May 12, 2021

Let us begin. We see that now is the time for all to come forward and we are looking vibrationally at this. It will set off a storm of sorts but all eyes need to see and become aware of what is coming out. Sometimes the truth is hard to handle and some will not deal well with it. Some will out right deny it thinking it is opposition rhetoric. Be not afraid or side lined over the reaction of others for they will come around during the process of proof coming out. I am convinced that this is the only way, is for the truth to be told. Be cautious of crowds contemplating aggression.

Let us speak here of other lives. You have been given many chances to express in other conditions and environments to gain learning and wisdom and some of these lives were very difficult for you. A lot of them were short compared to now but had learning opportunities none the less. Let me be clear here, there is reincarnation and all of you have experienced it. By now you should be experiencing some type of clues of other or past lives, either in visions or in dreams. Some of you have had several lives and some have had many but all have been in different bodies with different circumstances. Many come back into the same group of people, who are also coming back in different bodies. Positions of authority do change places.

Some of the influences experienced in one life will often hold over or come back into another life. This is especially true of physical concerns. There needs to be mental work done on negative aspects of hold overs and an attempt at releasing negative aspects of other lives. A conscious effort at releasing these negative influences is helpful and sometimes very successful. They can be addressed after they are realized and many times minimized upon discovery. What helps the most is to come into knowledge of what caused the problem and if others were involved, such as in violence related issues. These are more complicated and there may be forgiveness involved.

The positive side of many lives is lessons learned, leading to wisdom and this is the ideal purpose. Much can be accomplished from this and continued attempts are made at learning from the same circumstances and often involving the same people. There are so many possible scenarios leading to the same conclusions. Not all planets have reincarnation and learning may take longer this way but also the lives are longer and the memory is not faded as with rebirth. Carrying over of information from one life to another is not with total recall but this is the way it had to be. If you had a deep dislike or hate for someone you are given another chance to correct that feeling. Many times you will come into another life with a dislike for someone not really knowing why and this gives you an opportunity to deal with it in a positive manner. You already know that life is challenging. It usually brings before you the things in full spot light that you need to work on. If you do not see it or if you do not deal with it then you will get another opportunity until it no longer is a problem. There is not much way you can disregard something you need to process or work on to completion.

This is one reason we talked to you so much about dropping all influences of negative emotions from the past before going on because they did not need to carry over into your further learning and advancement toward ascension. This also needs to be done for physical concerns from other lives from accidents or illnesses. These energies concerning negativity will not need to be carried any longer as they serve no positive purpose in learning. Additionally the energies of dark feelings and emotions will need to be cleared and dropped and this has to do with coming to the end of an energetic cycle where the rules change somewhat going into a higher dimension. There has to be certain preparation work when advancing into a higher dimension and you have done much work in seeing that this is done whether you are aware of it or not. The energies coming into your environment have helped with this processing and dropping what is not needed. So much has been left behind and this also has helped the collective consciousness to advance. Just think if all the hate were suddenly removed from your plane you would notice it immediately in the lighter feeling. Some was removed gradually and therefore may have gotten by your awareness.

Another feeling that needed to be corrected was gilt and that is a big one. Also envy, regret, greed and gluttony. On gluttony there are the health factors involved with this one and it is a complicated issue. Work is still being done on this one with many. Your food does not supply what it needs to and therefore you keep eating to supply what the body needs. This will be resolved in time but work on improving your diet now. Of course addictive behavior needs to be corrected, even to the thoughts of not trusting life in general. There are many complicated issues that will need to be healed. We are speaking of things here that do not need to be packed and carried with you into the higher dimension and many will not go into the higher dimensions and so you will need to take care of them now. Ask to become aware of anything that needs work and see that there is a focus on these issues. Much work has already been done.

If you take a look back at your lives you should be able to tell that you have changed in a big way and things are not at all what they once were. Your attitudes have changed and love is much more abundant in your lives, both in the giving of love and in the receiving of it. The energy of love works in all directions and keeps on giving dividends. It does not diminish with distance or time and is held back only by thought and behavior not allowing it to thrive. Love is such a creative concept and is life affirming and life giving in its energy. There is nothing else like it in its abilities. With the same thought of not giving love is the inability to receive love and usually brought about by thoughts of unworthiness. As we have stated life is complicated but was intelligently conceived, planned and initiated into reality on your earth.

Be at peace as much as possible with what you have and do not have for material possessions are not the goal of life. Concerns of the heart are much more important and here we can be of help. We, although, have given you information of how to manifest things you want into reality but this is not entering into the conversation of ascension here.

I leave you now to think on these things. Continue to clear all negative aspects still remaining for this is important. We give you our love and council but there are some things that you must do on your own.

I am Joseph In His Service

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