We have hope that more will awaken and start to question all that is going on for this has been the plan all along. This was our goal.

I leave you now to continue your work and Gaia, along with all the people on her, need your support and continued efforts. This is not over yet but things are looking in the right direction, even if you can’t see them.

I am Joseph In His Service

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