May 29, 2021

Let us begin. We see that things are ready and you are prepared for what is to come. I feel better about your position now that we have been speaking to you at night while you sleep. The right words to you will make a big difference in how you receive what is to be revealed. We have done what we could to bring you up to date with information you need. Do not worry about not remembering it now while awake for it will make a difference whether you remember it consciously or not. There is a certain way we deliver information to you so it will be counted when the time comes.

I would like to speak now of fast tracking into learning and gaining wisdom. The re-incarnational cycle gives you the best opportunities for doing this because of the quick turn around of individuals having what we see as a short life span. We and others live 600 to 900 years and so we think your life span is short. Some live over a thousand years. You come back again into a different setting but with the same challenges left fresh in your consciousness and begin again to work on the challenges until they are learned and perfected. Something that gave you problems in learning before is now experienced in your past and you know how to handle it and deal with it and you go on to another challenge to deal with. It is like walking out of one room into another but with less memory of the last room. The major aspects of the situation lingers in the records of your life and you recognize it sooner and know what did not work last time. It is sort of like cheating on a test for you know to try something else.

Some times the same people come back with you to work out feelings and deal with hurts and sometimes the people will be different but with the same type challenges. They will be working out their challenge also. This short life span was set up for you to gain as much learning as you can in a short period of time while you are on earth and all this was done while bringing in the light to a world that was carrying on an intense fight with creators of dark energy and control. Let me say here that there has been the group of individuals sent her with previous experience of bringing in light and then there were the ones here given the opportunity to further their path in experience and understanding. These are the ones who were manipulated and used and controlled by the dark influences. As you light workers came into this earth arena, along with your missions of helping people become free of control, you also were given the chance to further your learning in different areas of life situations and this added to your knowledge and experience. You have been carrying a double major in your university of purpose and this is no small task you stepped into.

Some of the major things that so many have been working on to learn is recognizing that you are not separate from God and this leads to respect and love of self and then it transfers over to recognition, respect and love for others. You need to learn this about yourself before you can deeply understand the importance of seeing this in not only others but in all life that has been created. It is a big knowing to learn that life itself is of God. This is a ground breaking moment and gives you a better perspective when viewing and experiencing all things. Earth has been such a combination of different people but all have to learn the same lessons and another of these is that you have so much control over what happens to you and what comes your way. You are not a leaf in the winds fluttering in and out of difficulties and you are not a huge victim of all life events. There is wisdom in who your parents are and also where you were born. Have you ever questioned why you were born in the country and location you were? This was chosen for you to carry out continued learning or to perform certain actions that would lead to benefiting others. It all fits together and people and situations are intertwined in the weaving of continued life. When viewed as a whole, this is a big production and for it to be successful has to have Divine Intelligence behind it and it does. For anyone to come into that synchronicity and plan devious transgressions to imprison people for their own selfish gain is a crime against the laws of God and they will answer for their actions before the court that was long ago set up for this purpose. To deprive anyone of their free will to continue their journey of learning and wisdom is not permitted without severe consequences.

The consequences we are talking about here do not contain hate or revenge but respect for the laws of God that we all live under and should live by. These courts are served by the highest individuals who know these laws thoroughly and have much experience and it is done with love of the laws as they were set up for all creation to abide by. There is no negative energy in them as they serve in their positions. They gain no pleasure in seeing the people brought before them for their actions, only that the laws and penalties function as they should. This is not a place you would ever want to be no matter how much love is brought forth for that individual to continue their learning in their penalty phase, for this is the ultimate goal of any penalty is that they continue learning what should and should not be done in life. Most of the time when your life is over you review you actions with masters of experience and you are given more opportunities to continue learning, but serious crimes against people go through the court process and this is determined not only by the laws but by the law breaker. You brought about the action that has caused this reaction and you find yourself reaping the consequences of it all. There are checks and balances.

In the process of living there is an energy that resides in each one of us that can be used for good or can be used for bad. The energy works for either purpose. This collective energy of all people is what creates your world and either propels life in the goodness of God or the energy holds everyone back in the devious purposes for which it was created. This is what happened to earth. It was held back in dark intent and the people on her did not get the chance to live in freedom and continue benefiting from the laws set up for them to pursue learning and happiness. Not only was this whole process destroyed but people were not allowed to be joyful and live in thanksgiving and express the love that they could have given freely to all others. It is not just that the dark did bad things, they interfered with the Divine plan for life on earth and the process and procedures created for the advancement of each soul to benefit from. So you see there is a lot to consider in their legal process of balancing the penalty with what happened.

This brings up the idea of forgiveness for those who transgress against us and this is what needs to happen for this also is a part of learning. Do not be so transformed by the truth that will come out that you forget this element of forgiveness in your learning. I leave you now to consider all that I have said. We will travel this road ahead a step at the time and we will do it together with you. You are not alone and you never have been.

I am Joseph In His Service

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