May 22, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned that your patience is running thin. There have been delays before but we do not see this announcement as being delayed at this time and it should be coming as scheduled. There is a right timing for it to happen and it will. Time is running out and it needs to happen soon. Do not give up and try to keep your faith in this plan for all has been prepared.

Now, let us talk of regeneration. We are speaking here of several issues contained within this one word and one is the body itself. Changes have continued and your body is responding as it should to the incoming codes and energies. This is automatic if given a chance and has been going well, unless the body is severely damaged or compromised. The codes given instruct the DNA and this is done on a cellular level, which in turn gives you more of your abilities that you once had. It has to be slowly done so that the body can continue to function well and will not be out of commission at any time while making these changes.

Another change is in the mind and we are even including the animals here. They are making changes also and you may have noticed more of them getting along better with other animals and with other species. The mind in people is remembering people, places and happenings of earlier before you came to earth and this is done gradually also. It would not be to your advantage to have any of this happen all at once for it would be difficult to take and understand. Memories are being slowly unlocked and hopefully you can take these memories and place them in a meaningful position for understanding and upgrades. These memories may not come across as new to you but as something that has been there all along and do not be surprised if this is how it is viewed by your memory. They will fit right in and be a part of everything and not be tagged as just happening.

This brings us to changes in circumstances and surroundings. The upgrades in vibrations are continuing to go well and fitting in perfectly with your body regeneration and mind changes and must coordinate with all else. There are upgrades in color, energy, environment and many other things that go along with this regeneration that are so perfectly happening that you may not even realize what is changing. More light is coming in and this enhances all things perceived and even more. People are reacting by being more compassionate and caring concerning all living things and this is if they are moving up also in their own vibrational levels. There are those who are not moving up with this regeneration, even if their bodies are. They do not have the capability to do this because of lack of experience and still having lessons to learn that would give them this capability to make the adjustments in the area of compassion and understanding. The codes and energies are there for them to receive and some are taken in and some cannot make the transition into the new, and therefore things are not going well for them concerning moving up. This is as it should be when advancing is concerned for the lessons must be learned and there is time and opportunity given so this can be done. If not at this moment then another time and another opportunity will be provided for this to happen. The soul is always given these opportunities and the element of time is not restrictive when it comes to learning and advancing. Certain steps of advancement will happen in all good timing when the soul is ready and not before for it works automatically in this way. No one is held back when they should be stepping ahead and no one is advanced without proper learning and understanding.

Concerning coordination, these steps taken are compatible with the steps that Gaia is making and she is very much connected with the people of earth and is making this trip with you, or more accurately stated, you are making this trip with her. This is as she has wished and it was granted and it is a tandem move. When moving up in vibration there are certain laws of science that determine what discoveries go along with each dimension and one of these is the number of elements that are known and used by each dimension. As the dimensions move up, the number of elements increase and this comes about by discovering these new elements as time goes along and all things are compatible with the dimension.

The more you study all things you will realize how each thing in existence is very compatible and fits in with all other things as it should and there is intelligence in all things created. The more that is discovered the more synchronicity is realized that exist in all that is and all that happens. Everything in creation fits together as it should with all other things in creation, except when man tries to make something fit in that does not and these attempts can be disastrous. Usually it is a case where all aspects of an event or a condition are not taken into consideration and only one part has been discovered and the rest of the ripples of events having far reaching consequences are not fully known or realized. Your partial discoveries are not fully sequenced in all resulting changes involved and you are exploring territory not fully understood. This is where we have had to step in and make changes or either watch your activities constantly for dangerous moves or attempts that could result in complete annihilation. This constant watch is taking place now with several scientific experiments on your planet.

As you might understand there are complex issues that must fit within all creation and these have been created in perfect harmony with all else and there are reasons why all things move and exist as they do. One thing depends upon another in its relationship with all that is and this is what is happening now with the revelations coming out in a certain timing of events. Its place in the sequence of events is necessary for the flow of changes and even if delayed the result of having you informed is necessary and lays the groundwork for certain other events to take place in the grand scheme of things. It all fits together as it should and progress is made in the right way instead of things being left out. The energies must be corrected and harms and injuries repaired and restored. There is a lot of restoration processing and in store and even if surface events seem chaotic and unorganized, the underlying concepts of it all are God instructed and willed and this means it is happening as it should and in His perfection of things as all of creation is. It all fits together.

I would like for you to consider if God would will something not needed or not in order or harmony with everything else and all that is. Believe that perfect will is being carried out and being conducted, no matter if you can or cannot see or understand it. The beautiful design of all things is happening now on earth and there will come a time when you do understand. What you are seeing in all the chaos is the lack of adhering to God’s laws and these are the consequences of acting outside the laws. This day had to come as reaction follows action. This is the time of correction and it will not go down easily for many. Free will has a way of correcting itself.

I leave you now and ask that you try to see the perfection of this correcting time that had to come. God does not bring about what is not perfect. Only man does that.

I am Joseph In His Service

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