May 3, 2021

Let us begin. We need more individuals to recognize the God within. So much more can be accomplished in life with the belief of how powerful they can be with the direction of the Father at their side. Life takes on a new focus and meaning when one knows they are backed by purpose and intention of God. Just think what your earth would be able to do if everyone knew where their power came from and believed in the focus and purpose of each day’s activities. Nothing would be holding anyone back and what challenges came could be overcome more easily. You know the feeling you have when you are not certain of a thing and you keep thinking, I don’t know about this? The faith one has in taking direction from God would eliminate this. You would be sure of your actions.

I would like now to talk of resurgence of confidence because the dark have been removed and freedom has returned. Think of a cloudy, rainy day and what it feels like to have the rain stop and the sun to come out and the storm is gone. This is what you are experiencing now, or soon will. It will open up so many opportunities in different areas that you have not yet thought of. Everyone should get ready to spread their wings and fly. The evidence is about to be presented and action taken to bring before those who have lived a life against the will of God and they will be kept from continuing their dark actions. I must say they have been active up to the last and they have not given up easily, even though they know their days are over. To have this element of darkness removed forever from your earth will bring on a resurgence of activity and freedom you do not yet realize. It is almost here. Make of it what you will.

The evidence against the movements and actions of the dark will not be in question once it is brought out but the public may take their time in believing what is shown. The mind, once trained, moves slowly in believing new thoughts and this will be one of those times for some. Others will grasp onto the meaning of it all and see clearly what has taken place but probably not the speed with which it happened. We have spoken of a long range plan and small steps to their goals but some movements lately have been very bold and obvious, or should have been. There is proof and it will be given for legal actions to be taken and they will be. The divisions within the countries and political sides will be a challenge at first and we are hoping they will soon be put aside to judge the facts on their own merits.

We need to speak of dependence upon trivial and meaningless activities that your world has taken up as time consuming entertainment. It would not be so bad if all of it was just benign activity but some of your pass times are detrimental to you and to a whole generation coming up. Practicing the activities on some of your games of pretend do have a negative affect upon your brain in their repetition. The adventure and practice to see how good you can be at taking another’s life is doing harm that you do not understand in bringing certain things into your reality. It gives energy into the reality and that energy is real and has meaning into what takes place and there are so many of you that do this and the energy is not good. We watch this go on over and over. The only aspect of all this that we find may be of redeemable quality is the thought of overcoming the dark influence and riding it from your planet. If all your energies could have been spent in doing this very thing it could have happened years ago. You will understand that what is practiced over and over gives meaning and energy to what comes about.

This very reason I have given is also the reason that progress has been made in advancements of lifting the collective consciousness and making progress with the positive aspects of bringing light and love into your earth plane. The energy of thought of a better earth and going into meditation time with connection to source energy and broadcasting your thoughts out into what is, has been so positive in this effort. It follows the scientific principles and when enough power is given to something it results in, thought equals reality. This is also a reason we could not tell you when something was going to happen because the process of you doing this, even with our help would have been unknown. There are wonders of man’s actions that do not follow a time clock or a schedule. This is human nature and nature itself usually takes however long it takes. The direction can be seen and if there are no variables to speak of one can estimate a probable time of completion but this is all. If people only realized the strength and power they have in groups, or large numbers of people with a single thought , as in group prayer, they would have long ago been using this to their advantage. You can, and have changed the world. Your numbers can be overpowering in attaining the goals you have before you. The same laws apply to both good and bad applications of thought and you have to be careful what is given for turning into reality.

Realizing how little it would take to turn your focus toward beneficial and constructive creation here on earth is what I am trying to get you to realize. You have the strength and the power within you to do whatever you want. Make sure it is founded in the love of God and that Creator energy gifted to you will bring about the promised earth that you want and deserve. You will know more when all truth is brought out and you know what you have been up against all along. Help was needed and it has been given but now you will rise to your challenges and begin again on better footing and seek the Divine in your lives. You will change from “can this be done?” to “THIS CAN BE DONE.”

I leave you now to think on your God given power and what can be accomplished. We await your understanding after disclosure of things. Give yourself time for all meaning to sink in properly and then begin to move forward again.

I am Joseph In His Service

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