Additional Information

May 29, 2021

I am here to warn you of trusting anything you hear without first going within and verifying the authenticity of the content. You have been manipulated enough for one life time and we do not need you acting on false instructions or information. Rumors will be flying but also the media will be reporting what they believe to be real and for the most part there is no real intent at deception on their part. This does not keep the information from being false however.  The falsehood is coming from another source through the news media. They will try once again to lead you into a state of fear.

This is where your experience, practice and also what we gave you at night while asleep comes into play. Pray about all of it and ask for Divine direction to be given. Remain calm as you will soon get a feeling of what is real and what is not from knowing what we have been giving you and how our love is shown in what we say. In no way would we give you instructions that would go against the Divine will of God. Evidently certain ones do not know you as well as they think or either they believe you are still taking in all their lies.

I will continue to come to you with information pertaining to the circumstances prevailing. Give of your light to verification and that will be your catch phrase for the next few weeks. Remain in peace and in the hands of God as you have been and have learned to do. Seek the truth of the matter.

I am Joseph In His Service

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