May 21, 2021

Let us begin. Of all the challenges you have faced, this one coming up will be the most incredible for you to tackle. I say that because it involves the basis for everything that has been going on, on your earth. The premise of the conflict between good overcoming dark. You have known the final outcome and it has taken a lot of time and effort on the part of everyone to obtain the results that you have now. The explanation you have looked for concerning why this battle was allowed in the first place will be forth coming and the reasons involving this conflict will be given. Listen closely for it involves your reality and what you perceive as reality. You are almost at the close of this whole chapter of events and so many of you have questioned why all the pain and cruelty was allowed to exist and persist. Couldn’t it have been stopped before so many were killed and what purpose did it serve in the larger picture of things. These are questions that deserve answers and they will be given. This mental concept you are under has been supported for some time now and it has served its purpose and is almost over. Then you might say, if this is not the “real” reality, then what is. Why all the effort put into a reality that is not real? I ask that you listen closely to what is to come so that you may know all the reasons and the reasoning behind what you have been living in. This is to give you a heads up for those that do not care and have no interest will miss everything.

I would like to speak now of where you are in the battle against the dark that has been created. This dark energy, devoid of most of the God force, has tried to envelope you and take over your lives. Your strength stood firm but so many gave in and lost their control to an energy they never saw coming. There are certain ones that were confronted with gifts of worldly pleasures and they made the exchange of control over their lives and the trade was completed. In steps to regain the light that once was, by overcoming and removing the dark the conditions have been greatly improved and this continues. When certain levels of advancement were reached, we rejoiced and forged ahead. You are coming upon the last days of struggle and those remaining are mostly aware now that a force much larger than the gift giving hucksters trolling for more control are not as powerful as once thought. Slowly but surely this darkness over earth is being eradicated and removed and replaced with light and now those who were in contract with the dark are wondering what will happen to them. How will their lives be altered by the closing of this chapter on earth?

The coming light that was once talked about many years ago when we first started telling you of your future on earth is here and that light, with your help, is overcoming the devastating energies that were once in power. There remains conflict but not nearly the amount and strength that there was in the beginning. Light is so much more powerful that darkness. It may have seemed like the effort wasn’t getting anywhere but progress was made and now souls are being relieved of that influence that once had dominate power over this planet. There are pockets of darkness that still need attention but your status now is looking tremendously better. Gaia has her adjustments to make for all to be in order and this is on a somewhat different level but compatible with all that is going on never the less. It is all synchronized with all other energies and things are going well as we see them. We look forward to your understanding of the whys behind everything. The expression of all the energies, both dark and light, were and are necessary to gain the experience that is the result of it all. Enlightenment is continuing to come if all will listen and take notice.

Let me say that we wish to give of information that you need in the understanding of everything and all will fit more into place in your understanding than it does now. The large gaping holes of what is not known will be filled in soon and the larger picture will start to come into view. Everyone has waited so long for this to come and we ask that you now in your light work and meditations allow this to take place and ask that the energies all fit together for the purpose of the completion of God’s will. Trust and have faith that it will all work out as it should and you will see the new day dawning.

We come to a time of souls losing the facade of the earth part they have been playing and return to the reality of who they are with all their experience and knowledge. We have talked of this day coming and it is now upon everyone and the return will be a time of transition and has slowly been going on now as you gain information. As you gain more about your true identity, you will begin to understand just how deeply into this battle of light against dark you have been submerged. You were totally into your part and now it is time to surface and let the curtain fall. Step out of what was for you to do and step back into what is that you are. We have said these transitions will be difficult for some but you have looked forward to this realignment of who you really are and we feel those reading her are ready to tackle this challenge. Let these end times express and happen in the best possible ways for you with peace and faith. You know where you are going for this is from where you came and is not new but a continuation of your true lives. Be gladly anticipating of this change and accept this process with gratitude for it is a type of graduation and a mark of accomplishment that you have achieved.

First, that which is necessary is coming and it will not be as smooth but you have seen these times before and have every capability to deal with all events within the council and guidance of the Father. All your efforts have brought you close to the God within you and now that source of all that is will carry you through what is to come without you resorting to fear and doubt. Please do continue your directed light work and express the love and compassion for all others including yourselves for this is necessary. I leave you now to look forward to what is to come for there is nothing that is more creatively powerful than the will of God and you do not ever travel alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

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