May 5, 2021

Let us begin. We need to convey the information to you that will help you travel through what is to come with strength and confidence. You are in the middle of bringing out all that needs to be seen so that it can be dealt with openly. This needs to be done because so much is not realized and is left hiding in your mind for this is where it originates. In order to get past the challenges, they have to be brought out and faced, and then accepted as a problem to advancement. It is easier to put things inside and close them up and this is avoidance and does not get you through this process. What I am telling you is that many things now that have been repressed and avoided will now be brought out for the light to shine on it and for you to have to deal with it for there is no other way to cross this time period. There can be nothing hiding under the rug, so to speak.

When I speak of problems coming out I am talking about transgressions, hidden agendas, hatred and deception carried out on a grand scale. The public must know what has been used against them and what agenda is behind it. There are several associated things that have to be acknowledged and one is all the devious plots to keep you ignorant and docile so that you can be controlled. It is difficult to think that the goal of a few is world domination but this is the truth and I doubt all of you really fathom what you have been up against. These hidden agendas are so dark that it will be difficult for you to go there, even as a possibility. This is one reason they will need to be proven and another reason is that they need to be stopped and dealt with. You will need to look at the facts with clear eyes and admit what has been going on for years in order for the energies to start to clear. This is the transition period you are in now. The muddy bottom will rise to the top and be exposed.

Now I would like to speak of happiness. It is difficult to look ahead during dark times and see the happiness on the other side of conflict and challenges. This is what I would like for you to contemplate now. You are in a process that will be resolved and changed and there will be happiness on the other side of all that you will go through. It is another step in the process of many steps that have to be taken and the path will lead to better times and these times will have been purified by fire and the Light of Creator. When things look out of control to you, try to see the result being one of necessity and being in control by God, no matter the appearance from the outside. There is a plan and it has been well thought out. Do not get caught up in any negativity resulting from fear and intense apprehension but hold to your faith and belief that this period is temporary. It is coming and will not be stopped, but just as sure as this needs to be done is the love and guidance you can be given by closeness with God. Focus on that which has led you through any darkness before. There is happiness waiting.

We, on our side of things will be here to help you in all ways that we can. The tsunami of information is coming and the impact on some will be large. Transverse this time period of revealed truth with your faith and hold on to that which is deep in your knowing. You have learned well certain lessons and going to God within is one of them. Be at peace as much as possible within yourself for you will be bombarded with reactions to these things with various feelings of others and some may be irrational and off the wall. Human nature is hard to predict.

This is what is facing you now. When you ask what will happen, this is our answer for we see it coming. We have crossed the bridge of planning with food and water and we have crossed the bridge of being patient and standing by with continued work of Light and Love and now we are at the bridge of transition with truth. The winds of difficult acceptance will be swaying this bridge and you must hold on. Take heed for we give you good council. You are well versed as to where your source of strength comes from and cling to this.

I leave you now, not to read and forget but to read and retain. One of our reasons for being here is to prepare you for the things that will happen and I hope that I have done my job well.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “May 5, 2021

  1. Thank you, Joseph and team. Every time I find myself in gloom, I turn to your messages and feel lifted. All my love.


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