May 4, 2021

Let us begin. It needs to be said here that things are in order and ready to come out and be revealed. The time is right for this and we should hear it quite soon now. The information to get the ball rolling and start the reveal of information will lead to further arrests. All of us need this and we have waited long enough in your timing for this to happen. It is difficult for us on this side to determine the length of time for anything but we see it as now and we believe this is accurate. Where will it come from? It is unsure which worker or leader will come forth to announce what has been going on all this time behind the scenes to make this possible, but it will come forth. It may be a few days yet but to us that is now. We await for this with great anticipation and we know you do also.

The legal aspects of all this work will mean some will be arrested outright and they will be charged with crimes against the country of the United States. The charges will be listed and the evidence will be given. The process will begin in the open. All the work to bring this about has mostly been hidden and unknown, except for the ones doing the work. This will lead to others being indicted and charged with crimes and will have their days in court. It will take some time but it will be done. Quickly the United States will be under a more positive leadership and control and there will be a journey back to the republic that was first established in your early history and it will continue from there to a country more strongly controlled by the people and I mean all the people and not just a few.

This will most likely be a shock to many who are unaware of how this came about and will be a major adjustment for them but time will bring about laying out all the information of how and why this is taking place and we will just have to wait and see how it is received by everyone when it happens. There will be a lot of discussion taking place and a lot of explaining of the law. There will be challenges and they will be met with facts. In time things will settle and life will continue on a more organized foundation and life will continue. This change will also make differences with the relationship with other countries and that will have to be dealt with in an amicable way. The relationships of one country with another are very important and they must respect one another and this has not gone well in the past and some things must be repaired. Orderly trade must resume and ways should be found to once again recover from restrictions placed on everyone from the virus and this is world wide. It will happen.

I would like to speak now of these restrictions and say that they will be reversed and people will heal and come back together again like they were living before. This is necessary to remove all restrictions and you will find that this will not be a bigger threat than before and will help people recover from being kept at home and without freedom. Freedom is very important for good mental health and this needs to be restored. There comes a point where restrictions start to do more harm than good and you have long since passed this point. These restrictions will have long range effects and these will have to heal. These conditions that were placed on you will need to be explained and they will be. This is part of the revelations that will come.

You have been on a long and winding road on your earth and all people will benefit from what will be revealed because it will relate to everyone. We will watch and see how it is received and accepted or not accepted. Time will tell. The evidence is there and will be shown.

Now I would like to speak of degeneration of self expression for in this time of incarceration you have been restricted so much that you do not yet realize that you have ceased to express yourselves in a healthy manner. Mostly it involves the physical expressions for the most part but also verbal expression. There will need to be more physical activity of the body in some form of exercise and this will help in getting back to a normal expression that has been missing all this time. There is more to life than breathing and eating. The body is so closely associated with personality and character that when it is restricted there is a ripple affect that hinders the person in their mental expression and this causes problems with energy flow in the body. If not corrected and any blockages removed, it will cause more problems, so it is our suggestion that you get out and exercise more. If possible spend time in nature and take a walk.

It is also of benefit to you to put your thoughts down on paper or on the computer somehow and this will also help you to express yourselves. If you are inclined paint, sculpt or express in some form of art work or like avenue. Restore used furniture or an old car or an old house. These things help the flow of energy to not only flow out in the form of creating but helps the energy to come into the body as the energy is flowing out. Life is to be lived and experienced. This energy is a gift and is designed to be used and to have it stopped or restricted in any way is not good for the body or the mind.

So you see you have been under unusual circumstances that have greatly affected your lives in many ways that you may not have thought of. I leave you now to think on these things and to restore your mind and your bodies with freedoms that were taken from you and now you need to take care of things and let that energy of creativity flow again for better health, both for mental and physical reasons.

I am Joseph In His Service

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