May 20, 2021

Let us begin. Of all the planets I have seen, earth is the most beautiful, and I have seen many. You have been blessed with a most precious jewel to live on and to sustain you. It has so many different types of landscapes to enjoy and there was at one time so much clean water and land. It is worth fighting for and I know you will restore her to the healthy condition she once was. This is also one reason that wars and disagreements have taken place over the years between different people wanting to own and rule this planet. Your history contains many who came and wanted to control what went on here and they attempted to fend off others that had the same idea. Even to this day there are others who claim that earth belongs to them for they came and lived here for some time and were driven off by new comers. The ownership of earth has pretty much always been in question in some minds.

Earth contains so many different types of people from different places and when travel was in its infancy it wasn’t a problem because each race had their own continent. Now it is a different story and there are mixed races in every country. As strange as this may sound you got along much better when you were separated by large bodies of water. You could keep your customs and language with no problems but travel changed this and people moved from one place to another to discover new land and conflict began. It is asking a lot for all races of people to live together and respect each other without resistance, but that is what you have today. There is always a tendency for some to think that others have a better piece of land or a better government and here we go. One cause of conflict is one race trying to push their ways and customs onto another race and this can apply from one neighbor to another and from one country to another. It doesn’t work. Each should be allowed to continue their way of life, if under the laws, no matter who their neighbors are.

Pushing people of different races and different customs together has never really worked. You are trying to force yourselves into something that is difficult until you learn complete tolerance and that has not yet come in all instances. It was not as important in the early part of your world, but now there are so many people and they have the freedom to move around and that tolerance has not been perfected. Your planet is over crowded and everyone wants to live in the prime real estate. As long as you intend to live together in the same manner you are now, you would do better to allow all others to live their own lives with their own customs in a free manner as long as it is under the law of God and the land. Making everyone adhere to the same customs goes against their ancestry and up bringing. Now that you have scripted the way one family of one country moves next to another family of another country, it is best that no one try to make others conform to living another way. You see the problems and challenges that arise from these choices of trying to make every one be the same for it does not work. Try to have patience with others and their ways of life and living if they are lawful people.

I would like to speak now of training and teaching of the laws of God and of the land. One should be compatible with the other in all respects and there should be no conflict. You would think that the rules of the Supreme Creator that is the source of all that is, would be posted on every street and in every home. People know the rules of their favorite sports games and how it is played and when the games are to be held but do they know the laws of God and of the land. Wouldn’t you think this would be more important than most anything else when living on God given earth? How does it happen that one can be born, live and die without ever knowing of God’s laws and the manner in which they are supposed to live and conduct their lives? Think how things would be different if everyone was taught these laws at a young age and they tried to live under them correctly. You have free will and this gives you freedom to choose and to refuse and there are consequences to every decision. Some know the laws and find them too restrictive and live their own way and this has caused long standing problems within not only the individual but in society as a whole. It undermines the structure and unity of a law abiding society and destroys it from the inside. There is a reason there are laws and a reason there are penalties for law breakers. Your laws are based on having freedoms to pursue happiness and not to control and restrict you but there are those who do not see it this way and rebel. The laws of God give you the best possible life you can have and nothing is hidden from you so you can see this result in yourself and in others.

As a whole you have slipped so far from these laws that it is to the point of being unable to be corrected without major adjustments and this is where you are now. To keep you from destroying yourselves there have been interventions in your past that were planned to protect you and some of your weapons were interfered with. Your past history has shown that left alone to you own devices you would choose behavior that would have ended in complete destruction and this could not be allowed. On several occasions minds were changed and aggression was avoided with help from off your planet. You do not know how close you have come to not having this planet to live on and this is a result of not living within the laws of God. There is a combination of destructive energies here and one is the dark intentions of those who want to control the entirety of your world, but another is the energies of individuals, who are basically good people who wander off from God’s laws and this has fitted well into the plans of the dark. These lives you live have been used against you for you could not see that your freedoms were being done away with by your own deviant behavior and wants. This coming back to the laws that were intended has to be your choice and is. You are free to live as you wish and the consequences will come, but wouldn’t it be better to take a look at the laws God provided for you to live by and put ALL of them into practice?

With freedom comes responsibility and you know this. I leave you now to think on these things and hope you see the wisdom in my words. Your freedoms will be returned and I ask that you take a look at how you are living and know the laws of God in all things you do.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “May 20, 2021

  1. Hi Joseph, I hope you are being made aware of comments made to earlier posts. I do not comment just to take up space, be noticed, or heard. I comment upon subjects that are important for myself and others, and to add clarity to information in your posts.

    Throughout your posts you speak of the laws of God. There are many of the light workers who would be interested in learning all of these Laws. Most are aware of the 10 commandments and each culture has their own ancient wisdom texts from which they derive their moral codes of conduct, but these do not contain all the laws of God. Prosper stated that all the laws of God are in the Pheonix Journals. I searched online for these journals and only found a PDF version, which because it is a scanned image it is very difficult to search through. If space permits, will you list in a post or reply, all of the Laws of God for our review? If posts are not the best medium for this, can you be specific as to where all the laws of God are located in the Pheonix Journals, so I can find them? If there is another source that lists all the laws of God, please let me know. With appreciation your brother, Jay


  2. Hi Joseph, praise to the Father within and those unseen who helped me find the answer to this post. I found the Laws of God found in the Pheonix Journals, which all can be read here: For those who wish to learn and live by the Laws of God, I encourage you to carefully, read and reread this Journal. Your brother, Jay


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