May 30, 2021

Let us begin. It has been rather busy up here. We have been scurrying around trying to look at all our readings and then talking about them with each other. We have to know what is needed for you to know next and we now see that so many of you are prepared in the proper way. When I say you are not alone it is so true for many endeavor to see that you are cared for in the proper way by several means.

There has always been the ones assigned to you on a constant basis to guide, council and be with you through everything and will do what is allowed in your best interest. Then there is the whole Ashtar fleet who constantly lives in your skies all around your earth carrying out their duties from monitoring weather, scanning their instruments and generally keeping ready to carry out any command from higher up so adjustments can be made. There is the common command to take a closer look at some particular thing and then report. Finally there are those like myself, who spend our time also monitoring readings and deciding what messages to give to you that will do the most good to help you along. So many planets are represented in this help that you cannot see for thousands answered the call to come to earth and give of their time in every way they could. You are never alone on earth, whether awake or asleep. You are the topic and focus in every meeting, conclave and group and so is this time you are going through. You were never sent to earth by yourselves without love and eyes upon you. This is why your instruction has been so thorough and also why you were chosen because you represent the most capable to carry out this mission.

I would like to speak now of the importance of ending this earth chapter in the most effective way possible. Because of our constant surveillance we can adjust our efforts and also relay them to you, for you are the ones in the middle of things and in the plane where it is all happening. Your efforts are there at the point of it all taking place and that means what you do is most meaningful to bring about certain results. Be alert to receiving instructions that will come with encouragement in the same way we have been communicating with you all along. We are getting down to some intricate and delicate times where your work needs to be precise in its execution to fit what is happening and what is needed. Be prepared at times to be silent and at other times to continue with your bringing of light to the situation. We will help you with the timing of it all. At all times focus on the best possible outcome for all concerned and do not waver in your faith. Continued strength in purpose will be needed and you are experienced in all of this. There is no one else like you in your experience and abilities and then again you are part of a group of Light workers that have and will band together in a single effort to remain in the will of God for what needs to be carried out at all times.

So many of you have no idea what you do at night while asleep or even what you accomplish during your waking hours. There will come a time when it will be shown to you and then you will realize how important your work is. Let me impress upon you now what you do is important and brings everyone closer to what will close out all of this into finality and it is no small order. We understand you are trying to continue your daily chores of living on earth but also be aware of the work still remaining in front of you and listen in your awareness of it all.

Let me speak now of arranged plans as we continue to formulate actions needed and what messages to give you for your work. We know there have been so many changes from small to large in your past and you adjust to them now with a better understanding that when this happens it is needed to continue in the best possible way for the proper outcome. You are no longer in boot camp learning the different ways to carry out your work but are soldiers and warriors of light serving in the battlefield of intense opposition, that in the past had the upper hand. Your weapons were stronger and even with this there have been casualties along the way with the many attacks upon your numbers. You have had to be brave and experienced at the same time and this end time is no different, only now the dark numbers have been greatly reduced. Those who have not a clue as to what is going on or how to advance themselves into a higher level will reap the benefit of all your work. You have been paving the way for so many and this will continue.

Dear ones, you have done well and now you have received your instructions to continue. Always surround yourselves in the protection of the Light for this is not over yet. I leave you now with the thought that this is a joint effort and again you are never alone.

I am Joseph In His Service

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