May 16, 2021

Let us begin. We know you are waiting for something to happen. You have been waiting a long time. Time is very illusive and has elements you do not understand but it can be a handy device to use in your current life. There is much understanding waiting for you along your road and it will come. You have taken big steps in respecting life and learning and this earth experience has been a difficult but good teacher for you. The learning that you have achieved while here will stick with you and be of service from now on. There are so many good advancements that have come after difficult challenges which you have overcome. There are so many heartwarming stories we have seen coming from adversity and this was one of the reasons you are here. You have lived successful lives.

Let us look now at retaining information learned for future use. These lessons learned are recorded to be used from now on just as past information has been recorded for your benefit. It is quite possible that you have more beneficial and useful learned information in your arsenal than you realize. It may come as a surprise to you later when events present challenges that you know how to handle them from what you have experienced in your past. Much of the learning from past lives is not yet recognized by you as wisdom, but it is there waiting for you. The limiting conditions of earth have not all been removed as yet for you to see the real picture for you are more capable when going forward than you realize. It is like you have lived a blindfolded life and had to feel your way through everything. Many surprises await you when you regain your real understanding of things and who you really are will be one of the most surprising truths you will find. We gladly anticipate this time of revelation for you.

It has not been easy for you to live a life of hidden reality. You took on a roll of difficulty to work undercover but the truth was not just hidden from everyone else, it was also hidden from you. The mental adjustments you will come to will be guided and it will be a planned revelation of the real you with all your experience and previous accomplishments. Your family and loved ones are very proud of you. You are now even more experienced in your learning, having taken and almost completed this schooling of the earth experience. It will be most exciting for you to see things from our side of the veil for a change and it will soon be coming to a theater built just for your viewing. What lies ahead still contains a lot of information that will not be new but will be re-visited and re-established in your conscious knowing. We stand by to support you in this time of return. Not quite time yet but it is coming.

We try to give you the information you need for going forward with understanding of what is to come. You have had enough surprises with little warning of events so we try to help you as best we can. You are better prepared now for all events in a general way. The details are that part of life that will always be the human nature reactions to what happens. For the most part you, as a collective group, have reacted very well to events, once you gained experience and came into the understanding of what was possible for you to accomplish. Almost at every turn you have underestimated your capabilities and possibilities of the good that you could do. It has been our job to encourage you whenever possible to extend your belief in yourselves. You are now coming into your own understanding of your energy and power to affect change and do it with God’s direction for nothing of Divine will is accomplished without His influence. Remember this in days to come for we hope you will seek Him for direction and execution of that will.

Now to events and we see that past energies put into motion are coming full circle with present higher influences now and maturing into the changes desired. These energies, such as prayer and heart felt desire for better times are being delivered and lower energies are being removed and replaced with higher ones. This is having an overall effect on everyone and everything. Your world is changing for the better and becoming what you desired and hoped for. It is slow but getting there. Change is often a step at a time and difficult to measure but it is happening. Attitudes are changing and the actions that follow these changed attitudes are for the better. More compassion and love is being brought out and continues to improve with actions on a daily basis.

There is a bigger divide now between those that have favorably accepted the energies coming into earth and the ones that do not react well with them. Their resistance has been great and this is their choice and their learning will be continued in an environment suited for them. At present they are not responding well and find things are more difficult for them in most all ways. Their vision is not clear as to what is happening and they can’t find their way to compatible behavior to fit in with the new changes. Patience will be needed for these ones who may have lost their footing and their defenses are trying to keep them from being hurt from current circumstances. Their opposition to almost everything is apparent and they seem to be hitting road blocks in their path regarding advancement. Their learning is in their own timing and this is as it should be.

It may be difficult for you to have peace with all that is and with all that is coming. There will be a turn of events with information coming out and it will get the ball rolling. The details of what happens next will be lived moment to moment as we all experience the changes. Life is interesting and most certainly headed for change against all odds and may be challenging, so prepare as well as you can.

I leave you now with these things to consider and contemplate in your understanding. Continue to hold your relationship with the God within close to you and place your faith strongly in this blessed communication for it is indeed the way and the life.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “May 16, 2021

  1. Dear Joseph, thank you for your message today and every day. What a special delight it is to read each day a message from you and those among your host. We are grateful and I know I speak for many who are now living on earth as I express to you now, ‘Welcome, Thank you for coming’. One thing I have learned to do is take truths from many different cultures, beliefs, creeds and see how all the great teachings all come together. Your presence and teachings are very much appreciated and needed. What is the process from your perspective of each of us a children of God that takes place for us to return to our Heavenly Home? Apparently there is more than one mortality which is hard for some to understand. Perhaps it’s an individual thing and pertains to each person and where they are at in their eternal progression.

    Again, and officially, Welcome!!!


    1. In your journey there is scheduled already in each life the conditions that will bring things you need to conquer or overcome. It will come to you without you having to try and guess what they are and you choose these challenges yourselves by your need. This is how you proceed and how life is processed is by confronting challenge and working your way through to completion of it not being a challenge any more. Resistance or avoidance does not work to completion. Finding what does work in the sea of what does not work is the process that leads to success no matter what the question is. All challenges are overcome quicker with love and compassion. Thank you for your question. Joseph


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