May 14, 2021

Let us begin. There are times in life when you have to take a look at yourself and strive to improve. It can be physical or mental but there is always room for improvement. Many of you have a need for physical improvement. I mean the part that is directly controllable by you. Maybe you are not getting enough sleep or maybe you need to change the type of food you eat. Some are not getting any enjoyment out of life to feed the soul. You tend to treat your dogs and cats much better than you treat yourselves. They get the best food and sometimes the best cushion to sleep on. There may be a part of you that thinks your body will not notice being too tired all the time and you might think what you do is necessary or it cannot be avoided. There will come a time in your future when you will have time for rest and relaxation and that should be a goal now to take better care of your body. It is remarkable and does repair itself if given a chance but there is so much you could do now to help that process along.

The mental and emotional side of improvement is as important and you are deserving of fun and happiness and I am not talking here about alcohol and numbing the senses when your perceptions have been altered. I am speaking of enjoyed time with friends or hobbies. Physical activities can serve both purposes of improving emotions and physical body. So many of you are locked into schedules that deprive your life of even the fundamental few moments of each day with some type of personal joy and enjoyment. Try to put these things back into your lives in some way. Joy and laughter brings you a greater harmony with life and relieves stress and puts you in a much better mental position for connection with your earth and universe. Your body chemistry functions better when you are happy and having a good time than when you are hurried and stressed. Your whole self is better connected with your source of power and energy when happy. Be good to yourselves.

I need to speak here of enlightenment and how it comes to your attention. The circumstances you find yourselves in here on earth is always giving of enlightenment and lessons but most of them are not recognized, mostly because you are in too big a hurry. There is a lot to be learned from nature and what it has to teach all of us. The seasons of earth and renewal are interesting in how life is everlasting and continues from a master plan that insures continuity of existence and expression of the energy that is given. Just as there are different energies expressed in their own form in nature, there are different expressions of God with each soul. Most of your social expectations have you confined within only a small parameter of acceptable behavior and does not allow for true expression of self. If all beings in human form could express in their own way, enlightenment would come more easily in life and you would not have to struggle and work so hard for it. It would come more naturally. Spending time in complete freedom lends itself to greater advancement along your journey of knowing, leading to wisdom. All expression has to be done within God’s laws, or needs to be. The imposed restrictions of the Covid virus has done more to get people thinking about freedom to express than most anything has in a long while. After this year long experience your freedoms are much more appreciated than they were and you have learned how necessary they are for expression of life itself.

We are hoping this will translate over to your governments world wide and how freedoms are now seen in a different light. A lot of realization and enlightenment comes from contrast and you have certainly had your share of having freedom and not having freedom. Things that needed examination concerning your governments have been brought to your attention recently for review and this needs to be a positive thing leading to change. Contrast of one thing against another gives you evaluation and puts the light on choice and how you live your lives. You may not realize something can be improved until it is taken away completely and you have to live without it. When it is returned, or when you have to work to get it back it is valued more highly and takes on a different importance in your life. Think of this in reference to your struggle with the dark and what they have taken away from you and now what you must do to get back your freedoms and your joy of life. How alert will you be in your future when someone, or some group tries to take away your freedoms a step at a time and what will you do to stop this from happening.

First, now things have to be restored to what was intended for you and this brings about the real need for you to see what was taken away, or how else will you be brought to enlightenment. We are talking here of the need for contrast between what was intended for you and what was allowed to happen that was so far away from your freedoms. Only in this focus of contrast will you learn how this has been done and how it should never happen again. If we came down and took all the bad things away that have been going on and you never saw them, you would be robbed and cheated out of the learning and the enlightenment of being capable of stopping this from happening ever again. You would be no more equipped to protect yourselves in the future than you were when this all started long ago. Take heed to the details and all aspects of what is happening in your reality now when things are brought out for you to see. Yes, they will be difficult but do not bypass or miss the learning and enlightenment from the whole experience and what it has the power to give you. Let this experience fortify you and strengthen you as a group of earth beings that will resolve never to let this happen to them again for its intensity and depth was great and has rocked you to your core. It was designed to separate you from every bit of connection you had and would have with your Creator and the freedoms that were lovingly given to you to enjoy. The expression of self was systematically planned to be removed and came near.

When every item comes out and is revealed take a close look at how this was done and the enlightenment will spring forth from experience and contrast between a Godly life and the depth to which created darkness can be taken. Learn and go forth with new found knowledge and wisdom which can never be taken from you.

I leave you now to sit in a position of receiving education. Think on these words I have given and make the most of the opportunity you can have in the midst of all the horror and chaos of what the dark has done. Do not give them an inch of knowing you were not moved by the learning of their ways. Let them know in no uncertain terms that you will always recognize the attempt of anyone to take away the God expressions you were meant to have and you will fight to see that this is never done again.

I am Joseph In His Service

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