May 7, 2021

Let us begin. We need to be better at perception of conditions that are not seen with the physical eyes. This was taken away from you long ago and now is returning. Allow other perceptions to analyze things that are not perceived with the usual physical senses. Bring the lost abilities back on line and use the new abilities. Try to tell differences in conditions, vibrations, energies and such like with your knowing that has been restored. Practice intuition and other forms of communication other than verbal for a change and know that mental communication can be achieved. There are many that want to do this and are willing to give it a try. These things were used all the time long ago and transfer of thought is very fast and efficient. What you can do is practice with someone else and I would venture to say that you are using some of these abilities now and don’t even know it. You are so used to just believing what you get with your 5 senses that you fail to give credit to anything else. Perception in several ways is a handy thing and being aware of them is the first step. You can begin now to practice using your other means of perception and also your mental communication when you give it some thought and know it does exist. It has been brought back to you.

I would like to speak now of repressed knowing. There are things that you have learned long ago and this information has been stored behind the curtain that came with your taking on a physical body at birth. This was done on purpose and gave you a chance to develop further and learn without being hampered from certain information of who you were and what you knew before. This information is now being made more aware for you and you should start to have moments and glimpses of past information. Remember this is not new information but truth about what you knew and what you achieved in your life before you came to earth long ago. We told you that you would come to a time that this information would be revealed to you and the curtain would be lifted and you are beginning that time of knowing and it will come in different ways. Mostly at the beginning it will be in dreams and you will see scenes of people, places and happenings that once were. Many of you dismiss these dreams as not important but some of them are true. You light workers were and are leading a double life at present; one that is only backed by what has happened in this life and another that has been hidden from you for your life times on earth. You are capable of much more than you realize and many of you are already getting information of who you really are. This will continue and at some point all will be revealed and you will come into the reality of who you really are. This information is coming to you now, but slowly. It would be a real shock if it all came to you at once.

You have been so confined to this one life time in your mind that it is difficult for us to convince you of anything else. First you must be open to other information coming back and not dismiss everything that doesn’t seem to fit into this life. Just be aware that you were different people with different abilities before your earth journeys, with capabilities that you have not had for some time now. Open this door to your past and to your truth and be aware of what is given to you to know. You will know what is real by how it is received and also how it is repeated and the pieces of the puzzle will start to give the picture of someone that fits well within your mind and heart. What seems strange at first will settle into your knowing and you will start to change from the earth confined being with limited abilities into the person you took years to become before coming here. This is a process that will take awhile in most cases but try not to block all of this out, but acknowledge it and give the information a chance to be validated with your perception. It will come.

You have taken a journey into another land and way of living to bring light and love into the earth plane and to also give you a chance at learning how to overcome difficulties and gain compassion for others. To say this has been an interesting trip with many lives is an understatement. Your lives will also come back to you and I would venture that many things have already come back to you in your dreams. Other situations, circumstances and other lives. The different settings you have taken on were synchronized with others and coordinated with their lives and the settings available to you were quite thought out to bring together into your lives what was needed to finish out a pattern or learning. They certainly were not random. Many times whole families are brought back together and not only that but communities and areas have been the same. You have identities also connected with countrys and continued movements or thought advancements. Things were not left hanging and continued on to finish a meaning, a concept or what you like to call karma. All lives were woven into a fabric of earth that had meaning from the very beginning to the end and as you might imagine this took lots of planning and thought by higher abilities to bring this about. God is all knowing and the opportunities for learning were many and you gained many lessons that you will always take with you now. No matter what you feel about some of your lives, they were well spent for many reasons. These lives you lived were brought about to combine the two objectives of learning lessons with the opportunity of bringing the light and love into the earth plane and they fit together quite well in most cases. It was much more than a one objective idea and now you are beginning to understand just how much you accomplished. Along the way you took time to help others and this too was a difficult task in the ways you found to be of service. If you could not help in one way you found another way to be of help to others. It has been amazing for us to watch this unfold. Your lives were multifaceted in your accomplishments and sometimes we marveled at your abilities to do what you have done.

Your journey is not over yet and there are those who still have things to do. Put yourself completely and wholly into your purpose for your days to continue in God’s will for your life. I leave you now with these thoughts to ponder of what your lives have brought you and what they still have to offer. It is up to you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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