May 23 2021

Let us begin. Of all the things you can do to better your world, loving self is a big one. By loving self, you honor and respect your Creator, which is your source of all things, and this leads to love for others. So many times in your attempt to do the right thing by loving others you forget about loving self and you are left out. It is loving only part of a thing and not the whole. Another big help is to accept yourself in totality for what you think are bad qualities are part of the whole. All of these things are you in this moment and all of us are on a journey and are not yet perfected. Begin here by loving and respecting the God within yourselves and then branch out and this will make a difference in how you see all things.

I would like to speak now of reincarnation. This is the taboo word in the Christian religion that brings criticism for it is not accepted. Statements that this is not backed by Bible wording are made and any thought that the Bible is not the true and whole inspired word of God is rejected. It would have been a big help if all that was intended in the Bible would have been stated properly and accurately as it was originally given, but it was changed. It was added to and taken from and parts were deleted and all this was done to please the wants of certain ones that wanted an uninformed reader who would be led in a certain way. You have been deceived for a long time and done under the name of God to manipulate.

Only by coming back again can you continue to gain the understanding from experience and continue advancing in your journey back to Source and perfection. This is a long journey and takes much longer than one life time. There are planets where reincarnation is not practiced but the inhabitants live much longer than on earth and learning is continued in this way. Most all words of coming back to live again are removed from the Bible and you are led to believe that you only have one life. There are several references to another life but they are dismissed by most, or misinterpreted into another meaning. This belief in many lives for people is not disrespect but is truth and part of the teaching that was intended by the one you know as Jesus when he walked the earth. If his teachings would have been continued in true content through the ages and not changed, the world would be a different place. This concept does not complicate things but the life reviews after death and the plans made for returning into another life only enhances the learning process by giving more opportunities in a shorter period of time. This is what was needed for earth. The shorter life span fits nicely into this plan.

Let me now talk of those plans for another life and how it comes about that the lessons you need to learn will be provided by coming before you. The energetic challenges are set forth regarding your journey and you are attracted to them and they are attracted to you and this happens automatically. You either seize the opportunity by facing them and working with them or you can choose to ignore or refuse to acknowledge them and have them return again in another setting. They will keep coming back over and over again until you learn the lessons presented and they then loose their challenge by you gaining wisdom from actions of correct choices. These life reviews are very important for knowing what is needed and what has been learned and they are very accurately assessed by several advanced entities. You are never incorrectly reviewed and nothing you need to learn is ever left out of the big picture. Along the way the lessons are refined and you become wiser as you face and overcome your challenges by learning what does and does not work in learning everything about Love and how this energy works in your life and in the lives of others. Most all actions are variations of learning how love works for it is the key to life itself. God is love and this is what you return back to. This is a simplified way of stating things but true none the less.

From the beginning you are led to focus on love, either for self or others, and in most all situations you are confronted with this in each life. If you will notice circumstances bring you to decisions of being a being of love and making the choice of expressing that love in your words and actions. There are no options that do not give you the opportunity to choose love every time and to express that love in many different ways. This is why the concept of loving one another has been taught by so many Master Teachers is because it is the key to learning, that all is from love and all is based on love. These opportunities to express the correct actions will keep returning to you in different ways with different circumstances until love is incorporated into your choice of words and actions. Then you learn what actions beginning with love brings results that turn to wisdom and you continue your journey. You have been given the key to the kingdom and in a lot of cases you have overlooked it. If self love is not realized you will revert to hurt and anger in self defense and bypass the action of showing love to others for it is not there in yourself.

Be at peace with this key to life and try to see love expressed in the options you have to every day life no matter what challenges arise before you. Consider the foundation and origins of words and actions being based on love and see how your reactions change to difficulties and conflict. If you act from love, try not to let it bother you if the other person does not respond well for this is their opportunity to return love and it also must be learned in their journey. We all have the same rules to live by and the playing field is fair and equal as it was designed.

I leave you now to think on my words. I leave you in love.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “May 23 2021

  1. Thank you sincerely Joseph. We love you also and those with whom you work with. We look forward to embracing and expressing gratitude in person. I had a thought today about how there have been schemes prepared by those with darkened minds to take advantage of first contact. I think one of these schemes is known as “project blue beam”. Even now many are discussing and expecting a first contact scenario that is fraudulent to be used for further control over things. How can we assist those who are thinking about such things? With love and respect dear Joseph, Jacob


    1. Jacob, Every attempt on our part will be to prevent anyone from using this first contact for anything other than our peaceful intent in getting to know you. Your prayers for our first contact in love and understanding will be greatly appreciated. Joseph


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