May 1, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned that many of you are not adjusting to the energies that are now coming in. They are stronger and some seem to have come to a difficult adjustment to them. They will increase and it is necessary that you become accustomed to them. Changing your diet may help. Also plenty of rest, which I know can be difficult to accomplish with all your responsibilities. The biggest complaint I hear is one of being dizzy and this can be a problem. Time will usually take care of that once a few days go by. Also deep breathing may bring some relief. I also think that there are some that will not adjust well and this causes various problems in behavior. Try to be at peace with this part of the movement forward for Gaia and her travels through the heavens.

Changes now will start to get everyone’s attention for they will become more evident and especially concerning earth corrections and adjustments for they will be numerous. We have noticed that Gaia has made an effort to have many small adjustments instead of a few large ones at first but the large ones may come anyway later on. It is difficult to tell how the adjustments will come. The energies of Light and Love have continued to come in and most are responding well to them and your earth consciousness has benefited from these. The earth adjustments are more difficult to take and again we suggest you have food and water stored just in case of any interruption in services.

I would like to speak now of catastrophe and what it might mean to everyone. There are several possible threats and one is earthquake resulting in tsunamis where the water comes upon the land. This usually has little time to prepare and your best option is to move to higher ground. We are hoping this will not be a large threat but any threat is dangerous and destructive. Keep alert in any event of earthquake and follow how the energy flows through the water and where it travels. Your news media should be of help on this.

Air quality is another threat when ash and smoke fill the air and earth carries them around to different areas. We cannot predict how this will take place but most likely there will be volcanic eruptions where pressures are released and the timing of these are also difficult to predict. Again listen to your news media and their words of where the smoke and ash will be carried. Prepare as best you can.

Interruption of power and food delivery to stores could be a problem so keep some food handy and gas in your cars. If power is out do not depend on your stored food to be from your refrigerators. Drinking water may also be needed. These words are not meant to alarm you or scare you but to inform you of possible events in earth’s adjustments. We think it will be most likely Gaia cannot make all her adjustments in little events that are spread around so that big ones will not cause damage or injury to anyone. She has done this before to save her children from harm but these are different circumstances and most likely will be larger events.

Communication is another area that may be interrupted for a short period of time and here we come into a rather large area of things that depend on communication. All travel schedules such as trains, ships at sea, airplanes and trucking may be hampered by short periods of interruption from earthquakes or volcanoes as satellite signals may need adjustments. These are just possible things that you may be experiencing. These should not last long. Just be aware it is a possibility and we hope this doesn’t happen.

Gone are the pioneer days of early America, where everyone knew hardship and how to survive during difficult times. We have become accustom to central air and heat and ordering most anything on line. The biggest adjustment is having patience and not having everything instantly. Be kind to yourself and others when changes occur and try to adjust with however long things take to get back to your usual way of living. We hope you understand the importance of what is to come and also the need for your abilities to adjust to what is needed. You will be called upon and challenged in most cases to do the best you can under the circumstances and we cannot tell you what these might be in detail. We believe that people are stronger than they realize and this past year with all that has been asked of you, it has been proven over and over again.

Now let me speak of knowing and that faith that we have talked about. Life, now, comes with challenges you never thought you would have to face and you have done well in overcoming just about anything that has come before you. You would not have any of giving up or caving in and not going forward. Time and time again you have succeeded in forging ahead with strength and determination not to be outdone by anything and this time is no exception. There is part of the human spirit that refuses to be out done by anything and we have marveled at this in all of you. One thing that we encourage is banding together in your compassion and helping others and this has been one of your strengths. Together you will all do better, no matter what comes your way.

Keep this lesson handy like a first aid kit in case of emergency and read it again when needed for there are always challenges along the road. Also don’t forget to give energy to the best case scenario in all of this and do not focus on the worst of times but times of success and overcoming all that confronts you. Hold your communication with the God within close to you and know where your strength comes from. It is better to travel with God than to think you are going through everything alone.

I leave you now with all these things to think on in a positive way for what might come. Be ready on all fronts.

I Am Joseph In His Service

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