May 31, 2021

Let us begin. Now we see that more news of a truthful kind is coming out concerning sightings of UFOs and this is good. There have even been thoughts of UFO activity being kept secret by governments. Slowly but surely the truth is being revealed and it will continue. Right now there is so much in your news of other activity that a lot of it may get pushed into the background. That is alright for it will be harder to dismiss when more sightings are being reported. Progress is being made.

Now let me speak of individuality and the thought that there is a place for everyone. The line between normal and deviant behavior is set at a different place in everyone’s mind. Some expect total compliance with society and others allow certain different behavior to be acceptable. God’s children all express in a unique way and see their reality a little bit differently than anyone else. You are all different expressions of the God energy and will see things like no one else ever has. Do not expect to fit a mold or pattern and live life like anyone else does, for you are an individual expression of God on purpose and this is how you were expected to perceive your own reality, as long as it is within the laws of God. Do not let society force you to fit into their standards of normal behavior. Love yourself as an individual expression and then live your life on your own terms with love and compassion for all life. You will find that you fit into Divine Will and God given energy of life quite nicely as you experience each day to the fullest with individuality. What a unique gift you have been given in that you are like no one else. You will bring a perspective and energy to the whole that is needed and wanted or your uniqueness would not have been created in the first place. Think on these words for a moment if you will.

So we now have all these different life energies and experiences giving back to God and all of creation and could it be that this was the plan all along? All your journeys finding out new things and what makes you happy and what does not, seeing that following God’s laws takes you through any experience with more compatibility in joy and happiness. It is a concept that needs to be understood and will be learned by all of you along your way but all in different timing according to your uniqueness of soul learning. It is no wonder that there are so many different ways of looking at things for you are all on a different mile marker of your life and seeing with different understandings of what you have experienced. All the while society wants you to act within certain parameters of “normalcy.” These boundaries of normal behavior are set and enforced from a point of fear, for living and acting in a different manner is outside conformity and this brings about an uneasy feeling. Could it be that this feeling of uneasiness was forced upon you along the way and then reinforced again and again to get you to conform to certain life styles of subservient behavior? This is a concept that needs further study and focus. Why has society grown to expect everyone to be somewhat the same? Have you ever wondered what your world would be like if everyone could be different and doing work they enjoyed expressing themselves in a way that brought satisfaction and fulfillment? Would this not be a better way for society to accept individual behavior?

I would like to speak now of not rocking the boat of life. It has been much easier for you to go along in expected ways because it just complicates things to be different. No one at your work place wants you to work in a different way and your loved ones like it better when you act a certain way at home so as not to give them question about your mental status. It is too much trouble to be different and causes too many problems to even go down that road of thought to express your life in a way that would bring you into the flow of energy that would be creative and unique for you. Just get up, get dressed, eat the same breakfast and go to the same work you have always done and live your life not making waves or rocking the boat. How bound and void of individual expression this is and not what God had in mind for you when life was given. I’m not talking about being in jail and on the news every day, but a calm thought out way of making yourself happy in your life by your own wants and creativity. Just ask yourself if you are living the life you want that makes all your time worth while to live by your own desires and interpretations.

Until this time of complete freedom in expression, try to find a way of expressing God in the job you do have and give yourself to the fullest in love of self and of others and see that God energy being expressed as close to compatibility with free expression as you can. Your world will soon start to change and each expression of life will start to come into more freedom. I leave you now to think on these things and to contemplate changing your world for the better. There is only one person that can do this and that is you.

I am Joseph In His Service

2 thoughts on “May 31, 2021

  1. Thank you dear ones for all you have done. We love you and know you love us. Thank you Taylor. Father’s works continue to roll onward in majesty and might. Glory be to the Divine ones forevermore.


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