May 9, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you this day with a message of hope, for we see that all things are in order. From our vantage point the signs are clear for information to be given regarding what has been hidden from your view. All the behind the scenes progress has paid off and the corrections that need to be made are ready to come out and be seen by all. You have waited for this for some time now and some have given up on ever seeing anything and we understand why this is so. All along many were working to have this come and you could not see what was going on. Enough talk, you want hard evidence and this will be given. It will be worth the wait.

We have talked of synchronicity and all events working together before and I can tell you that there is nothing by chance in nature or in human events. The Master architect in charge of all that is works constantly to bring about what is desired and needed to fit with everything else and this does not fail. In the grand scheme of things there is a plan and the best way I can describe it so that you will understand it is to let it happen before your eyes. What is unknown is the various receptions and responses of humans to what will be told and we know these will be varied. We will all await this part.

I would like to speak now of awaited news concerning what has taken place in your past. This goes back a long way in your history. We have planned for information to be given to you concerning your planet’s history and we need for you to know what led up to the events of today and who was involved in the struggle on earth and why it happened. Your earth is rich in materials and minerals that are needed by many and its location is also an advantage and this set things up long ago for those who wanted to control her. This led to struggles of ownership and control and there were many visitors to earth along the way. Your evolution has been influenced by many and there are signs today of other worldly structures and information. This helped to separate the different people on different continents for some of the influences were not friendly and there was bloodshed and the taking of life. Visitors were seen as gods and were worshiped for their power. As time progressed most of the information given was lost and the stories were distorted and strange descriptions somehow remained and persisted.

More recently your planet was overtaken by a strong and powerful group with darker and more sinister plans and they made themselves at home and stayed. These are the individuals with no regard for life and they are the ones that remained until the intervention of God to rid them from your planet. We are not sure you understand how cunning and smart they were but this is one reason they were so difficult to remove and why their minions remained so long and did not want to give up or give in. The influence of the leaders of this movement was so complete that many joined their cause and they banded together in loyalty with promises of grand design and these promises were thrown around carelessly to all who would listen. In the beginning it appeared that these promises were being kept.

We come to today and there are those whose names you would know who have fallen for the promise of things that were valuable to them such as wealth, fame and success. We see that some of these agreements were kept but what we know is that there is a disappointing ending to this agreement and those who are involved have a large awakening coming up that is inescapable for them for there is no way out. The voice that made these promises and agreements cares no more for the individuals involved than they ever did for any life other than the source of energy that can be extracted from their being for their own selfish purposes. Slowly earth is being cleared of these leaders that so meticulously laid out their plans for as strong as they thought they were, the hand of God is stronger and this fact was clouded by their own clouded ego and perception. They mistakenly took the loving offers of God to change their ways and turn toward Him as weakness and reluctance to show that indeed the dark could be removed with clarity and speed. There is no weakness where God is concerned and no deviance from perfection of creation and Divine intention, only misperception and misunderstanding from an undeveloped mind so caught up in its own importance that it fails to believe.

This show of evidence in the inception of God’s plan to bring about the results that are needed is what you will soon witness if you look closely. The questions of how things were done and why events led to the corrections of wrongs will fade away when you realize how things evolved. The blueprint of Divine energy is pure in intent and execution and it never fails to coalesce and solidify into the reality under Divine law. You are seeing with a small range of years involved in your life time but if you could look at the bigger picture over eons of time you would see the influence of power in design and all creation of a Master carpenter and developer being expressed in many ways and you would not doubt this intelligence in any work that was willed. This Master Creator is more than worthy of your reverence and respect and you will come to wonder why you ever doubted the majesty of this source of all that is.

I leave you now to contemplate these words I have given for there are several grand events coming your way and my hope is that you are moved in all aspects of your being as to the wonders of God.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “May 9, 2021

  1. Thank you Joseph. No one can speak like you do unless touched by the influence of the divine. What is your favorite Star Trek episode? I’d guess it might be ‘Who Watches The Watchers’.
    Much love and respect dear brother. Jacob


    1. Jacob is referring here to The Next Generation, 3rd season, episode 4 from October 16, 1989 where indigenous people revere Capt. Picard and see him as a god. This is what happened on earth several times when people from other planets came to earth and were seen as gods because of their advanced knowledge. Their influence was left but their intentions did not always end well. This story is worth watching for its lesson. Many times the past is distorted in its telling and needs to be corrected. Things did not always happen the way history tells it. Thank you for your comment. Joseph


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