May 25, 2021

Let us begin. We need to understand that there are so many different opinions on your world concerning other life forms out in space. Talking about them from the safety of earth is different than having them land on your planet and want to be your friend. We have tried to dispel the fear that has been created so far but there is still a lot of apprehension existing on this subject. The scientist, who are the experts, should know and these are the ones that say some day they will receive a message from another life form from space. Strange, isn’t it that we have been speaking to you for decades now and the experts are still looking for that first communication.

Then there is your government that has been communicating with us/them for many decades now and conducting business with them on earth and on another planet. So you see there are varying degrees of belief in life on other planets and this will soon be corrected with our sightings in your sky and then communication, and later visitation. It will happen. There are somewhat different opinions also concerning our intentions and what we want from you. You have been so programmed that you think we must want something instead of wanting to help and give of our knowledge to make things easier for you. Fortunately more people are using the internet to show videos of our activities in your skies and then messages from us. After posting so many of these it is bound to influence vast numbers of viewers and readers. It seems like such a small step from those looking for a message from outer space to connect with those who are receiving messages from outer space but then there is the proof thing. I suppose it has to be verified on a grand scale before it will be believed by some of your people. It will come.

I would like now to speak of remembering and I mean what the veil took away when you came to earth. We have talked of this many times before and most of you want to have this information. The time is so near for this and you will begin to understand things on a grander scale when this happens. It will include what your past is with who you really are, what you have accomplished and it will include your abilities and you will be amazed. Right now you would probably say, “no way”. How could all this be so completely lost to memory or covered up and removed from us? It had to be done so that you could play your part in this coming to earth with belief in your part. It would not have worked with you knowing you were playing a part, and yet some of you had a feeling that something was not right with your flashes of memory and visions of a different place and different settings. This attempt to rid earth of the dark influence was set up on a grand scale and had to originate from a certain point and be successful and that is being accomplished.

Then there is the remembering of your lives upon earth and how they brought forth opportunities for learning and these memories will be returned to you also. You can understand how all this remembering could be confusing for you if not handled properly and it will come as it should in your correct timing of things for you to handle and understand. This was planned out in the beginning so as not to send you into a tail spin over the remembering of it all. As we have stated this coming to a planet undercover and without memory you have done before to aid the people on different planets by blending in with them and raising them up for different purposes and you are becoming quite experienced at it.

Some of you will go on after this earth experience and do it again on another planet with a different setting and you will aid the life forms there. You completely take on the body form, the mental state and the challenges that exist on that planet and climb your way into a point of helping by your bringing of light. Then some of you remember enough to know that you are different and the search is on for why that is and it evolves from there. This earth experience is not your first gig at doing this on the universal stage. You carry that much light with you and in you that your very presence incorporated into another society changes it and brings about a help in getting ahead for the people there. This is a much more effective way of helping by having so many fit in and not being rejected as someone different from a different race of people landing on their planet and being shocked by it all even if they mean well and want to help. You see how this is an advantage in doing it this way.

Let us talk now of the reveal and the bowing out of this type of plan and your return home. The energies at some point in this advancement are given along with the codes and all individuals sent on this type of mission come into their memory and this is when they return home. Their mission will have been accomplished and most likely there is no need for them to remain. There are a few exceptions and this will happen on earth when some return to continue the restoration of earth. Those returning home take their place back into their family and home and resume their lives where they left off with more hours and lives logged in their experience and it is all recorded on their resume of experience. This is what they do to help all of mankind and life forms when help is needed. This is much better than landing, saying we are here to help you and having everyone scurry back into their homes in fear.

So now you are aware of your background and the process for doing this and why it is the preferred way to enlighten and advance a society or a planet in the case of earth. This challenge was a large one and it took awhile because of the complex opposition already entrenched and the force behind it. You are beginning to get an understanding just what has been accomplished and why it took so long to bring about. This is why it took so many of you and there had to be extras sent here to make up for those who did not come to understanding of their purpose. It is so easy to become so involved in the part that is being played that the coming to understanding of what is going on is never reached or understood. Never the less, these light workers who do not come to this understanding are bringing of their light that is within their being and they are uplifting things and they are helping just by being here.

Then there is the monitoring by those that are off planet in ships helping all who have taken on this mission and come to bring certain energies and light to a planet. Much help is given in different ways this way. The body that is taken on is aided physically, the needed messages are given during sleep at night and certain energies coordinated to the advancement of all things on that planet are given at the appropriate time. It is a grand partnership that has to be done properly for there to be success and many adjustments are made and plans changed to what is needed. This is what you have been a part of for your many life times. The time for giving of this information is now for it would not have been received in the same manner if given long ago.

I leave you now in the knowledge of the plan that you undertook when agreeing to come to earth. It is completion time and your return home is coming soon. It is vastly important that you finish out what is needed from you, concerning this last part of things with the truth coming out to all the inhabitants of earth. They will need a lot of help during this coming time period. Your example of accepting things with calm needs to be seen by others. Your kind and compassionate words of comfort given at the right time will do wonders and the prevailing collective of group light workers will mitigate destructive attitudes and lesson negative influences. The silent work you do and the beings you are with your practiced ways will go a long way in helping things. There is no bigger silent influence to bring about change than the committed efforts and desires of light workers on a mission for good and for God. Come into your own power from source and continue what is needed on earth at this time.

I am Joseph In His Service

3 thoughts on “May 25, 2021

  1. It make so much more sense now! I have always thought I have had previous lives. I have always felt different even though I can communicate well with all genders, creeds ,races. The number sequences im seeing now are countdown numbers. Such as 6:54 5;43,4:32,3:21 especially 3:21. Could you expound on this as a verification?


    1. Brent, this receiving is verification in itself and serves to give you information of things drawing near. You are drawn to these numbers that are revealing for you and indicate a coming about of important events. This chapter is in the process of being wrapped up. These are personal messages for you. Joseph


  2. Hi Joseph, thank you for this message. Your post is written as though all those reading it originated from a different planet and came here for a specific purpose to aid this earth at this time. Is that true? How many light workers are here and are the better part of your readers light workers? Are all light workers from different planets? Are they all 3D beings or from higher dimensions? You have mentioned that Gaia is ascending from 3-4D to 5D, and that she is bringing her children with her. Does this ascension affect those who came from other planets for service, or just Gaia’s children?

    On a more personal note, in replying to another comment you mentioned that you like to look into who the person is you are responding to so as to better understand them and thus be able to give a more suitable answer. I have long wondered who I am and have felt that the degree to which I have desired to know God, who I am, and the purpose for which I came to earth at this time has been unusual when compared to my peers and family. I have longed to feel like I have a real family, where I belong and fit in. However, I cannot say that I have ever had any experiences that would lead me to believe that I come from a different planet. I have always figured that my feelings of loneliness came from being cut off from my Father and eternal family due to the veil. I know you mentioned that those who stem from other locations will have their memories restored and they will know who they are, and I know you don’t like giving time frames, but when will these memories of past lives, origins and missions be restored? Can you shed some light on who I am and from whence I come? If that is to personal for this blog, can you have someone give me a vivid dream or download while I sleep? Thank you for these answers. Your brother, Jay


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