May 26, 2021

Let us begin. I am convinced that you are ready for what is to come now. We have been working with you at night to prepare you for this and we see you are ready. This has concerned us, so we took it in our hands to do what was necessary to give you the information you needed to have a solid hold on everything. We feel much better now about your being prepared. This will help considerably. So be it.

Now I would like to talk of inspiration and where it comes from. So many times you are touched by thoughts that give you new ideas about everything. Where does this come from? There are barriers that keep you from reaching into the source of knowledge for answers, or for new things and most of them are of your own making. It is fully acceptable for you to reach into the universe and gain answers to most of your questions and receive them. Sometimes the process takes a few hours or days but it will come and you will have it. There are some answers that will be delayed longer for you to gain more foundational information first, but for the most part you can certainly enter into a state of seeking answers and expect something to be given.

Coming to earth under the rules set down, you were forbidden certain information of your past. Seeking answers of universal knowledge is a process you can use now to help you understand many concepts and is allowed. Make a mental note to open these doors to truth and correct answers to your questions and then allow. Inspiration can also come from universal energies existing if you are in the right energetic receptive place to receive them. Much has been given to everyone who is ready in the way of ideas and thoughts of new ideas and ways to get things done. You have access to vast worlds of information that can come to you that is allowed and acceptable. There are certain conditions and restrictions in place to protect you from incorrect or improper sequence of learning but for the most part you are free to ask away. As we have said before there are certain thoughts of an inspired kind that have been given to you from us to help you in your earth progress but this is another avenue outside of universal knowledge.

The mind and body are great receivers when certain rules of care are followed. You are also broadcasters of information and this is one of the readings we tap into on a collective basis to see how your are responding to things and how much you are understanding certain concepts. This is also one reason we encourage you to take care of your body so that it can function in this way. You set up certain road blocks yourselves that interfere with this process of gaining information, not only from us but from the universe. You have yet to understand how benevolent the universe is in providing so much of what you need. You do not always turn to this source for answers and it should be at the top of your list. God has given so many ways for you to have what you need at all times. Let the questions and needs be cast out and give it time to manifest into your life. You should practice this and keep in mind to be careful what you ask for.

I would like to speak now of how to continue on your journey with the information that is given from this inspiration and from new ideas. Allow them to come to you and do not always dismiss unfamiliar new ideas for they may be needed in your future. You may be given what will aid you later when challenges come. This is how some of your inventions are conceived in thought first and this is why two or more people on opposite sides of your earth come up with the same ideas at the same time. It is information the universe sets out to aid people as a whole or to aid a particular need in that part of your history. It is a wonderful process that has been set up for your benefit and works well when allowed. Be open to new ideas, inspirations and concepts and pave the way for these to come with thoughts of them coming in truth and perfect harmony with you when given. Again we are speaking here of right timing for all things and this includes ideas. As you move up your ladder of advancement the concepts and ideas will become more complex but they will always be given to those who are vibrationally receptive and in harmony with what is given. This means the ideas given will fit in nicely with the world and societal need at the time. Nothing is in conflict with what is. So give these new ideas a chance and look at them closely and do not automatically dismiss them for they may be answers to questions you have not yet become aware of or they may be answers to what is needed now. Inspiration has been underrated and it is time for it to come into its own.

Let me say a few words of magic. This is a term that you use when you do not understand how things are done. There is always a logical or scientific reason for things to take place and nothing just happens without reason or cause. Reaction follows action and part of learning is to find out how things work and why they work. So many things are coming to you now in the way of new ideas that will give you reasons for what you might have termed as magic. There is a magic and wonder about all that is and the more you learn and know about how things work the more you will revere and respect Creator of all that is for by his hand all things were set into motion and exist in harmony today. Knowing how things work does not take anything away from your understanding but adds to the awe and majesty concerning the creative process. Taking thought and turning it into concept and then into matter is a fascinating study for anyone to think on. There is a whole vastness you have yet to come across and it is waiting for you.

The more you know, the more you will have the desire to gain information about God’s creations and this brings about the reverence and respect that is felt. I leave you now to think on these things and to take a look at what lies ahead for you to learn. The journey ahead of you can only be described as fantastic and I challenge you to take these steps into what can be.

I am Joseph In His Service

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