May 2, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning for me that some of you believe that we, on our side of things, are highly exalted and like gods. We are more like you are in your future. We have struggled trying to do the right things and make the right decisions and along the way making mistakes. We have been around for awhile and so have you but we have remained in the same body. We are more like your brothers and sisters than you would think and hopefully soon you will come to know us in that way. There are those who are creators and worthy of being called by a higher name, and they are here with us working for this cause of earth ascension but I, Joseph, am one of the worker bees, serving as best I can to help you with what I know and trying to get you to understand some things that God would have you know. Do not place us on a high pedestal and bow down to us for that is reserved for Creator and you will learn of the positions and titles that have been earned. We are your neighbors and have come to your aid and give of our wisdom but we honor and respect the higher positions as you do. Think of us as distant cousins and I am not trying to put myself, or anyone else down, for we have also earned our positions but we are more like you that you might think. This makes it easier for us to understand where you are coming from and how you feel. Hopefully this helps us to give these messages in a better way for you.

Now I would like to talk of that respect given to the higher realms. I understand that you have been taught that there is only one God, or Creator and this is true in that there is only one source of all things. Please understand that all comes from this source. What you may not understand is that there are those who have risen to such high understanding that they also have become creators and have fashioned their own solar systems and rule over them. They are deserving of the respect for all their positions encompass and for what learning it took to get there and we are talking of thousands of years of experience here. You, yourselves are creators and do not realize it for you create your own reality and what you send out creates so many things in your life. The experience that one has, and this includes failure in the beginning, moves you along your road back toward Source and perfection and this goal has been attained by many and they hold the places of the high exalted positions worthy of that reverence and respect. Just because they are creators does not mean what makes this possible does not come from God, nor does it take anything away from God. This would be impossible.

You do not yet understand that what you call God, or source of all things is not a man, or woman but a source of creative Light Energy that all emanates and comes from. We, ourselves continue to seek more information about this creative source of energy that is the beginning of all that is. Where does this Creative Light source come from? We do not know, nor do we know how long it has been here. Please understand that we are also on a journey back to this source and continue to seek more understanding and also to become knowledgeable enough to create our own planets and solar systems one day if we choose. I know this sounds fantastic but you are on this journey also. You, who are creating your realities now on earth are of God just as those who are further along their road and who are creating planets and are in charge of them and are ruling them. So you see, we are all trying to learn and the respect that you give of this Creative Source Energy of Light that you call God and you who are of that same God are also deserving of that same respect. It follows that all other beings, who are of that same God are deserving of that respect. The God Source Energy that you falsely think is far away somewhere, which you hold so high, IS ACTUALLY YOU! Can you understand this? You do not contain God within you, you are this same God source and that is hard for you to understand. Tell me, if you are not the same God Source Creator of all that is, what are you? It does not stand to reason that you would be anything else.

So, now, here we are, hopefully with that light bulb going off in your understanding and thinking on this thought that I have laid out before you. What does this mean in your life? What difference does this make? It makes all the difference in the way you see yourself and now you understand why we keep telling you that you need to love yourself and not to think that God is off somewhere in a different place and you communicate with God on Sunday in church. You are not separate from God in any part of your being for there is nothing that is not of God.

There are higher creator beings that have risen to their positions and you know of some of them. There are also many designations of beings that you will learn of and their positions and duties and this will happen along your way of learning and all these beings are of the same God that you are. So, do not push them away in your thinking because you feel you are not worthy of knowing them. We also strive to learn as much as we can about them and what they do. Do no separate yourselves from knowing us and them as much as possible for THIS IS YOUR REALITY. It will come to you if you want to continue and learn of it. We are amazed that some of you think that all will come to you in one life time.

Now that I have your attention we come to the love aspect. This is contained in the Creative Light Energy that all is created from and you cannot separate the love from the creation and the created. Therefore you are a creation from love and of love and this is your status for all things that are of you. Only you, by your thoughts of separation, can block or keep this love aspect, which is in the smallest details of your existence, from being expressed. If you are alive then you are of love, so try to connect with this for it is also who you are. Now you are beginning to understand how far you have gotten off the true path and understanding of things. Stick with me and we will continue to uncover the mysteries that you deserve to know.

I leave you now with all this to think on. Thank you for your attention. Be the God and love that you are.

I am Joseph In His Service

4 thoughts on “May 2, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. We eagerly await each message. I’d like to help somehow like translate messages as able into Spanish or other ideas. Please send me an email as I also have a comment yet it is one of a less general nature and don’t want to get you or myself into a pickle. Much love and respect dear Joseph. Jacob


    1. Let us say here that your offer of help is pleasing and appreciated. At this time we are not set up to put this information out other than in English and we do have people being contacted with Spanish as their first language and they are posting this information to others who are interested. We do need people who are willing to help and we want to thank you for your offer but at present it is being taken care of. Joseph


  2. Dear Joseph, I am preparing a blue notebook to address you as able. I give you full permission to see it. Please read what I need/desire to express to you. I believe you will be able to see what is written there, and while not expecting an answer dear brother the information I have to share hopfully and praying unto Divine will be delivered unto you. Please let me know if this is acceptable to you. I met with many like Mother Mary May Maier of Mt. Shasta and Ecaha Tacha Eacha Na of Oaxaca and Daniel Boone of Mt. Shasta before he passed who taught me of the protocols he had to follow with dealing with others from beyond earth. I have much pertinent to share with you in love and respect. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your kindness brother Joseph


    1. Your thoughts are already known by us and we see that you do have a lot on your mind that needs to be expressed. Your creativity and understanding is continuing to grow and this is commendable but it is only necessary for you to hold these thoughts in your mind for us to receive. We are quite receptive and understand more that most people are capable of understanding if we so choose. Do write your thoughts down for your own flow of energy and thinking and this will help you but we already know your heart and mind and thoughts and we encourage you to continue your path in understanding and love for others. Thank you for your comments. Joseph


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