May 15, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many are ready for something to happen and we know they are looking forward to announcements and some sort of disclosure. This will come but change will also come with it and your world will no longer be the same by the end of it all. It will bring movements and discussions and clashes in groups of people who differ with other groups of people. Please know that not all will react well to what will come out for they will not believe. As we get closer to that time it is a little easier for us to tell what will happen in general terms and some will think all of it is false and a form of subterfuge. The truth should stand on its own but some will not have it no matter what is shown.

I would like to speak now of giving to others during times of need. There is a strength in people that springs forth to continue forward and survive during all types of hardship. So much information will come to people in a small space of time that it will be overwhelming and too much for them to handle. Be careful how you attempt to help others for some will react violently. It will be their survival mode kicking in for them to reject what is happening and they will be unpredictable. You will have that feeling of being helpful and comforting to others but be careful how you select what action to take and how to help. Sometimes the world is unforgiving and lashes back at difficult ideas when they are presented. We care for you and do not want any accidents. Avoid crowds of protest and stay away from heated discussions with possible aggression when you are tempted to set things straight and give of your testimony. Your truth is valuable in the right setting but choose wisely. We are unsure of how the reactions will play out in some.

Be at peace with unbelievers for there will be many when the time comes to discuss us and our visitation to your earth. Denial has been deep rooted in some and others are fearful and talk will not help. Be mindful of what you say where. Go about your days quietly if need be for there will be a time when you should not speak. You may be seen as the enemy or even considered to be one of us and this may bring you into a place of danger. See how things go first and then judge the reactions wisely. In some cases it will be better to remain silent at first for you will have a strong desire to be on our side. Give it some time to settle in with the information.

We are looking forward to the information coming out concerning the dark and this is a time that has come in your history. So let it be. So much will depend upon the reception and reaction of the masses. Then we will go from there. Some things cannot be scripted and the reaction of human nature is one of them. These events call for much caution. Even now there are movements and groups trying to push their agenda of one thing or another upon others. Talk of a different or opposing reality is not what they want to hear.

There is a time for containment of ideas. For so long we encouraged you to speak out about our reality and wanted you to spread the word. Times are different now and we feel the best approach at first is to keep your council until we find out what is in their heart regarding acceptance. We do not what you to put yourself in danger in any respect until more is known of their reactions. There is so much which is unknown.

Let us take a look at betrayal and deceit for a moment and think how it has been used to bring about what was wanted by the dark. One of the big ways this was done was to stage an event somewhere else that took your attention and focus away to another avenue or arena. This is what is going on now with trying to have you look at hot spots of aggression in the world while they buy more time. Other plans are being contemplated on how to grab your belief again in continued efforts to divide and separate you and keep you from talking to each other. They are afraid now of your numbers and your possible large movements for freedom. How can they come up with another valid plan that will keep you under control and the best avenue they have at present is fear. Fear of something that will have you listening to the experts on the subject and what they have to say that will save your lives. Be aware that this is going on as we speak and different things will be used against you to continue your fear. What they do not realize is their time is over because you have changed.

You now have had a year of being kept at home and behind masks and you understand more clearly what freedom means to you and your communities and you have seen what this has done to your friends, your families and to your children. At great cost you will no longer be controlled like you have been for the time is up in which you can believe it is in your best interest to do these things. Watch for their continued efforts to change your minds on this issue. Good common sense toward good health is to be used in all cases but look closely at what is asked of you and verify the content for authenticity. It will be good now to question all information for truth for more is coming out. You are better educated now of certain health issues and you know how to look at things with a practiced eye because you have had to.

I leave you now to prepare for there will be many things coming at you concerning different topics and you will need to be on your toes to review them all and give them due consideration and thought. Be the informed students of leadership that you now are. These are strange times of slight of hand but the time of the magician is over.

I am Joseph In His Service

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