April 30, 2021

Let us begin. We need to have more faith in our lives. They are not happenstance, but are lives of purpose and design and we don’t live this. We need to know there is a reason we wake up every morning. I have asked that you start your day with the thought; Father, how would you have me live my life today? There are things we have to do to earn money to pay our bills but part of our day is up to us. That is one way. Another way is to live to the fullest in the love given by the Father so that each breath we take is by design because we know we are loved. This gives us a foundational approach to EVERYTHING we do in each moment. Do not divide your day into my time and God’s time. It is good to appropriate time for going within and seeking guidance during quiet time but wouldn’t it be better to recognize that each moment there is, has been a gift from God to feel His love and fill our lives with His direction of sharing this love with all others? We are not God’s expression to live His desire through us only during meditation but with each conscious moment. It is a good thing to quiet your mind and go into meditation and communicate with your Creator but try to communicate with your Creator on and in all levels of your own expressions during the day by being thankful for opportunity and for being able to channel this gift of love and light. This makes all the difference when you look out into the world as to whether you see it with love or with something else.

You might say, but Joseph, the world is not a lovingly receptive place and you will get knocked down and taken advantage of and this is true. There are many who do not yet know God in their lives and will live their lives by their own learning level. What I need you to understand is that the laws that bring back to you the level of thoughts and things you send out and put out into the universe are the same laws that govern your level of life and how things, not only approach you but how they affect you once confronted by them. Difficulties in your life have a different impact upon you if you are filled with love and surrounded by positive energy at all times. But you might say, but Joseph bad things will happen to you anyway because that is life and this is also true. You have a choice to make in that you can think you are traveling this road of life alone and what confronts you is only up to you, or you can know that you are never alone in your life and you are always supported by God’s love and light and this means the result of what happens from difficulties and challenges will be different every time.

Life is such in that you can only be in one moment at the time and there is no way to view two scenarios, like watching a video, in which one life is God driven and the other is self driven. That would tell you for sure that the life which is God driven and God expressed is always the better way to live your life. It will not always keep bad things from happening to you but it will certainly bring you to a higher level of security and connection with how to get you through these bad times in a better way. Answers do not always come immediately after asking but a higher level of obedience to God’s laws and expressing His love and light will certainly improve your whole life with diminishing the sadness and depression you might feel until those answers are revealed into your consciousness. Expressing God’s love is a certainty and it brings about a result that is far superior and in harmony with nature and your world. It also puts you on a higher level of understanding EVERYTHING.

Expressing God’s love contains keys that open so many doors in all aspects and eventualities in your life and bring you a security and knowing of self worth that you would not otherwise have. This is the choice you want to make and the life you want to have; one that is not traveled alone with periods of fear and uncertainty but one of knowing how important you are and that you are loved with a love that is everlasting and you are never apart or disconnected from the God within you. Let no one or no circumstance try to divide you from the God of all that is, who is the life within every part and parcel of your being. There is no time in which He is not available to you other than the disconnect of your own mind. There is a saying; tune in and turn on, and I ask you to do this and connect with the God within you at all times during your day and feel the connection of that love and never face your days alone again.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “April 30, 2021

  1. What a blessing! What a message! So Grateful. May it fall on fertile ground and bear the intended fruit according to His will. MARANATHA


  2. From all the information coming out now, many are expecting something to come forward in the way of disclosure and the dominos falling on or around the 10th of May. Can you comment on this?


    1. The timing of events is not exact but keep in mind there is a time in God’s time for all things to take place. We feel the timing of truth to come out is at hand and this is a vibrational understanding we have and not a date understanding. Yes, it is close and I mean here for truth and everything that is wrapped up in that word. It would be difficult to say what all of that entails. God is the editor and publisher of these events. Thank you for your question. Joseph


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