May 10, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many are making advances corresponding toward ascension. This is the focus and the energies of Light, Love and codes are making a big difference. Collective consciousness is advancing and as a whole, you are in a much better place to accept truth than you ever were. Delaying everything, and especially evacuation has been of great benefit to everyone, including Gaia. If it became necessary to evacuate everyone from earth 10 or 15 years ago there would have been so many more that would not have been ready and would have declined. We are hoping that great numbers are now seeing that the changes of earth and the need to leave will not be so complicated or difficult for them. Fear is being removed and this is good.

The words of truth are coming out from many individual places and more readers and listeners make it easier to reach many more people. This was the objective and this is being accomplished. The avenues of truth are opening up and finding a way of getting to the people and this is helping. When someone can get on the computer or go to websites on their phone it makes a big difference in finding truth. There will come a time when these teachings of truth will not be automatically rejected but listened to and hopefully thought out and contemplated.

The soul is an energetic reality and has weight and takes up space. It thrives individually or within a body and functions as it should. It is an individualistic fractal of God or source of all that is and is the same energy. This energy is in everything that exists and there also is the same as God experiencing being or living. We are like exploring messengers going out and experiencing everything and sending all our findings back to Source. So you see if someone chooses to see and experience their life differently, it is their way of sending back new information to Source and all this is recorded in their soul. If everyone did everything exactly the same and lived exactly the same, what would be the point? There would only need to be one exploring messenger. As it is Source has many ways of getting the experiencing from many souls and great information is obtained from different ways of expressing God. What does God do with all this information? We do not know for sure. I, and others, think that any information added enhances and broadens the whole of everything by strengthening and enlightening.

It is stated over and over not to criticize or ridicule others but to lift them up, either by works or thought energy and this increases the strength and enlightening of the whole, including self. Once someone comes into the understanding that we/all are connected, it stands to reason that by helping others, conditions or the environment that ones self is also helped or improved in some way. This connection is just now being explored by your science on earth. This connection is not a wisp of ephemeral something that soon evaporates from lack of substance but it is a real energetic and intelligent message from one part of itself to another part of itself and that is how it is seen and this is how it functions. This also applies to closed energetic life such as your body and why it is important to take care of this relay of information from one cell to another for this transfer of information. This cannot be done as efficiently within your body when it is not fed properly or given enough water and these same principles apply also to nature and all creation. You see God’s laws are wise and well thought out in all of creation and all that is. These laws are mathematically endorsed and supported and they do not waver in content or meaning. And now hopefully you have come to a little bit deeper meaning of all that is for it is a beginning of understanding of all that is. Do we know it all, no but we share what we can with you.

When there is a great oil spill in the oceans and much life is destroyed it affects the energies of earth and also the messages you receive on an electrical and energetic level. You are not separated or oblivious but receive these changes on several levels in your being. The same applies for improvement or enhancement and this is the principle of raising the entire collective consciousness of earth because when one part or person is advanced then all are advanced and here I mean all life. Your past has given you the idea that you are confined on your beautiful planet but this is not the case for what happens here is also messaged out to all other life with a ripple effect and life is changed. Amazing, isn’t it. There is no hermit strictly speaking for energy is ever present and shared by laws from one energy to all others in some form or manner. What you do does make a difference and this also applies in changes, such as your governments. Fortunately God’s laws apply overall and do not change from one place to another. That underhanded, cheating business deal behind closed doors is no more kept behind those doors than you can control lightening in the heavens for the thought and heart that created this activity is energetically shared with all that is. So much for thinking there are real secrets.

Take these words and see them as applying to all life and also see them as a different way to live and experience your life. I leave you now to think on these things and hope that you understand the meaning of what I have told you.

I am Joseph In His Service

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