April 29, 2021

Let us begin. We are coming to a point in time when all things change. The heavy weight of the dark energy has decreased so much and the Light has come in to a degree that the balance has changed and it should be noticeable to everyone. Of course it happens gradually and not all at once and this makes it more difficult to discern. Even though those in charge of the dark movements know they are defeated, they still expend energy trying to bring about as much chaos and destruction as possible on their way out. This is what you are having to contend with now.

One of their favorite things to manipulate is the weather and we try to anticipate their every move in this respect but many times they will set something in motion regarding the weather and even though mitigated, it becomes a hazard in the way of excess snow, rain, heat or cold. Sometimes they just take what is already in motion and make it worse, such as a warm front meeting a cold front. This is a prime example of how a learned thing can be used for good or bad. We are doing all we can to counteract their efforts regarding manipulated weather. Look for more attempts for them to alter nature. Interrupted power and lack of food can be a real problem and this can sometimes be the result, especially in the case of hurricane or tornado. These severe weather states can also include property damage and loss of life.

How un-Godly to take your talents and energy and turn them in a dark direction and use them for destruction and anything you can to bring chaos and difficulty to others.

I would like to speak of incarceration. You would be surprised to know how many people have been arrested and incarcerated for dark crimes and especially human trafficking. There are forces tracking them down and bringing them in for their time in the court system. Also there are certain ones that are taken off planet and brought before our court system and you might ask what makes the difference. Certain ones already had crimes on the records and were wanted for other things and were offenders before they ever came to earth. These are dealt with in our systems where the offense is recorded. Our system is much different than yours and money for representation, or any other reason, is not used. Also the facts are not distorted in any way, even though the individual is represented according to law. All has been recorded and is brought out before the courts and a reasonable sentence is agreed upon by those in charge. This is a heavy responsibility and we make sure it is just. This does take time but we have it and will spend whatever time it takes. There is no one lingering for years behind bars with appeal after appeal. It is swift for waiting honors no one.

Let us touch on who does this deciding of sentencing. There are those who have studied the law for many of your years in our area for it can be complex regarding the needs of different expressions of beings. It is not a case of one law fits everyone. These individuals have taken on the heavy responsibility of meting out sentencing that is not only lawful but takes into consideration the attitude of the one being sentenced, both in their past and at present for this is a consideration. Nothing is hidden in our court systems regarding bringing out the truth for it is not possible for all is kept on your soul record. We also have experience with those entities who are more AI and do not possess the spark of the Divine and have no soul. This is a completely different thing and at this time I will not go into this complicated process. Just let me say here that this is more of an issue on earth than you might realize.

We have given lessons concerning nothing being hidden because all of importance is recorded but before you are brought to the time of reckoning and are reviewing your thoughts and actions, it does not encompass all realities of the situation when just explaining it. It is done with love and counseling but it is done and is a requirement for your growth and evaluation and is in your own best interest. Being brought before God’s law or representatives of the law in a court, like those on earth that have been brought before our courts, is very sobering and becomes very real. This is one area in all of the earth progress and system that has had no delays or setbacks. Once someone is brought before our courts it is expedient, witnessed, recorded and complete for this is the only acceptable way and has been agreed upon in the councils.

We impress this upon you for several reasons. One is that there is much being done off planet that you know nothing about regarding what you call punishment for criminals. It has always existed in your lifetime. While you are not seeing any action of changes, our courts have been busy processing those who were caught and presented before them. The number of entities, for there are many who do not look like you but used disguise, is in excess of six thousand. So you see there is action and we now touch upon the individuals seeking these people for capture. They also are highly trained individuals, sacrificing much to give of their lives, for this is a life long calling, to seek out these listed people and bring them in and to say their lives are in danger is an understatement for there is a price on their heads. Not all of these on our wanted list have ever set foot on earth but were taken from your skies after proper identification. There have been many confrontations for these perpetrators will fight to the death to keep from being captured. Our law enforcement have to be talented on several fronts and thoroughly experienced and updated in all aspects of their craft. Not only circumstances change but weapons also change and they have to be prepared for the criminals’ new inventions or modifications. You would do well to give them your thoughts of appreciation for they seek no praise but go about their appointed high calling and it is mostly unknown, except by us. The dark are also well practiced in their craft of darkness.

We come to the end of this lesson with new information for you to consider in that there are a lot of changes going on that I have brought before you. You may not realize how structured we are in certain areas and all is by the will and law of God. There are no slackers holding these positions of law enforcement and court system positions. All are working under the direction of Creator and this has been going on regarding riding earth of the dark energy generating forces. I thought they deserved mention.

I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “April 29, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. We love you and appreciate you. Some of us not only know you exist, but love you and can count the rivets on the ships (humor). I have a question about how you interface with translated beings and exalted beings, such as Holy Angels and even some Divine ones who don’t even need a ship to travel. How does the hierarchy work from your perspective. I recall a meeting with 2 Holy Angel’s of Light and asked them also simular questions. Their answer surprised me for they responded that though they know and see more than those of on earth the Vista beyond into the higher realms extended beyond their view also. Thank God there is order in everything. If you are able please come swiftly for just as great and greater dangers as the earth’s upheavals (our beautiful Gaia shaking her back to rid the fleas as our beloved Dolores Canon would say) shall abound secret combinations of destruction so pernicious currently threaten us just as catastrophic. You know of these things so I will not dare speak of them. Let us as the holy scripture says, “mount up on eagles wings” as soon as the Divine will permit. God be with you till we meet again.


    1. Dear Jacob, There is a protocol that we honor with communication with all beings. There are many exalted ones that I have never communicated with because I am not in their realm and they are so advanced. We all know what these protocols are and we respect them but when we do communicate we do it mentally. The hierarchy is very structured and we are taught what place everyone holds and what their titles are. We certainly have not experienced the vastness of creation personally, even though we try to learn about it as best we can. Thank you for your question. I am Joseph


  2. Hello Joseph and TM, I’ve read some time ago that so called robotoids, people with no divine spark, were at least 50% of the population on Earth. I guess this fit with you AI people sentence. How these people came about? Was it from clones factories? Thank you.


    1. Android type people are created by artificial means and this has become quite an art by those producing them. This is a different process than developing clones in that some of the intelligence is not there in androids empowered with AI and AI is more mechanical in nature. Clones are replicas of the original and there is more intelligence there in growing of the body from a pattern. Clones have more potential as a general rule where AI generated androids do not. I am not sure of the 50% figure with no divine spark but I do know the number on earth is high. These are interesting procedures and an interesting question. Thank you for asking. Joseph


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