May 8, 2021

Let us begin. We see that some are exercising their independent right to freedom and going about their day without restrictions. They have broken free of imposed rules to breathe better and follow their own needs for socializing and meeting with friends in small groups. Some places are removing their restrictions and people are getting back to a normal way of life. You will find that Covid will not become more of a threat when you are breathing better and exercising more. Compromised immune systems make people vulnerable to most any debilitating illness and not just Covid. Build your health and immune systems with providing your body with what it needs in the way of fresh vegetables and fruits and vitamin supplements if needed. We are not advocating that you break laws but we do see a need for necessities of good health to go hand in hand with good health laws and practices.

I would like to speak now of the advancement of the soul. The soul is designed to express the God self with all the energies that entails. You are a vibrational and an energetic being made for expression and this is how you experience and learn. The God force within you lets the energy flow in from source and flow out in the form of expression and creation. There are two ways this can be hindered. One is that you close down and do not express because of some type of fear. This will cause problems within the body for energy is coming in but not going out and this is problematic for beings of all types have to express and experience. The other way to hinder advancement is to not have energy coming into the body. You are expressing but the energy and power is lacking and you are tired and lethargic. This also needs to be corrected.

The perfect scenario is to have the energy you need to express the God within for this is the way you advance through activity and the way you grow and learn. Sitting and doing nothing may bring no problems that you can see but this is not the way the body was created to behave and not only this but this is not the way the soul was created to express and experience life or being of God. Life is to be experienced within the laws of creation and you cannot do this without activity of some sort. Exercise is one way of keeping the body energy flowing but you cannot advance on exercise alone. You need interaction of some sort with others and relationships are a good way to learn about self.

Conflict resolution through the means of loving self and each other brings about much learning of not only others but of self and why you feel the way you do. Examine your thoughts and actions and ask yourself why you dislike, hate or disapprove the words or actions of another. This is the key to self exploration and the way to advancement concerning any insecurities or low self esteem. Self realization of why you were created and why you are here not only answers major questions but the reasoning behind such questions gives you the realization of why you should love and respect yourself. This leads to understanding why others are also deserving of this respect. Seeing that we are all in a state of expressing and learning and are at different places on our journey gives meaning to all steps of learning in others and is why we should have patience and understanding with ourselves and others. We are so busy at times with our own growing and trying to learn that we forget that others need understanding also with their steps of learning on their own path. This is like taking a large school and putting all the grades in one large room and expecting everyone to try to learn with others of lower and higher grades surrounding them and they are also trying to learn. This is the understanding you need for your own growth so that you do not criticize others for being at a different place on their path than you are. They are probably learning their lessons as fast as they can and would benefit with your example to follow.

This leads us to the thought of what type of example are we setting while we are endeavoring to learn our own lessons and advance on our own road. We end up being an example to others whether we want to or not as others see how we react to disappointments and excessive demands of life. Fortunately we do not have to worry about being a good example for others if we are trying the best we can to express the God given love coming into our lives from source. You will not get to a place in this life you have now where you know it all or have learned everything. We are all in the same learning experience environment with different methods of dealing with life. Unfortunately most all learning comes from experiencing what doesn’t work and it may have to be repeated several times. It is so much easier to see it in the behavior of others and sometimes we need to ask ourselves why that is. Mistakes have a bad name and are actually a very helpful tool if examined closely as to why what you did, did not work like you expected. Take time to examine reactions from decisions you made as to their success or less than success. What were my feelings when this happened and why did I feel that way. Be a detective of human behavior in yourself and others and learn basic trends and adjust your thoughts accordingly. An example would be, why do I yell at my children and why does this not get the behavior from them that I want. Why do I get so angry in traffic when people will not get out of my way.

Do not fall into the trap that everything unpleasant that happens to you is someone else’s fault. Take time to quietly examine your thinking and know that stress of trying to get more done than you have time for is going to bring problems. You may try to simplify your life and those of your family members for more rest and relaxation. Uncomplicate your life as much as possible and re-examine your wants vs your needs. Quiet time is underrated and the benefits are also. Become a family unit again instead of separate members living at the same address. We see so many that are caught up in time consuming activities that don’t really improve the quality of life. One good question to always ask is, “Is this necessary?” Do I need to spend more time with my children and if so, where is that time coming from. I do not need to tell you something you already know, that life is not easy. It will go better if you try to slow down and give the burdens over to God and ask for help. This sounds so basic and simple but also learn to listen for answers by going back to your source of life.

I leave you now to think on these things I have talked about and to examine your life for ways of removing conflict. Are you living what is expected of society or are you living what is life enriching and soul comforting?

I am Joseph In His Service

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