May 24, 2021

Let us begin. I am concerned that many are not anywhere near to understanding what is really going on in the world. They go about their day with lack of understanding of anything behind the scenes. They do not question, only complain about conditions and they are struggling to get by. It will be a rude awakening for them. We are doing all we can from here to educate everyone, and yet we fall short of our goals. The truth is slowly coming out but there will come a time when it will all come out and all will be given. Those who do not know will be challenged but my concern also is that they will cause considerable problems for those who do know, and therein also lies a bigger problem. I do not want those faithful believers to be in peril of any kind and I am concerned for them. Please be careful and use caution after everything comes out.

I would like to speak now of contrition and how it applies to your planet. There are certain reactions that are understandable when knowledge is gained and people review their actions from the past. Sadness comes about knowing you have caused harm to others and guilt is heavy on hearts. Part of understanding is knowing that you will not act in a certain way again and this is the learning process. The guilt is sometimes used as a weapon against you by others and manipulation follows and this should not be. It is better to forgive self and continue without this heavy burden you are carrying around for it holds you back in a negative place and hinders your continued progress in this area of learning.

When wisdom is gained in a subject, do not linger in guilt, but process as best you can getting rid of any gilt for transgressions and then step ahead for after the learning gilt serves no constructive purpose. Be at peace with the learning and leave no dark influence in the mix. Enlightenment is joyous in the learning and give thanks for all that is learned. Gilt is turned upon self and discourages light from coming in.  We all have a need to be forgiven but forgiving self is difficult for most of you. Be more at peace with the learning process.

Self incrimination should be an Olympic event for there would be so much competition in that field. There would be so many contestants qualifying from all the entries. This is what will be faced when the understanding of what everyone has let happen when the truth comes out about what is going on. This will be a process for everyone and this learning must happen, but we encourage all that it is best not to linger in the guilt for not seeing and not doing. You were trapped, used and abused and this needs never happen again. Study well the way in which it did happen and use this information to secure your future against all attempts of this sort again.

May we talk now of inception of future plans for there needs to be many plans for regaining the type of world that you desire. This is where we can be of help in certain processes of cleaning up and removing certain elements that would continue to harm contained in your water and air. There are ways that this can safely be done and this information will be given to you along with the process. As we have stated we are here to help you in all ways we can. Certain aspects of creating a government you desire can be counseled but the actual work in forming what is wanted will have to be done by you. You must live with what is created and now you have a better understanding of what does not work. There are many ideas of what needs to be and deciding on which one will be the best is a large task. Establish this after deep thought.

Your history gives many clues as to what governed well and what did not. There have been several methods going well in the beginning and then the dark influence of greed for money and power crept in and destroyed the good part of it from the inside.

There will be help in continued waves of elevated codes and energies to be accepted by all and you will continue to be enlightened in higher forms of compassion for others in the inception of ideas in all things. It will become easier as you go along for you will become practiced at what will be in the best interest of all and this will be your guiding light to follow. Throw away what is not fair and restructure with what is good. You have a bright future ahead of you. The heart will become a leader in all things and the element of love will prevail. We have seen this in you.

I am going to set you straight on living in the past. Once this all comes out and you have traversed your history and how it declined, take the learning and then do not dwell in the negative aspects of what was. Take the wisdom of what was and put the rest in your history books and put the book on the shelf. Set yourself in the work of creating what is desired and busy yourself in the present moment of better things. You have spent far too much time in the lowly aspects of control as it is for you to be continually going back into what was and reliving it again and again. This has been a part of your history that needs to be examined for a certain amount of time for the enlightenment gained and then move on. As always your point of power and creating abilities lies in the now moment and not in your past. Remember this and do not get trapped again in your past.

I leave you now to think on what was, what is and what can be. You are always using what you have learned from your past to forge your future and this applies to what you will soon learn about your reality of what was allowed to happen. Cross the bridge of your past into what can be with new understanding and wisdom.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “May 24, 2021

  1. Dear Joseph and those working with you, thank you for your message. Your messages are always so edifying and extremely relevant and supportive to the issues regarding what we are working through here on earth. We are grateful sincerely and humbly for all you do. The question I have today has to do with the many inspired and sacrosanct teachings that have been given to humanity and passed down from generation to generation and how the prophecies contained therin correlate with your work and the divine intervention taking place. Is it that anything has changed, or is it that somehow the visions/prophecies/writings etc. of the last days we are now in fit with the divine intervention? God knowing the future certainly was aware this intervention would take place. I know the sacred records such as the Bible and other inspired teachings (for the most part) have not been kept pure throughout the ages as you mentioned in a recent message. There is inaccurate and incomplete information which has crept into our histories and scriptures by happenstance or deliberate manipulation. I am wondering how everything fits together. I know that we could spend a lot of time going over each particular, yet am more wondering about a general overview concerning this inquiry you might be able to give from your perspective. Again thank you. I know light will shine upon every unknown in God’s perfect timing – just wondering how to support others who cling to our inspired records so much that they may have some challenges comprehending the overall program as it is now in progress. I perceive that some very good people may stumble in finding the harmony that does exist in God’s plan with so much going on. Does that make any sense? I’m trying to prepare for what will take place. Many are convinced there will be great challenges associated with the winding up scenes and surely there has been. What can we expect going forward aside from the upheavals/healing restoration our precious mother earth is and will experience? Any insights you may have are always appreciated. God bless you and know our petitions unto God include divine support for you and also this great marvelous process we are going through together.

    With love and respect dear friend, Jacob


    1. Jacob, most prophecies do correlate with not only what would have happened without intervention but also with what is happening now. Some writers were tuned into what they saw without intervention and others saw what is happening now. Both were valid at the time given. Things do change but a general comment is that they were both accurate at their time.

      Perceiving harmony in God’s plan is hard for some and hopefully they will see your calm and acceptance of what is. Example is a great teacher. You have stated the large topics of upheavals, healing and restoration. The many details will come as they are unveiled. Joseph


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