May 11, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many are changing and responding favorably to the energies coming in and also that your body is responding well to what it is asked to do. No big problems there. The adjustments mentally would go along more smoothly if the individual were aware of incoming energies and mentally agreed to think positively of the process and sent a message out that the body was to make the necessary changes. The mind is the commander of the body in most cases and an agreement works better if done. Some have made this agreement with the body and this is noticeably going better when this is done. The changes will happen anyway but is done more smoothly and faster when in agreement with the mind and under its positive leadership. The body should process the incoming energies to the best of its ability at all levels. These are good signs that things are going well in both mentally and physically processing the energies.

Having said this it is also noticeable that so many are just unaware of what is going on, not only with the incoming energies but also with the raising of vibrations and steps toward ascension. They are not only unaware of any incoming energies but also unaware that any steps toward ascension should be contemplated or made. How to reach these people has been on our minds now for a long time and we still linger on this challenge. How can you even attempt to better yourself if you do not even realize there is a need. The real purpose of life has not taken hold in the minds of many and we wish to get their attention and bring so much into their focus for thought. Better to do it in a gentle way than to have all these changes and informational topics jump out at them all at once. If only we could reach them.

Sometimes we feel so inadequate in the challenge of coming to earth with information because we have been so blocked with getting through. As simple as it seems to give information to someone and have them write it down or verbally give of the information, it is quite a process in most cases to set up this dedicated communication between us and the recipient. So many things have to be in order and correspond for it to go smoothly. The most important thing is that the recipient has to be able to receive accurately and with good intent. Do not be mistaken in thinking that when God wants to give you a message that it is a challenge for this to take place, for it is not and it gets accomplished one way or another. If you do not take the hint that something is trying to get through to you then a bigger attention getter will be used. We are talking here about repeated messages on a regular basis as we are doing now.

I would like to speak now of bringing your mind into receivership of harmonious energy, which gives you a better chance of communicating with all positive information that can be given. You might say, well Joseph I know someone that drinks and smokes and really doesn’t care about it but they receive messages. This may be true but the rule is that the better you care for your body and the more you align yourself with the higher vibrations, the more the deeper meaning the information has will resonate with you. As we have said there are usually different levels contained within certain messages and it is better if you can receive all levels of the information that are possible. We know so many of you want this communication of verifiable information and this will come in time but for right now it is something that is coming.

There is a difference between direct and dedicated communication, and tuning into the psychic abilities you have where you receive impressions or images from different avenues of influence. The first is from a person wishing to give of information to another and the second is perception regarding your ability to tune into what is and what energies are being given out, for you are a receiver. Most all people are receivers but do not interpret such information into noticeable substantial content. This is done through practice and keep in mind this also brings in non harmonious information that is also of substantial content. Psychic ability opens you up to all sorts of information and along the way you will learn to filter out some of it. The bringing into line of harmonious information first needs to come into the mind as not only a possibility but as something that definitely can be done. Why go a round about way of getting direction when you can go to source and partake of truth. This is the ultimate goal and what so many want to happen. You are connecting on a more definite level now and this part is progressing at a pace that is compatible with what is needed for you. Until then be discerning of all information given and see how the developing of the returning senses respond to all information considered. Remember this is a process and will improve.

Until such time that all are directly receiving from Source we will continue to give of messages with the best accuracy we can bring about. Intent is so important in this issue and wanting to receive only truth holds the parameters in a better place of your receivership.

So many of us are now coming to you and developing avenues of information in one way or another. It is easy for some avenues to be distorted so we continue to increase accuracy and most of this is concerning the receiver of the information. We strive to reach you in any ways we can now and also in the past for so much needs to be given. Our directives continue in this attempt and it is on going.

I am undeniably concerned about the reaction of the uninformed to all that is coming out. I do believe that many mentally focusing on the best case scenario with prayers, meditation and visualizations can change the energy and increase the likelihood of a better outcome. We can alter the energy of a time line and improve the circumstances immeasurably in its content as this has been done in the past and a good example was inauguration day of this year. It was changed and a better road was followed as far as aggression was concerned. We need this to happen again so that all souls are not distracted by emotions to what is happening on the side lines and are better able to focus on the content of the information given. This is where you can help.

I leave you now to continue your work in expressing the Light and Love that is God given and making a difference in all that is. You have yet to realize the full impact of your actions and its far reaching effects.

I am Joseph In His Service

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