May 18, 2021

Let us begin. It is becoming evident that there is a big disconnect with truth. Not only is it not getting to many of the people around the world but also when it does it is rejected by many. This is not the reception we were hoping for and by now we hoped so many more would have been in contact with much more truth being told. This is disappointing for it makes this transition time more complicated as we see it waiting so long for things to come out and being confronted with so much at the same time. We have to work with the conditions that exist at the time and adjust our language accordingly. There is a mental process that takes place with any new information and it can’t be hurried and herein lies another concern. There may not be that much time because earth has already started her changes in equalizing energies and making changes in tectonic plate movements.

Information concerning truth is coming out now from individuals but the audience is usually the ones already familiar with what is being said and not the ones that would be new to the concepts being told. The minds of so many are made up and there seems to be no room for anything new from our line of work. There is a big chasm where there should be information about many subjects and especially the world being controlled and earth being visited from people from other planets. This has been a large concern for us for some time now and we have not seen a way clear to overcome it other than to go ahead and give out the information to everyone when this transfer of things to know begins. This makes the concepts more difficult to receive all at once for so many. This is why we tell you to see how people will take the information at first before coming forth with your thoughts. You will get a better feel for the situation after awhile and know better how to approach others. The time for coming out long ago and making this a smoother transition into truth has passed and our opportunities for doing this were refused, denied and blocked. This is the time for your continued prayer and meditation on the people receiving truth when it is revealed.

I would like to speak now on this transition into truth being given leading up to and including the offer of evacuation from earth. This, obviously, is a big mountain to climb from, “by the way you have been deceived for decades and your earth will become uninhabitable and would you like to leave everything and evacuate?” You see our challenge and we have studied long and hard on how to approach each of these subjects to first time listeners. This time we will have help from earth individuals in key positions that will get things started on earth history of control and how it developed leading to today. I have talked before about the evacuation process and it basically remains the same when the time comes. At some point it will have to be included in the news and at least then it will be discussed as a topic of interest and conversation. If the same amount of interest were given to world conditions and our coming as is given to sports and interviews we would be much better off and the people would be better prepared to make their decisions. There is an invisible wall of resistance that has been present for a long time now and it persist to today. We have tried to remain positive about the giving of truth and our coming but this resistance has made this whole process more complicated. We continue to do the best we can under the circumstances.

In all instances of life it remains that your connection with the God within and receiving direction from this source is paramount to the best possible outcome. This includes opening the Pandora’s Box of truth for all to see and hear. It will happen and be given and each one is responsible for their reception of this information and it will be their choice. There will be many who will not be ready to proceed with this information and no one can save everyone when they are not ready. Do not forget there is a Divine plan in place and as much as the many may refuse what is given, there is a way that has been made for all in this larger picture. Allow others to be the captain of their own ships for there must be understanding before belief and their journey will continue.

Just a word here about faithful followers. We are so pleased in many of you that continue to work in spite of all that has confronted you. You have remained faithful in your trust and belief in us and the Will of God and our efforts to help you. We are gratified and more by all this and continue forward with hope that more will come to this place that you hold. Our way is clear with you and we receive your prayers and well wishes and not one is missed and we thank you for this trust and it helps carry us forward day by day.

I leave you now to hold to yourselves your connection with all that is true, holy and Godly. Think on these things I have given for your time is drawing near.

I am Joseph In His Service

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