May 6, 2021

Let us begin. After all the talk of disclosure we are finally at that process and more and more is coming out in your news concerning what you call UFOs. There are some from your own planet and this information has been kept from you. Overcoming gravity is quite a step for you and there is yet a lot to learn before it is used as a dependable avenue of transportation. The subject is coming out more all the time and it will not be kept quiet any longer. It is more a process now from different sources instead of a formal declaration from your government of the past history with people not from your planet. We will take what we can get and go from there. There is so much to tell. Different people will come forward with information once the door is opened and pressures to suppress will not be as meaningful or threatening as they once were. Progress will be made.

Hearing of UFOs from different sources and having more sightings leads to belief that they exist but bringing about a relationship with entities from other planets is two different things and this part needs to have a good beginning. There have been plans of deceiving you with thoughts of invasion, take over and aggression to deter any type of real meaning for trust and there are several reasons for this. Ultimately there are those on your planet who do not want any type of friendly relationship between you and anyone that could possibly give you information of what has been going on in your past. We are seen as a real threat in the way of truth and exposure of lies and cover ups. What better way to have you running scared than fear of harm from us. We continue to try to overcome any thoughts of apprehension and possible fear and if possible we will not let you be deceived more than you already have.

I would like to talk now of becoming and this is in reference to a real turn in thinking and believing when information comes out in the form of truth. So much has been brought before you by your news media and so much of it is information to detract or defect from what is really going on. Most all countries do this and use news to mold what they want you to believe. There will be a change in your future concerning what is given and it will start to resemble authentic news to inform you of truth instead of what is happening now, which is a form of manipulation to have you believe what is desired. It is sad when information that is termed alternative has to come in through the side doors and this will change in the course of events when truth is given. There are too many avenues now coming out with valid sources of news and they will soon have a bigger voice and have increasing numbers of listeners. This will continue and at first the public will be impressed at the difference between what is given and alternative news and this will be of interest. Times are changing.

We have information that will, at first, be seen as audacious and surprising but time will provide proof and our words will bear the weight of scrutiny and finally be accepted for it will be the only conclusion. This ripple affect of truth will bring about a big turn in thinking and cause more questions to be asked and this will start the ball rolling in the way of bringing out past dealings between your governments and people from other planets that have been going on for a long time. We are hoping this will not take a long time for listeners to believe for there is so much more that needs to be given in the way of improvements and health care. One thing will build upon another and a better life can be lived by all.

We see the wheels turnings toward big changes and progress being made in a big way if we are given a chance to come in peace and give you vital information that will improve your ways of doing most everything. Do not give up on this time for you have waited so long as it is and this time draws near. So many attempts have already been made and more of you are now eager for the help we can give.

I leave you now with this time of change before you and it will not be stopped. Big things are brewing.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “May 6, 2021

  1. Thank you again Joseph. I remember spending some time in a mountain here called Mt. Shasta. It seemed to me to be like the customs office of earth. They have a pool of water in there you can see your past lives. Joseph have you lived a life on this planet? You are very knowledgeable and articulate yourself so very well in such a simple and plain way we all can understand. God bless you and all who work with you at your side!


    1. Yes, I have lived on earth before and there were 3 lives and they were all interesting. I learned a lot about the journey on earth and how difficult it was. They were all in different countries and long ago. I lived one life as a monk in Tibet and one life in Indonesia. The third life I spent in Spain, so you see I had a good education. I try to speak where all can understand. Thank you for your
      question. Joseph


      1. wow! fascinating! Thank you for letting me know. What about Atlantis and Lemuria and other dispensations before Adam came here and those who were here when he was brought here with one of his wives? A friend of mine named Hugh Nibley taught me that Adam and Eve came from Pleiades. Thank you for your message today (5/7). Always so very edifying. There is more than the words which come from what you are teaching and I for one am grateful my friend. Are you aware of anytime that you and I met or knew one another?


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