May 27, 2021

Let us begin. We know the plans of the disruptive ones to cause distraction to keep truth from coming out about their past activities. It will not work, no matter what they do for the truth will come out anyway. This we will make sure of. It is time for truth to happen and by God, it will. Enough is enough. One way or another this truth giving/telling will take place. Their plan is to cause enough distraction in your skies to keep the news media tied up with reporting what is seen to push aside any attempts at broadcasting information from your past about them and their agreements with your governments. They do not want it known that they plucked individuals up from their sleep or their lives and performed certain procedures upon them for their own information and use. They also took, tissue and other samples, from these selected people for their use and then returned them to your earth. Most of you know this already and some of you have it embedded deep in your memory for you were the ones that were taken.

These memories have haunted you selected ones for some time now and this has to be healed so you can live without this in your past to hinder things. It will be corrected and your history of this dark deed removed from your body recordings. The mind memory of the event may be retained but the terror and negative part will be transformed into a more positive remembrance. It was a violation on two parts, one of the perpetrator and another by your government for agreeing to this trade in the first place. There are ways that it has affected you that you do not realize. What they were looking for was certain DNA to extract. Now let us move on from this subject as you can understand why they would not want this known.

Let me speak here of uncovering the different layers of events that many wanted hidden. Of course we will be looking at the most recent voting irregularities from last November and where that led. First there will be the storm before the calm for there will be many surprises. Do not worry for it will lead to the final desired destination. What I am excited about is your past history of communication with others from different planets. Here I am not sure exactly what will be uncovered, for there is so much, but it will be enough to get things started. Then the path will lead to human trafficking and into the darker side of what has been going on all this time and this is the part that is most disturbing for everyone. The uncovering will continue. Once the majority of people realize the authenticity of what is coming out they will want to know everything and a partial unveiling of it will not be acceptable. Once the ball starts rolling down hill it will keep on going. Quite suddenly this will happen. We are not sure here who will speak the words but it will get done.

There is a process to all this and the mind may take a while for it all to sink in and be accepted and that is as it should be. So many times people think something can be done in the dark or without being known and this just isn’t so. Things are recorded in your personally kept diary and also larger events are recorded in your history and as you have read, nothing is a secret. There is a reckoning time before the ultimate and supreme judge and this cannot be avoided. All things will be balanced in the correctness of judgment and payment for disregarding God’s laws and this also cannot be avoided. All are responsible for their own actions regarding all things.

I would like to speak now of the peace that you have found in connection with your Source of all that is and ask you to hold onto this in the coming events. You will need to be steady in your faith and beliefs and steadfast in it all. I speak here of a true course not influenced by the discord and the many statements and conjectures that will be made and brandished about for the public to cause disorder and purposeful chaos. There are still those who want to disrupt at every turn possible and they will take advantage of this opportunity. Travel through the hot coals of it all with confidence and knowing that there is a plan leading to desired results for this is charted by your Father and He will not be denied in what is to happen on and to earth. Focus on the perfection of the end result and not the muddy water in the middle of things.

I leave you now with this short message to be who you are in all things and lead by example through these times. Continue your mission in your understanding of what you have come here to do for you were sent by God to bring about just this result of things and you must continue now until the end.

I am Joseph In His Service

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