May 13, 2021

Let us begin. We need to be clear here concerning our coming and I mean landing. Certain things have to happen first before we are comfortable with landing and walking out of our craft. We do not want to be met with firearms of any kind and put our people in danger. We have lost enough people by coming into hostile situations and we need certain assurance that this will not happen. We understand that this is not up to you for you are ready for this to happen. False flag attempts are planned and we may not be able to do away with all the hype completely and we do understand heads of families wanting to protect their loved ones.

We do not have the capability of advertising our non-threatening and friendly purposes like they do on your televisions every 15 minutes and the word may not get out that we want to be of help. The ones in your government that know of our willingness to be of service may not spend time on a campaign to educated everyone to our plans and therefore we would be taking a large chance to come before disclosure or announcements are repeated. We have had planned for a long time that walking on your planet, in plane sight is the best way if all goes well in our reception. At present there are so many that do not want this to happen and we will use caution here. Trying to walk among you, dressed in your clothing has not been met with any belief that we are real, no matter what we say. You are so programmed that we will be seen in some type of metallic suite and strange shoes that you will not accept anyone looking like your average person. This is counter productive since we already walk among you and have been for decades. Also incarceration is not our goal here and we would rather not be locked in a room for study. So, we wait for better timing and circumstances.

I would like to speak of coming home for many of you. There is a time for this to happen when chapters are closed and life missions are completed. The earth experience has taken its toll on many of you and we have not been certain of your mental ability to make a good transition back into your previous lives. This is a large adjustment and should be done with care. Most of you think you would do fine and long for this to happen but it is more complicated than you might think. First of all there is the big adjustment of having to leave your possessions behind and these are the things you have worked for to acquire. Some of them are very meaningful and we do understand this. The adjustment of relocation itself into a new neighborhood of friends, no matter how loving, is still an adjustment. Then there is the fact of loosing all of your material things in the process and this will most likely be challenging.

Care will be taken to face these challenges when you return and all will be done to make you feel at home but still there will be many differences. A big concern for you will be the change in food and even though our food is better for you in all ways, you will not be able to find any fast food drive thru anywhere. No home delivery and no number to call for ordering ahead for pick up. Our society is structured differently as you know and the positive parts will far outweigh other things but there will be things to overcome from habit alone. There will be no locks on your doors for we know when there are inappropriate times to be calling on someone from the energies we receive when inquiring. You will not be able to go to a window and raise it for fresh air to the outside if you are in one of our ships. Our air quality is perfect indoors. You will not have vacuum cleaners for carpets nor will you have to dust the furniture. There is also our adjustment to you. Yes, we will have to get ready for your thoughts that will run the gamut of topics and some will be inappropriate until you learn social customs and overcome habits. It will be interesting to say the least.

So, when you think of coming home please know that the abounding love you will find will help to overcome any difficulty that may arise and everyone will adjust in time. There will come a time when you will most likely realize you will not be returning to earth after the weekend is over. You do not yet realize what great adjustments you have had to make to go through the lives on earth you have lived. Also you do not realize that it will take time to adjust back to the life you did once live with us. Keep in mind that where you came from is your real home and what happened on earth was only temporary. The earth you left will have you accustomed to instant everything and when you return, adjustment will not be instantly accomplished. It will come and all will return to your knowing. We ask that you have patience and understanding.

We tell you all this to inform you for time is drawing closer to when you will be coming home and it will follow on the heels of so much that has yet to come on your earth. You have yet to go through some big things there, so place all this concerning coming home in the back of your mind for future reference and tackle what you need to looming in front of you first. We do anticipate your eager return home once the timing is right after the last curtain call.

You have done well in living a double life, one in the earth environment and one connected to your real home and stored memories, which have been kept for you. Continue your assigned work whenever possible, whatever that directive has been and stand firm in your faith and understanding for you are tenured now and are no longer a novice on earth and untested. Let God’s Light, Love and Will flow through you with each now moment and bring as many home to God as you can with your continued work. So many are depending upon you. You have long passed the time when you questioned what was happening to you and kept asking if this was real. You are in important times now more so than ever and what you do and how you react to what will happen is paramount to arrive at the best outcome possible.

I leave you now with these words and thoughts to ponder and review in meaning. I hope you feel their importance.

I am Joseph In His Service

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