May 28, 2021

Let us begin. I am giving you the latest on what we know. The truth is ready to come out as things have been prepared. So many have worked long and hard to bring this about and it has taken a lot of legal procedures and filing of paperwork to seek out verification, form conclusions and process legal documents. This takes time to bring about. It is the culmination of many who wanted things corrected and set straight. We have done our best to prepare everyone to the extent we can for we await the reaction of this information upon the public. So much of that part is not known in advance. We know you have waited a long time for this to happen and your patience has been needed. There are many types of fights and this one has been slow but intelligent minds prevailed and success has been attained. You will see.

I would like to speak now of interpretation and I am speaking of messages received from many Masters and advanced teachers not on your planet. We have done what we could to make connections and give of our wisdom and knowledge to those of earth. There are so many different frames of reference being used by earth citizens and this information is sometimes interpreted in different ways. Do not be upset or confused if what is given in your past is corrected by teachings coming. We endeavor to get all our messages correct but there are some circumstances we cannot control and funneling information through the many minds receiving is one of them. We are not saying that this was done intentionally but that influences of upbringing to adulthood set certain foundations of minds in different patterns and thought preferences. This can distort information when being received into a somewhat gray area and this needs to be clarified. This has been experienced on many planets in the past receiving messages from us and is not out of the ordinary. This clarification will be done.

Those receiving messages give of their time and effort to serve in this way and it is no small task they have offered. Many is the time where they are attacked and ridiculed for their information when they have taken what was given in good faith to better the plight of mankind. There are possible distortions, as we have stated in the past and energetic flow and environment is one of them. What we have to go through to bring about these messages is quite thick with energy of all kinds and much planning has to be done for channeling or receiving of information. Here I wish we could use visual aids for a picture would give you a better idea of how this is done. Giving of information from one mind to another across the prevailing energies is not like speaking on your land line phones but is more like bouncing signals around like your cell phones. It is subject to distortions. Let me say here that in the past all attempts were made by the dark to distort these messages if they could not be stopped completely. Bear with us in our trying to give of perfect information for you as we continue these attempts. So, do not be surprised if you find a little tweak or correction here and there after we start the education process. This is also why we suggest you go within to verify all information given for you have a direct connection.

Truth does have a life and energy of its own and lives in strength and endurance. Give thanks for all you have learned and received in truth for it is like jewels to the soul and helps continue your journey. It is aid for the weary traveler and is received differently into the energy and is much different that falsehood or incorrect interpretation of information. Learn to discern the difference between the feel or reception of truth from falsehood when receiving any new information and try to rely upon your own knowing of the difference instead of taking someone’s word who is subject to their own interpretation of things. There are so many accurate receivers of truth and they are the ones who will last through the duration of things in spite of all the hindrances of attacks and detractors. Select them wisely in your search for truth as so many of us now dedicate ourselves to giving of what we can to the inhabitants of earth. Much is being given at this time for much is needed.

Now let me speak of all leading up to this time. Much has changed since the first attempts at contact with a few individuals long ago. Back then it was unheard of to have a contact from someone not on this earth. A few books were written and lectures were given and then the whole thing began in earnest to try and convince leaders of different countries about the dangers of atomic war. Much has happened since but we are still trying to this day to convince everyone that war is not the way to go. If you rule out the possibility of destroying the whole planet and all the people upon her, there are still many negative aspects of any war and all of them need to be avoided. There are ways to resolve differences of opinion over anything if effort is taken to find them. This is your challenge at this time and headway has been made in this regard. Cooler heads have prevailed and also we have intervened on several occasions to influence decisions regarding conflict and destruction. Our opposition has been more than great for there is and has been a strong influence to create war so a few could benefit and become rich from the process. They have not cared about all the lives lost for their hearts are cold and the light is not in them. This is what we have been up against and you have paid the steep price of loosing loved ones and that has been the ultimate sacrifice for so many. This speaks highly of the work being done concerning the light in that you have come this far to better times and in overcoming the influence of the dark. All of us continue to overcome all negative opposition to light being brought to your world and we will not give up until this is done.

As time has gone by you have broadened your scope of understanding and in looking at the bigger picture. I ask you now to continue to broaden your scope of understanding in what will be given for this is also our attempts at doing away with the dark and negative influences that have prevailed. Each time you receive truth it is a continuation of eradicating the falsehoods that have been shoved down your throats by the intentions of the dark. Continue to seek, to search and to learn for this also is a weapon against all dark everywhere. The dark upon earth always feared your numbers in truth and knew they could not win against large groups of those bearing truth. Let truth be your shield along with the Light and the Love.

I leave you now to think on these things and to continue your journey for truth and understanding. It may not always be a smooth and easy course but it is always a true one.

I am Joseph In His Service

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