May 17, 2021

Let us begin. We see that many have the desire for better government all over the world. Their attempts at changing things have not helped, but only caused more concerns. Control is tight in many places and changes have not come. Your whole world needs freedom for the people and better leadership who can bring about the changes that are needed. The hold that the dark had was ever increasing and last attempts at continuing this hold are being attempted. Their power has been challenged and will not continue. You may not be able to see it but things are changing.

I would like to speak now of power of the individual to affect change. Much can be done in all ways by just one individual. Just the act of getting things started so that the energy is changed can lead on to greater things with others following. Attention will be given to the one and this also changes the energy. Change is usually always brought about by the start of one individual and grows from there. One person talks to another and then another and then there are questions of change and then a group of people who want change and things begin to happen. Ideas are voiced and plans are made and ripples of change are sent across the land and energy is gathered and this is how change is made.

More change would have come about in your past if so many had not been killed when the attempt was made. Many avenues were destroyed by powerful people to stop change and your control remained. People for change had to go underground in some countries as this would have caused death to the ones who were found out. Change has come at a high price for so many. It is not as if attempts were not made. This is one reason it has taken so long to get anywhere where change was concerned. Thousands of lives have been given to the cause of change. This is how thoroughly those in control have remained in power is to eliminate the opposition, thus setting an example to others. This never got rid of the desire for change and the movement of wanting change developed better means of keeping their desire a secret so it would be unnoticed. The desire for freedom never in your history has gone away for this is a deep desire of everyone and is part of expressing life itself. So many of you have had to be born into fear and live in fear your whole lives because of the hold that was developed by the dark over your planet. This is changing and this hold is slipping.

This all started in small steps and grew to a point where it was known by everyone that domination was the goal of a few. We need to look at the concept of opposition to this control. The power of prayer or the combined effort of many to seek the same result in their mind is more powerful than you realize and the energy generated from this activity does have power for change. It may take more time than overt action of resistance but it has power none the less and can be used in all cases of change without the loss of life by exposing self. It would help if you would have been able to see this mental energy all this time and you could see how the science of energy brings about change but you have not been able to see this. It is real and this is one of the things so many teachers have come to your earth to tell you in your past. Words have power and thoughts have power.

Be careful how you use the power of your mind for there is no test you have to take in order to be correct with this force. You can just as easily send this power off in the wrong direction by not knowing the science behind attraction. The rules have not changed in this respect. You have an unseen and for the most part of your history, an unknown tool to attract what is desired in your lives and this includes freedom from control. Examine it, study it and know it but do not overlook it for it is active and in action in the on position whether you realize it or not. First you must know that what you focus on and repeat in your thoughts is what is formed into energy and sent out, into what you think is dead space, and the change starts there.

This is an exciting energy flow and you need to know how this works. You cannot constantly think one thing and say something else verbally and expect them not to cancel each other out. The energies conflict and nullify each other. Be of one mind in your thoughts, words and actions and this goes for families, groups and countries if you want change as a collective. The energy does not die without doing anything as it has effect on matter and will eventually overcome. What is asked for has to be under the laws of science and the laws of God but it will effect change for there is not other way for this energy to act. So take heart for you as one individual have power in thought and as a large group will always have potential for great change. Do not concentrate on what you do not have or the negative aspects of a thing but focus on what is desired or the positive aspects of what is wanted.

If you do not have enough food do not let your thoughts labor in the fields of poverty and lack but see that your thoughts live in the fields of abundance and the preparing of food and setting the table with all that is needed. See your plates full and your children fed and the plates cleared. This is the desired way of energy flow from the mind and also the law of attraction that will work for you. It applies to anything else in your life and is aided by a thankful heart, even if it has not come about yet. Give thanks for what you do have and for what will come and reap the rewards of this positive thinking. We understand this may be difficult for you but this works for what you send out will come back and you want all your thoughts cast out to be of a positive nature so that the return of energy, in whatever avenue of return it might take, is also positive. You will find that the way in which these positive thoughts return to you are not always expected but they will return. This whole process also applies for dark and negative thoughts. Use this tool wisely and for small and great change. Train your mind in the way of positive thought so that good things will come back to you and give thanks along the way for the blessings you do have.

I would like to speak now of giving thanks for this is also an energy that affects change. A thankful heart lives in a certain vibration that is productive of good and affirmative things and contains an element of love that is not present otherwise. It is possible to be thankful in all things, even in events you do not see as positive. You can ask that something positive will come out of any event, even if you can not understand at the time how that could happen. The thankful heart is more at peace in all things for there is also an element of faith that events are in God’s hands and will lead to what is desired from a Master architect’s position.

I am trying to get you to understand there is a way of living and thinking that will always give you the best possible results in life if you know these concepts of proper thought and a thankful heart. This will not eliminate all bad things or challenges from your life but it will give you more happiness in your journey and accompany you through your life with more ability to receive light and love for you are more receptive of these energies. I am not just suggesting these things for a better life, I am telling you also that they are laws in existence that are your right to use every day of your life. You cannot fit these things in if you are busy resenting others for what they have and what you do not. Or if you secretly harbor hatred for past things done to you and you have been unable to forgive or let them go. Two thoughts cannot be had in your mind at the same time and the better way is to start now and eliminate all that keeps you from being the best possible expression of God’s light and love and attracting back to you the positive and thankful thoughts that are preferred.

We understand these are the challenges of life but you can take that step that leads to a better controlled pattern of thoughts leading to more positive outcomes. By all means do eliminate all thoughts of putting yourself down and limiting your respect of self. You are of God and this is deserving of your respect at all times. Make the moves that unbind you from less than positive thinking and send out the best thoughts you can for they will return in some form.

I leave you now with these thoughts on your mind and I hope they are positive ones for these will return also.

I am Joseph In His Service

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