May 19, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned that often people do not consider all sides of a problem. They skim over the subject and do not look into the rest of the facts. This is what is happening with the subject of information given from your news media. Each time the subject of UFOs or people existing on other planets comes up it is immediately dismissed because the elements of atmosphere and temperature rule out intelligent life and the discussion is over. The truth that it is possible that other life forms may have learned to deal with the harsh realities on another planet do not factor in because people on your planet think that the cost would be prohibitive and life there would not be desirable. You assume that all life needs conditions like you have on earth. There are other life forms that are greatly intelligent that do not have the same requirements for life that you do and they reside comfortably on planets far away and they function well there.

There is so much to consider when considering life itself. Does the body require the same elements as earth people do? Are other life forms existing in the same dimension as your are? Is life confined to a planet and could it exist off planet in a ship that may be able to travel vast distances? Does the definition of a home or residence mean that it has to be on the surface of a heavenly sphere, or could life function well under the surface? Does the soul have to have a body like those of earth, or can they exist in different forms that you do not yet understand? Is there a state of being where distance and time are not a consideration when traveling from one place to another? Is there a form of intelligent life that is observing earth without being seen or known by earth observers looking out?

If other vastly advanced life exist, isn’t it possible that your level of intelligence would not have perceived them yet? There are many levels and forms of life that exist and have for many years of your time that are completely unknown by anyone on earth. All you have to discern life is your own means of perceiving life and this is not adequate to determine all forms that exist. God’s creation is so vast and there are many forms of life that you have not considered. First we must consider the fundamental questions now within your ability to understand and this means is there life on other planets and are they capable of travel? If so, why would they only limit their communication to a few scientists when there are so many people on earth capable of receiving information? The scientific community only seems to validate communication if they alone receive it and all other communication with anyone else is not real. This has been a big barrier to exchange of thoughts and information from anyone to earth. So far we have had to come and blend in and be like everyone else. What happens when everyone finds out we have been on your planet for a long time now.

Visitors to earth in the past were perceived as gods because of their abilities. In your time now we are hoping to give information that will help you in health, science, industry and many more aspects of your life. Working behind the scenes has been necessary because of the wishes of your leaders and we will not force ourselves upon you unless it is necessary to insure that God’s will is carried out. We have respected the wishes that we are not welcome by your governments. In the coming years this is about to change and there are plans to have a peaceful exchange of ideas and concepts. This will be a big turning point in earth’s history. So many times now we have given ideas for improvement to different individuals through mental transfer without them realizing where the ideas came from and you have benefited from this. Only with permission can this be done and have it fit into the advancement of your people.

As time goes on things will vastly change and we will give of more ideas that will continue to improve life on earth and this will most likely happen in small steps at first. Later on we will be more readily accepted and this will open up ideas of advancement to a greater extent. One reason this is being done is because you have been held back for so long. We are here and we are real and we are benevolent and want to help.

I would like to speak now of space travel. This is a concept that is being developed in secret by governments in several countries. It will receive greater attention now and be brought out more into the open. Your rockets launched in the past is one way of travel but there are better means of getting around in space than burning of fuel. Overcoming gravity is another way and several space ships that have crashed on earth have been reverse engineered for study. Ships made on earth do function and are used and have been seen by several witnesses. There is so much evidence that we find it difficult that so many sightings are still denied, for the most part. We are hoping this will change soon. Space travel has been around for some time and distance is not the barrier that you might think. There are universes of information that are waiting for you and we are eager to help. This can’t be done while there is still so much opposition from so many and this opposition is for different reasons. Some governments do not want it known that they have covered up so much. Others are living in fear of people from space for there have been those in your past who did not mean well and were not here to help. We continue to try to change these attitudes.

I leave you now with these changes soon coming. Your world will not be the same and we will overcome these barriers in the way of great progress possible. Consider your world of tomorrow and what it could be if given a chance. There are no barriers on our side and we hope that the ones now in place on earth will soon be removed.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “May 19, 2021

  1. Dear Joseph, thank you for the heart warming message as always. Thank you for letting us know that there are no barriers on your side. If that’s the case I know I speak for the majority of my fellow humans living in the money controlled systems that we do in bondage as Vrillon warned us not too long ago now would take place. To his word it has happened. Please watch with compassion Star Trek TNG “pen pals” as we just as sincerely reach out on our side of things to you. One thing I learned at Mt. Shasta with others is that there is protocol so hopefully that is never intentionally violated on our side. With Love and Respect


    1. Thank you for your comments. Any sincere question or communication is received and considered. Many cast out desire for communication and this is good if contacting benevolent beings. Yes, there is protocol and you will learn this as time permits in your future. Joseph


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